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Posted: April 6, 2014 2:00 a.m.
Updated: April 6, 2014 2:00 a.m.

Do you believe in ghosts? I didn’t either until about two months ago when my sanity was shaken.

I live on a hill overlooking a lovely town located south of Fort Tejon, California. Louis Lamour mentioned it his stories of the old west. There is a tale that this hill was an Indian burial ground. I can’t verify this.

I am the type of person who puts everything back where it belongs. I learned this early when I was careless about keeping things in their proper place until I became so irritated spending my time hunting for misplaced things. I changed my ways.

It is my habit to keep a pair of glasses in almost every room - drug store bought – cost about $20.00 each.

But, I couldn’t find my strongest ones, which I keep on the table next to my chair in the living room. They had been missing for about a week. I was annoyed and made a clean sweep of the house several times each day looking for them.

My home is not large, living room, two bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and two baths. One day I walked into my bedroom and I saw the glasses. They were perched across the bridge of the nose on my large stuffed dog that sat at the foot of my bed.

Now, I moved that animal twice a day, when I went to bed and when I made it up in the morning. If the glasses had been there all along they would have fallen off or I would have seen them.

No one had been in that part of my house during that time. My visitors spent their time in the living room with a powder room in close proximity, nowhere near my bedroom. There was no reason for anyone to go into the other part of the house.

I asked everyone who had visited during that time if they were trying to spook me, or just having fun. Everyone said “No” and gave me a strange look.

I shared this with my neighbor who also lives with two dogs; she told me she heard footsteps each evening on her second floor.

Her dogs look up at the ceiling and growl. There were other times that they followed something with their eyes that seemed to cross the room and they whimpered softly. She hadn’t wanted to tell anyone before because she felt she would be thought strange.

My cat, Dottie Mae, does the same thing. She will follow something intently with her green-eyed stare. I look too but see nothing.

The next incident was during a severe cold spell.

It was the bedroom again. I went to go in and stopped in my tracks. The ceiling fan was running. Now I feel the cold more than most people and would have never turned on the fan. I had put the remote away for the winter season. I also had not been in the room since morning so whom was I trying to cool. Not me!

I was now getting a little “creeped out.” I felt that if I had a ghost it must be good because the house had a cozy feeling. Maybe it was an angel. Do angels play pranks?

Prior to all of this, I had misplaced a pair of large earrings. I was really annoyed. They were one of my favorites, so the search began.

I thought at first my cat had stolen them. She is a little thief.

One night I was sitting in my chair in my living room and I had an idea. Remembering the other incidents I thought, just ask, why not?

So I said, “Hey, if anyone is here I want to find my earrings by tomorrow. Please!” I laughed and went on to bed.

Well, the next, morning as I was tidying up I saw a small box that a piece of jewelry had come in lying on my dresser. Hadn’t I thrown that out yet?

I picked the box up, left the room and in my thoughts, something said “Look in the box before you throw it away”.

I knew the box was empty, I had worn what had come in it; again I felt the urge to look inside. So I did.

There inside were my earrings tucked into an open small drawstring bag.

I thought “Wow! What is going on? If there is a ghost or angel here in my house I sure would like to have a long conversation with them.” Wouldn’t you?

Now, since this all happened I think I remember putting the glasses on the bridge of the stuffed dog’s face before I took a nap one afternoon, and maybe the ear rings in the box for safe keeping, but the other incidents – who knows?


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