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Science: What would you invent?

Posted: March 30, 2009 10:29 p.m.
Updated: March 31, 2009 4:59 a.m.
First place
If I were a scientist, I would invent a machine that would cease world hunger.

Why? Well, more than 30 percent of the world's population is either starving or anemic. Not the kind of starving that you would say when you didn't eat breakfast. The kind where your belly swells up, and you will eat anything.

Some people might say, "Well, why do I care? I'm not starving." How would you feel if you or a loved one really was starving?

Most of the time kids in poor countries don't know if they will have a next meal! My invention would stop that. It would provide plenty of food to countries like Africa.

In Africa, a child dies every eight seconds from hunger. Well, not anymore. My invention would save lives!

Think about it. Would you really like to invent the newest iPod or invent something that could save the lives of less fortunate people?

So what would I invent after that? Maybe I'll invent a machine that stops global warming.

The world was never and will never be a perfect place, but we can all help and make a difference.

Matthew Bermudez
Tesoro Del Valle
Grade 6

Second place

If I were a scientist, I would invent a machine that made things come to life.

My machine would be very intricate. It would be about the size of my water bottle. It would be black with a lot of flashing lights. It would have a set of numbers and there will be a code to use it.

I would invent this machine to shrink stuff on USA war planes so they could store more cargo for the soldiers. They could shrink bombs. They could also shrink themselves so they could spy a lot better.

It could also hold more wounded soldiers in the helicopters. So that is what I would do.
Nick Presley
Helmers Elementary
Grade 5

Third place

If I were a scientist I would invent a cool jetpack that is not powered with gas and doesn't shoot out fire. I wish it was powered by strong air that is almost like the things helicopters that have the spinging thing on the top.

So if it had that inside the jetpack so kids could use it to go to school. Oh, and one more thing, it has a parachute inside it to land and never wastes it so you can use it over and over again.

Thank you very much for giving us this chance to write. I also hope I win.
Jimmy Calvillo
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

Boom! Crash! That is the sound of a teenager who just learned how to drive. Let's just say they are going way too fast and crashed.
All of this would definitely not happen if I could invent one device.

What device? Well, what it does is parents have to buy it for their child's car. After that they have to hook the device up to their child's GPS in his or her car.

If you are wondering what the device does, well, it has a built-in computer. The computer knows the name of the street or highway and the speed limit.

If you go 10 mph over the speed limit, it will automatically slow the vehicle down.

The child cannot turn off the device. Only the parents know how because there is a password that the parents make up. This device will definitely help. If only I knew how to make it!
Danielle Erickson
Tesoro Del Valle
Grade 6

If I could invent anything I'd invent an insta-lab. A push of a button, and a lab with test tubes, charts, and everything else you'll need appears! So no more trying to find something when its lost, the table has locked drawers to store stuff!
Christina Contreras
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

I will invent a Magic Potion to make people invisible. It will be so cool! People can always use the potion to sneak up on people, even to scare people.

In the future, people can drink it, or pour it on them. It's going to be so cool in the future. But I'm going to need some help. I know the military can use it to sneak up on bad guys.

And why will I invent it? I will invent it to make people's lives easier. And people can use it anywhere. I hope I really do invent it and I hope I win The Signal write. Thanks.
Tristen Sardella
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

If I were a scientist I would get body parts and build a human and he would act like a waiter and he would do your chores.

He would do the dishes and would clean your room and he would paint your walls and paint it good and everything would be clean.

And that is what he'll do. Thanks.
Rebecca Rujmer
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

If I were a scientist I would invent a crystal ball that turns into anything I want it to. I would invent a crystal ball that changes into anything I want because if someone has a problem probably I can help them.

For an example, if someone loses their favorite bouncing ball I can help them. Also, because if I were ill or something was wrong with me, I would use it to help me.
Ashley Garnica
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

If I were a scientist, a smart and educational one, I would introduce to all citizens, a time machine. Not just an original time machine with limited years and one that will put you in the middle the time. I will try to make it the best one that lived.

"For why make this foolish idea?" "Why would we need it?" For whomsoever questions are over. Because of sins and problems.

Sins are often made, but for things that happened already. Ought scientist would os use this invention for the sake of education, information and to meet more people. For example, family who lost lives, historical figures and more.

Thus inside the machine there would be a calculator (so you can type the year), a place to write what times (instead of remembering the year) a few electronics to use while time passes, and a desk where scientists can write information they learned.

In other words, you can tell what state to go to and you'll be there. You can stay in the time as long as you want. You can also see God make light, water, sun and moon, animals, and the separations of these!

Anyway, you can't control time because they happened already. So, we have to watch what we say and do and study hard to find fact long ago. But it would be nice if I can make one!
Christina W.
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

I would invent a time watch so I could go to the past or future and in a flying car that could transform into a jet, helicopter, and even a rocketship that could go four times faster and also a robot that could shoot water in tall buildings or fix a broken house or save a falling airplane from the sky. I wish I could invent those things.
Jose Baltazar
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

If I was a scientist, I would invent a car that can fly around the world and it would go as fast as a normal car. It would be like one of the future cars like the ones that go through time. It will be the greatest car in the future. Then people will buy a lot of them. They will see how fast it goes. Then they will make new cars.
Justin Neria
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4


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