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Right About Now

Posted: April 4, 2008 6:49 p.m.
Updated: June 5, 2008 5:02 a.m.
Editor's note: Today The Signal launches a new column, written by local Republicans and dealing with issues on the national level.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our new column, "Right About Now."

Right About Now represents an expansion of conservative political insight and commentary on the pages of The Mighty Signal. The flagship local Republican column, "Right Here, Right Now," will continue to run in its same slot ("same bat time, same bat channel") on Mondays and will feature some of the old writers as well as a few new ones.

Right About Now will be written primarily by myself (or my Uncle Earl) and Paul Strickland. Others may also write occasionally. You know Paul and me from our regular Right Here Right Now columns. Paul is also a Hart district school board member, host of his own radio program on KHTS on Thursdays, actively involved in numerous community charities and events, as well as an intelligent and articulate writer. Paul is the guy who understands the ins and outs of Santa Clarita politics. He knows the movers and the shakers, the yin and the yang, the ping and the pong. Paul brings gravitas.

And me - I represent the commuter resident. I stand for the little man who gets in his '99 green Honda Civic every morning, sucks down his Folgers coffee from a reusable mug 'cause he can't afford Starbucks, and merges onto the Southern California Mass Transportation System (otherwise known as the
I-5) to fight his way to work every morning.

I stand for the guy who proudly forces his children to mow the lawn each weekend because it "builds character" instead of hiring an illegal immigrant to do it for more than I pay the kids. I stand for the moms who haul their progeny all over the SCV to go to soccer/baseball/figure skating practice and then hunt for the lost cleat in the back of a minivan five minutes before the game is scheduled to start. I stand for NASCAR, NHRA, NFL, MLB, NRA, CRA, and the USA ASAP PDQ. OK? I bring ... political whimsy.

So move over, Full Speed to Pork, Democratic Vices, and Environmentally Stealing. Right About Now has appeared. It will address items of international, national and state conservative concern. Issues like the state budget, education spending, No Child Left Behind, Iraq, elections, how Hillary made $1 million from a $1 investment, guns control, abortion, and creation/evolution will be discussed. However, the occasional local item may appear, such as Whittaker-Bermite remediation, SCOPE or why Bob Kellar's hair always looks so darn good.

We will always present well-reasoned arguments supported by fact and reason.

Well, Paul will. I occasionally sink into unfounded accusations, wild exaggeration, innuendo, and mud slinging. C'mon, would you read this column at all if there weren't at least some good-natured, politically-motivated, sleazy attack on liberals? Of course not. It's like claiming that you read Playboy for the excellent editorial writing. You (and I) want to read both reasoned and factual commentary as well as clever, biting and (hopefully) funny prose - with a purpose.

We also intend to tell you the truth. Liberalism has infected the upper echelons of education, the printed media (except The Signal), and broadcast news outlets. To a large degree, this outlook colors the information that you receive. Very few sources tell you what is really happening.

Through our "vast right-wing conspiracy," we will seek to share what is really going on. For example, both Paul and I told you about the FISA debacle in Congress and how it was hurting our nation. We shared words directly from our congressman, Buck McKeon, who saw what was going on.

We also pointed out the games that Democrats were playing in Congress by changing votes and manipulating rules. We discussed illegal immigration and discussed the details of proposed legislation, allowing you the chance to contact your elected representatives to share your opinions with them. We intend to equip you with information and knowledge so that you can make better-informed decisions.
Hopefully, we also will cause change. California is seized in the grip of Demo-fascists who refuse to share power or listen to other points of view.

Cunningly gerrymandered districts have assured that the ruling party (the Democrats) will stay in power nearly forever.

National Republican candidates ignore this state and don't bother spending money here since they know it's a losing cause. I'm not happy being disenfranchised and cut out of national conservative issues. How about you?

So, we welcome you to Right About Now. We look forward to many enjoyable columns with you.

Steve Lunetta is a Santa Clarita resident. His column reflects his own views, and not necessarily those of The Signal. Right About Now runs Fridays and rotates among local Republican writers.


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