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Here’s something to think about, Kevin Buck

Posted: September 20, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Updated: September 20, 2013 2:00 a.m.

Again, I have to thank Kevin Buck for an entertaining, if rabidly partisan, column today. It’s always fun to read how we conservatives are such ogres. Now that they’re done with their Toy Story series, maybe Pixar can fire up a new one called Tea Party. Get Tim Burton to direct. Wouldn’t that be fun?

In Buck’s eyes, there are Republicans. But worse yet, there are actually conservatives! We’re the worst of the worst, performing a “hostile takeover” of the GOP while “holding a gun to the head of the still-struggling economy.” The only thing he forgot to do was compare us to the Taliban, a trick many of his fellow lefties often remember to trot out. Then, of course, his sanctimonious rationalization: “Sadly, what is good for the nation does not appear to enter in to the equation.”

Say, Kevin. Did it ever occur to you that we may think that what is “good for the country” is exactly what you guys are so against? What a concept, huh?

He then regurgitates a lot of the same blather from his last column about which party controls which chamber of Congress, all of which I addressed in my last letter published last Sunday. I guess the idea is that if you repeat something often enough maybe people will start to believe it. Problem is, repetition alone doesn’t make something actually true. So I won’t even bother rebutting that nonsense again.

Of course, one of the linchpins of his ire seems to be Obamacare. I guess he’s oblivious to how unpopular that program is among the mere people. And growing more so by leaps and bounds. Even the unions are now deserting the sinking ship on that one. The awful ripple effects of that program are now being realized, and as even its own architects have admitted, it’s a “train wreck”.

And that, Kevin, is why the GOP continues to keep the issue alive. Because it could very well be a decisive factor in next year’s mid-term elections. As well it should be.


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