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Biker party peaceful

Posted: April 22, 2009 6:02 p.m.
Updated: April 23, 2009 4:55 a.m.
I am not writing to defend any particular group or to say law enforcement should not make sure any large gathering remains under control.

But as an attendee of the Sunday, March 8 Confederation of Clubs defense benefit at the 6885 Veterans of Foreign Wars hall, I would like to refute the lies told by the Sheriff's Department as this event was neither "disbanded" nor "broken up" as your articles dated March 11 and March 14 quote.

Nor was there any "situation" to "handle" by officers. If there were unlawful acts at this event, why were there no arrests made by either uniformed or undercover officers? The band was never asked to stop, which is usually the No. 1 concern of surrounding residents.

I was there from around noon until the party naturally dissipated at about 4 p.m. I never saw any law enforcement set foot onto the property to be able to make such statements.

There is no pedestrian traffic across any streets in that area, so there was no such hindrance. The only time riders "stretched out for miles over Sand Canyon" was when officers had them all lined up on the side of the road for questioning and those 24 citations (not many citations compared to how many can line up across Sand Canyon).

If blocking traffic was a concern as stated by officers, why weren't they concerned about our public safety and kindly helping us safely get out of the parking lot since they apparently were there anyway to keep peace? If I, a member of the public, attend a biker event, then my life isn't worth anything to them? That can't be. They aren't hypocrites, are they?

As a female, and not a burly one, I walked around Sunday's event back and forth between friends inside and outside, alone the majority of the day, without any safety concern whatsoever.

It was as peaceful an event as there could possibly be, as were the last few in the same area. If females aren't afraid to attend these events, I would say law enforcement and residents have nothing to worry about. You find non-Club families with children at these events.

The article states there was a group of about 300, but according to friends who assisted with the event, there were about 500-600 participants. According to officers, all they did was write 24 citations. How much revenue was generated from those 24 citations as compared to our tax dollars that were spent on extra officers, and likely off-duty officers being paid overtime, to "handle" the imaginary problems?

Even with 300 people, only 24 fix-it citations and they call that disruptive? Perhaps these officers need to work in the tougher areas of Los Angeles to learn what disruptive is.

All they appeared to do, and what our friends personally experienced, was wait on surrounding streets to give tickets to ALL bikers, not just club members, for loud exhaust, which by the way saves lives by making us heard on the road, something law enforcement should understand if they are indeed concerned with public safety.

Further to public safety, I witnessed officers both on motorcycles and in cars speeding up and down Sierra Highway without any pursuit in progress, making a spectacle of the situation and endangering the public. I didn't see any civilian or club bikers racing that way at any time during the day.

It would behoove your writers to actually attend an event they plan to write about, especially if they include false quotes by law enforcement (the largest "gang" there is, which is scary considering they are allowed to carry weapons and lie to the public).

I used to trust law enforcement, and in the past would have appreciated their presence in some situations, but these blatant and appalling lies completely disappointed me and changed my view of them. I am now more afraid of them because of their power than of any biker I have ever met, club or otherwise. And yes, one bad apple did ruin the whole bunch, just as they categorize bikers or club members as criminals.


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