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Kim Jones: GMO dangers: fact or fiction?

Posted: April 17, 2014 2:00 a.m.
Updated: April 17, 2014 2:00 a.m.

I was recently listening to one of my favorite radio shows when I heard the hosts saying there was absolutely no evidence genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, in the food supply were harmful or create health problems.

They said the people and organizations that are fighting for labeling are hysterical, delusional fanatics that are just looking for any cause to scream about.

I was astounded to hear this and immediately wanted to call to give them some much-needed information.

Then I remembered that this particular program is notorious for constantly interrupting callers and knew that I would only end up in an argument or not allowed to speak at all. After this insight, I decided to write about it instead.

I want to clarify the confusion surrounding this issue. First, there is now a huge amount of scientific evidence contrary to what the radio hosts were saying.

There is an abundance of scientifically backed research literature available to anyone confirming the dangers to us and the environment. The evidence that GMOs are detrimental is mounting every day.

GMO crops (corn, soy, wheat, alfalfa, canola, cottonseed, salmon, apples, etc.) have been in the American food supply since 1996 and are touted as being naturally resistant to pests, making the growing of them safer due to decreased use of pesticides and herbicides.

The opposite is true; it has led to a significant increase in their use. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, causes fatal, chronic kidney disease.

When this chemical is mixed with hard water and minerals that naturally occur in the soil, it creates a toxic soup for our kidneys.

Our bodies simply cannot eliminate it, and it builds to toxic levels.

There have been thousands of “mysterious” deaths in Sri Lanka, El Salvador and Nicaragua due to chronic kidney disease.

Glyphosate is a standard pesticide used in these countries and many others around the world where increases in chronic kidney disease are in evidence ( “Monsanto Linked to Deaths of Thousands of Farmers”).

The population is experiencing, in an ever-increasing number, higher incidences of allergic reactions, endocrine disruption, mitochondrial changes, auto-immune reactions, liver damage, reproductive problems and on and on — these issues are not speculation.

The first clue that GMOs were dangerous should have been when livestock started having problems. They are fed corn and soy that is genetically modified, as it is more profitable to fatten livestock at feed lots than to let them graze in healthy pastures.

Livestock have been experiencing toxic allergic reactions, sterility and death since GMOs were introduced into their feed ( “GM Foods and Allergies” by Jeffery Smith).

Pests are mutating so they can consume GMO crops without dying. The voracious corn rootworm is one that has changed its genetic code, making it able to decimate crops ( “Voracious Worm Evolves to Eat Biotech Corn Engineered to Kill It” by Brandon Keim).

Contrary to propaganda, since the introduction of GMO crops the use of pesticides and herbicides has increased, but the crop yields have not increased to “feed the world.”

The soil and water supplies are becoming contaminated from the increased use of these toxic chemicals. It is killing off beneficial insects that pollinate the plants.

The recent mass die-off of thousands of bees that had been in trees that had recently been sprayed is another wake-up call (The Oregonian “Bee Deaths a Result of Pesticide” by Elizabeth Case).

GMO crops are contaminating organic and non-GMO crops, while the owners of these farms are being sued for patent infringement, something they didn’t want to begin with and did not ask for ( “Supreme Court Sides with Monsanto Against Organic Farmers”).

The only way to guarantee that we are not eating foods with ingredients that have been genetically modified, if they are not labeled “NON-GMO,” is to buy organic.

Better yet, do not buy packaged, processed foods; the chances that they are contaminated are incredibly high.

Your best bet is to go with whole, unprocessed foods and organic pasture-raised meat, poultry and wild-caught fish.

I am in favor of labeling , but I’m more in favor of eliminating GMOs all together.

They are not the answer to feed the world, as they were originally promoted. They are destroying it at an ever-accelerating pace.

Kim Jones is a Canyon Country resident.



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