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Steve Lunetta: Getting out of control

Posted: July 31, 2014 2:00 a.m.
Updated: July 31, 2014 2:00 a.m.

I don’t usually write consecutive columns about the same topic, but this situation seems to be careening out of control and our government seems impotent to stop it.

The issue is control at the border. And the storm clouds are forming rapidly.

We now have the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, sending the National Guard to the border to help our beleaguered Border Patrol stem the massive influx of young illegal immigrants.

Gov. Perry recently said, “I will not stand idly by. The price of inaction is too high.”

What does he mean by this? He is trying to stop the incredibly dangerous practice of sending unaccompanied children to this country.

He is trying to stop terrorists and criminals from slipping into our country. He is trying to staunch the flow of illicit drugs to our cities and school.

He is trying to be a leader where, currently, none exists.
And, no, my liberal friends. He is not doing this to be mean-spirited and because he hates brown people. Stop that ridiculous claptrap.

Gov. Perry is being something you don’t understand — a leader who respects the laws of the United States.

In the absence of any sane immigration policy from Washington, this governor is stepping up to the plate. If only our Gov. Moonbeam had the same guts.

Aside: it makes one wonder if Vladimir Putin would be so bold in the Ukraine if it was Perry sitting in the Oval Office. My guess is no.

Operation Strong Safety will intercept migrants by focusing on the Rio Grande region after repeated requests for help from the federal government went unheeded. Perry’s move will cost the state of Texas $12 million per month.

If it saves the lives of some of these children, it will be money well spent.

President Obama’s plan of $3.7 billion in spending includes some money for increased border security but, as is typical with liberal thinking, does more to treat the symptoms than get to the root cause of the issue — which is the sending of these children by Central American families.

If other border states replicated Perry’s move, border security would increase and the federal government would be forced to act.

The embarrassment caused to the Obama administration is mounting daily to the point where inaction would be viewed as treasonous.

Another disturbing thought — the situation at the border will be further destabilized by angry citizens who form vigilante groups to “help” the border patrol.

While most appear to be of the watch-and-report type, you can bet that somewhere along the line an armed confrontation may occur with disastrous results.

Obama must stop blaming other people for this issue. He owns it fully and outright.

He has the power to place a military contingent upon the border to encourage better choices on the part of our southern neighbors.

This does not require an act of Congress or voting new money.

Do it now.

But President Obama continues to sit in the White House, wringing his hands, refusing to act, and pointing fingers.

The failure of liberal policies and the double-cross of the reform initiatives that brought about the last Reagan amnesty have created the perfect storm.

Conservatives will not agree to amnesty without first securing the borders. You lied to us once, we won’t be fooled again.

If Obama was a leader, he would acquiesce to the forces of common sense and do what should have been done years ago — secure the border and create a sane system for guest workers to come to this nation.

Do it now.

Is Rick Perry doing this for political reasons? Partially, without a doubt.

But what can be said of a leader who has the gumption to try to fix a problem when no one else will? This speaks to the man’s character and his sense of right and wrong.

Ironically, the president’s gross failure on the border may be creating a juggernaut behind a Republican candidate that will sweep him into office in two years.

If Democrats were smart, they would begin to work with Republicans on a sensible border security plan to give them some credibility at the ballot box. Obama’s inaction will play directly into the Republicans’ hands.

When the federal government fails to act, others step forward to fill the gap. Well done, Gov. Perry.

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Placerita Canyon and is forming the Rick Perry California Fan Club. He can be reached at


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