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Beware rulers

Posted: October 30, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Updated: October 30, 2013 2:00 a.m.

Wow, when I read over the sample ballot and found the man I felt would uphold rights over wrongs, I put my vote next to his name.

I watched as he left for D.C. and was sure he knew and would make sure the bills he passed were for our good. I knew he would not want to pass anything that was not as good for me as it is for him.

I now know that not to be the case.

Somewhere between here and D.C., all understanding of his constituents’ needs was lost. Once they are away from us and don’t have to look at us face to face, look out, people, you are in for one heck of an uncomfortable ride.

Here is a example of what to expect from a ruler, be it a king or a president or our representatives who do not hear (listen to) the concerns of those who have given them the responsibility:

“Samuel told all the words of the Lord to the people who were asking him for a king. He said, ‘This is what the king who will reign over you will claim as his rights: He will take your sons and make them serve with his chariots and horses, and they will run in front of his chariots. ...

“‘Some he will assign to be commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and others to plow his ground and reap his harvest, and still others to make weapons of war and equipment for his chariots.

“‘He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers. He will take the best of your fields and vineyards and olive groves and give them to his attendants.

“‘He will take a tenth of your grain and of your vintage and give it to his officials and attendants. Your male and female servants and the best of your cattle and donkeys he will take for his own use.

“‘He will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves will become his slaves. When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, but the Lord will not answer you in that day.’”

— 1 Samuel 8:10-18 (New International Version)



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