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The Arctic is ice-free!

Posted: December 23, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Updated: December 23, 2013 2:00 a.m.

This just in from the North Pole: Santa says that his home is ice free!

Mrs. Claus has planted winter squash and will be harvesting in a month or two. Santa’s sleigh will need to be modified to have wheels instead of runners.

Well that might not be needed. Judging from all the Mercedes ads recently, Saint Nick already has a red S-class sitting in his driveway.

This must be true. After all, in 2007, the state-sponsored British Broadcasting Corporation predicted that the

“Arctic would be ice-free in summer by 2013, citing a scientist in the U.S. who claimed this was a ‘conservative’ forecast” (BBC News, 12Dec2007).

The scientist, a Professor Wieslaw Maslowski, used super computer models that “use a high resolution regional model for the Arctic Ocean and sea ice.”

Another Cambridge scientist, Professor Peter Wadhams, said Maslowski’s model was “more efficient” and that the ice melting was “not a cycle; not a fluctuation. In the end, it will all just melt away quite suddenly.”

Bad news for the BBC. Santa just called again. He said he was joking. There’s tons of snow up there. Has been all year.


Say it ain’t so, Santa! The global climate change folks said all the snow would be gone. But not only is it still there, it grew!

As the UK’s Daily News recently reported, the NASA-funded National Snow and Ice Data Centre released satellite photographs comparing the August 2012 ice sheet pictures to the August 2013 ice sheet. Surprise! The ice sheet actually grew.

To top it off, it not only grew but it was immensely larger. In fact, it was 533,000 square miles larger.

That’s just a hair smaller than the states of Texas, California and Montana combined.

That’s a heck of a lot of ice that was not supposed to be there. All of this global warming caused by man and his nasty automobiles, capitalist economies, and repression of the common man was supposed to eliminate this ice.


In fact, a group of yachtsmen were so convinced that the BBC was correct that they sailed 20 boats northward to traverse the Northwest passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Yep, you guessed it. They are still stuck in the ice. A few are trapped near Prince Regent Inlet while others are locked in at Cape Bathurst. Slowly being crushed by the ice that should not be there.

I wonder if they can sue the BBC or these scientists for the boats that are being smashed into splinters? Maybe

Santa can bring them some new boats?

The Daily News goes on to report that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was due to release a comprehensive report assessing climate change. They do this every six or seven years.

But the governments that support the IPCC are “demanding more than 1,500 changes to the report’s ‘summary for policymakers.’ They say its current draft does not properly explain the issue.” Yeah, like its all not true.


The folks back home are not going to like hearing that government policy is being made by their local congressman, or legislator, or chief that restricts economic development to address an issue that may not be related to rising carbon dioxide levels.

As The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has often said in the past, climate change may be the result of naturalprocesses (like solar activity or thermal cycling) that we really do not understand.

Is it arrogant of man to assume that climate change is due to man? It appears so.

All of the advanced models that used state-of-the-art algorithms to predict that arctic regions would be free of ice in the summer of 2013 were remarkably wrong. And, by inference, the people who wrote these programs and made the assumptions that built the programs are also wrong.

But will the liberal left embrace fact and admit they are wrong? Of course not. Liberals don’t bother with messy facts. Also, entire industries have been built on the assumption that the world is warming.

Another note from Santa just in: the sleigh is working fine on the snow. I’ll be there shortly. Merry Christmas to all!

And to all, a cold night!

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita. He didn’t bother mentioning that it recently snowed in the Holy Land. In Bethlehem — the site of Jesus’ birth. He can be reached at



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