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Valencia Water Company Announces Personal Drought Report for Residential Customers

Individualized Charts Give Every Customer Exact Targets to Meet Governor’s 20% Goal

Posted: May 5, 2014 8:50 a.m.
Updated: May 5, 2014 8:50 a.m.

VALENCIA, Calif. (May 5, 2014) – Valencia Water Company customers will soon receive a “personal drought report” that specifies exactly how much water they need to save this year to meet Governor Brown’s call to save 20 percent during the state’s unprecedented drought.

The drought report, utilizing a computer program analyzing individual water use and other factors, will first be mailed to customers then made available thereafter online through monthly progress reports. For the typical Valencia Water Company single-family household, customers will see that a 20 percent reduction means saving between 500 and 725 gallons a week.

“Our goal with this customized report is to give customers real numbers to work with in order to answer the governor’s call to save water. We hope to show customers – in terms of actual gallons – what a 20 percent reduction really means,” said Keith Abercrombie, Valencia Water Company’s General Manager.

The reports will also give customers very specific – and easy – ways to reduce their weekly or monthly water use without impacting their lifestyle. For example, reducing irrigation times, taking shorter showers, using only full loads for laundry and dishes, turning off the faucet when washing hands or brushing teeth, and installing a weather-based irrigation controller can easily add up to 700 or more gallons saved a week.

Fixing leaks also are a great way to save substantial amounts of water. About 10 percent of all homes have leaks that waste at least 90 gallons or more a day. One leaking toilet can waste between 200 and 6,000 gallons a day. Replacing a worn toilet flapper costs $5 and takes about five minutes.

“California is experiencing a historic drought with no end in sight. We need to save water now – not only to get us through this year, but likely for 2015 as well,” said Matt Dickens, Valencia’s Resource Conservation Manager. “Valencia Water Company customers have responded to previous drought emergencies. Although we see some signs of a positive response this year, most people still have a ways to go to reach 20 percent.”

Personal drought reports are the latest in a series of efforts developed by Valencia Water Company to give customers personal information about their water habits, and provide the tools to be more water efficient. The award-winning Water SMART (Saving Money And Resources Today) Allocation program provides customers with monthly allocations for the amount of water they should be using both indoors and outdoors. The allocations will change depending upon weather conditions. A customer’s water allocations, historic usage and, soon, their personal drought progress reports are all available under password protected online accounts.

“It’s all in the data. Customers who say they are doing everything possible to save water have discovered – through the extra wealth of water information we now provide – that they can easily save even more without impacting their lifestyle,” said Dickens. “The data is the starting point to come up with your own game plan to meet the 20 percent target.”

Previously, Valencia Water Company’s computer modeling and analysis also have helped reveal leaks or other problems at an individual customer’s home, Dickens said.

Valencia Water Company customers can receive up to 25 free high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles, as well as rebates for other irrigation system improvements, and for purchasing high-efficiency clothes washers. The water company also offers residential water audits, as well as twice-a-month free classes providing a full range of water conservation tips for landscapes and indoors. Customers can receive a $20 credit on their water bill by attending the class and are eligible to receive door prizes, such as a free water conservation kit.

Dickens said Valencia Water Company and other water retailers in the Santa Clarita Valley will soon announce other programs to help residents reduce their water use – now and for the long term.

“The drought is a wake-up call. This is a perfect time to begin taking the more significant steps that can help drought-proof your home,” Dickens said. “This includes changing irrigation systems to drip, converting landscapes to ones requiring little water and investing in water-saving devices throughout the home.”

More details are available on the Valencia Water Company website or by calling 661-294-0828.

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