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If you were a scientist, what would you invent?

Posted: April 27, 2009 9:45 p.m.
Updated: April 28, 2009 4:55 a.m.
First place
If I were a scientist, I would create a machine that will solve every crisis including the economy crisis, global warming, and much more. This device will detect any burglary or crime before it even happens. This machine or device will be called "If It's Not the Nicest It's a Crisis."
This device will be in everyone's home and for the bigger problems this machine will be placed in the White House, schools and everywhere, if that place needs protection. The big machines will handle any threats, crimes or attacks to the country or the place. The smaller device will be the size of a children's size two shoe. The small device will be placed anywhere except for underground. The big machine can be placed anywhere. People can shrink the size of a mouse if only the house is small.
The nickname for this machine will be "Smart Companion". The "Smart Companion" will last for twenty years and never turns on you like other inventions do. The "Smart Companion" will never break and is indestructible. The chip will either be voice commanded or remote controlled.
Lastly, the invention will be certificated to work and if it doesn't, all machines will be shut down and checked. If the machines ever turn on people, the chip will stop working. If that doesn't happen people will still be given copies just in case of the twenty years have passed.
Pauline Mendez

Second place
I invent a machine that ends hunger. It will give families and animals food. You will just need to put your tongue on the scanner and it will know what food you want. It will work with animals too.
This will help the world by stopping people from killing animals and eating them. It will stop extinction and hunger. It will also help the world because with this invention you don't have to waste $100 each week.
This machine will save families millions of dollars. Animals won't go hungry and die. This makes any kind of food you want, no more cooking in the kitchen. Now you could just sit and relax all day. This is better because you don't need to kill animals for the meat. This will end extinction.
This machine will end extinction and hunger for animals and families who don't have enough money to pay for it. It will help families all over the world.
Sarai Popoca

Third place
If I were a scientist I would invent a car that would run on air. It would have no wheels and no gas, just air. Of course, no oil.
It would be faster than a normal car. If you were to put gas in it, it would explode. If you put oil in it, it would blow sky high. If you add wheels, it will fall apart.
It will help the world, because whenever you go by trash it picks it up, and turns it into air. It would not spill oil or pollute the earth with gas.
It will help the plants and it will help you. It's going to be the best and safest car in the world. That's what I would invent if I were a scientist.
Mark Castrellon

My invention is about salt water cleaner. It is basically a big machine that cleans salt water to drink.
I think this would help the world because we are in a drought and we really need water. My machine would be either near the Castaic Lake Water Agency or there would be a "small" but new water agency. If we made a whole new one by the ocean there would have to be a long pipe that goes from it to the Castaic Lake Water Agency.
My salt water cleaner has a large tube that goes into the ocean and sucks the water up into a large container. At the top of the container there will be a large screen that keeps out salt and trash. Some of the salt might get through so it goes through a small filter. All the salt that is on the screen will either go to a landfill or to a salt company for them to clean and bottle to sell to stores.
If any water agency in the world including Castaic Lake Water Agency took my invention to use that would be awesome.
Brad Jenkins

My invention would be a TV that has a lifelike 3-D screen which causes you to actually catch baseballs, throw a football, get autographs, meet the players, and smell the scents of the NHL, MLB, NFL, and the NBA right out of your own screen.
There would be two remotes, one for the channels and another for food. The food one works by pressing the menu button and it will give you a list of restuarants; you choose the restaurant and choose the food you want. A tray will come out and you put the money on the tray and it will go back in. In seconds, you'll have delicious food.
I would think that this device can save a lot of people money. Instead of going to a baseball game for $30, you can just sit down in a chair and you're at the game. Another good part is that everything you buy is half off. Also, it would be great for the whole family.
Trevor Sheldon
If I were a scientist, I would create a shield that keeps dangerous people or things away from hurting someone. This device will protect people and things.
The name of this shield is "Keep the Danger Away." This shield beeps when it detects danger, it opens up and it doesn't let anything or anyone that can put people in danger. This shield will also alarm you and the police so you can be safe. This shield is indestructible so nothing will hurt people.
This shield will make our world better because there will be less crime. People will be protected from any danger that goes their way.
Andrea Ramirez

If I were to be a scientist I would invent a car that runs on bubbles and that you don't need to steer because I think it will be easier for some people. Also, young ones could drive it too.
I think it will help the world by not being tired of driving all the time and not waking up early to take your kids to school because they could just go to school on their own new car. I like my invention don't you?
I also think it will help the world by not being tired all the time of going here and going there. I forgot to tell you that you could just tell it where to go and what to get and it will go get it for you so now I know that you will not be tired of going everywhere. I am going to finish it in a couple of years so if you want one you need to have $100,000 prepared and I will be happy to sell you one. (Not). I might just keep one and use it for one year and see what it needs and if it will be safe for little people.
Brenda Aladuena

If I were a scientist, I would invent a pencil that does your own work so kids won't be tired of writing a lot.
A pencil that has a microphone that you will tell what you are going to do and it will follow directions. If it does not work just give it a bang and it will work. Take it anywhere like school, work, anywhere you can think of. Get it in any shape or with your name on it. It will come with anything you like. As soon as you order, it will be made. I hope you like it. I hope everybody likes it.
It will make our world better because no one will get tired of writing. Now it is your chance of getting one right away. It is the pen of the year so get it now.
Esmerelda Aladuena

If I were a scientist I would invent a transporter because people could get places faster if I did. It could help the military, it could help the ambulances, and it could just get people to places faster.
It could help the military because, when army men in Iraq need reinforcements, guys from the USA can go there in a minute instead of a long plane ride that takes maybe eighteen hours. That could win America every war.
The hospital would be helped because if there were a guy in the forest and he was choking and the hospital was an hour away. If I invented a transporter then the doctor could get there before he chokes to death.
There's lots of other reason why, but those were the important ones. I think it would be cool and fun if I invented the transporter.
Sakeri Holter
Helmers Elementary

If I could invent anything I'd invent an insta-lab. A push of a button, and a lab with test tubes, charts, and everything else you'll need appears! So no more trying to find something when its lost, the table has locked drawers to store stuff!
Christina Contreras
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

I will invent a Magic Potion to make people invisible. It will be so cool! People can always use the potion to sneak up on people, even to scare people. In the future, people can drink it, or pour it on them. It's going to be so cool in the future. But I'm going to need some help. I know the military can use it to sneak up on bad guys. And why will I invent it? I will invent it to make people's lives easier. And people can use it anywhere. I hope I really do invent it and I hope I win the Signal write. Thanks.
Tristen Sardella
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

If I were a scientist I would get body parts and build a human and he would act like a waiter and he would do your chores. He would do the dishes and would clean your room and he would paint your walls and paint it good and everything would be clean. And that is what he'll do. Thanks.
Rebecca Rujmer
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

If I was a scientist, I would create or invent a book. Now, I know what you're thinking books are boring, but now The Gladiator book. The Gladiator book is a book you create. OK, it gives it's name already but you create the characters, you create how they're doing. Also, in this magnificent invention you speak out the dialogue and when you're all done you can color it and hear the story, but when you close it will erase by itself for someone else to use. How cool is that?
H. Diamond
McGrath Elementary

1. Ships that can fly into space and I will invent robots and I will invent lightsabers.
2. I will invent a laser for when a me are.
3. I would invent more guns and more weapons for the army.
4. I would invent Pokemon and jet packs so I can fly all the way to the moon.
5. And everlasting gum.
6. More excitement to do exercise. Lots of people need exercise.
Emmanuel Vasquez
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4


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