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The politics of race

Right About Now

Posted: April 18, 2008 5:38 p.m.
Updated: June 19, 2008 5:02 a.m.
When I encounter writer's block, I often go over to my Uncle Earl's.

Earl is an eccentric combination of Texas Two-Stepper, Bible Belt Bully, Illinois Intellectual, and California Conservative. He's loud-mouthed, opinionated and crude, but often right. He tends to say the things I want to say but cannot. So I enjoy my visits with Uncle Earl since he fills my steno pad with column ideas.
On my latest visit, I asked Earl about Barack Obama and the problems with his pastors.

Earl: "Obama says he wants to bring people of all races together - ha! Obama, yo mama."

Me: "Now, why do you say that, Earl? Sen. Obama seems to have convinced many people that he has transcended race, that he is both white and black, Christian and New Ager, peace-bringer and tough guy.
He is all things to all men which, I believe, the Apostle Paul wanted us to be."

Earl: "Yeah, he's everything, all right. When I hear him talk, my hand instinctively moves to cover my wallet. Something is really wrong there, and the press is ignoring it. They are so enamored with his dazzling smile and immense charisma that they neglect to ask the tough questions about what he actually believes."

Me: "Like what?"

Earl: "Like the fact that the pastor whose teaching he listened to was a blistering racist. This 'Pastor' Jeremiah Wright told his flock that the government created the AIDs virus to kill 'people of color,'
the federal government intentionally infected blacks with syphilis, and 'God damn America' for failing people of African descent. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh the other day when they were playing excerpts of these sermons. I thought it was a joke. It wasn't. And the clips went on and on and on. Probably a good eight to 10 minutes of solid racism. If you think I'm lying, go to"

Me: "Well, didn't Obama explain that this Wright person was like a crazy old uncle that you kept around? That you loved him but that you didn't pay him much attention?"

Earl: "That's horse manure. Wright was an Obama insider. Obama claimed that Wright was the inspiration for his book "The Audacity of Hope."

Wright was on the campaign's "spiritual advisory committee" and conveniently retired when the stench of his racism became public knowledge. Wright may be a Christian, and only the Lord can judge his heart. But Wright's sermons show him to be a poisonous ideologue who was protected and revered by his congregation. A congregation that included Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle."

Me: "Now, Earl. Let's not smear his wife."

Earl: "Why not? Michelle Obama said that she was proud of America 'for the first time' after her husband officially became a legitimate candidate for the Democratic nomination. A curious comment, to be sure. But, taken in the context of Wright's 'God damn America' comments, the thinking becomes clear. Michelle Obama, a Princeton-educated, successful, upper-middle-class attorney, has a clear 'black victim complex.' Because she is black and poisoned by Wright's 'victocrat' mentality, she believes that any stumbling block or problem in life is the result of white racism. This thinking becomes an excuse and a crutch. And it serves to enslave black America, not set anyone free."

Me: "Well, what does this have to do with Obama the candidate?"

Earl: "My boy, everything! A person who has sat for 20 years listening to racist ranting and not standing up to distance himself from this evil cannot help but be influenced. One must question the judgment of an individual who does not have the strength of character to stand up and walk away. Will Obama make decisions just because it's convenient or because poll numbers say that he should? Or will he have the strength of character to stand up and do what is moral and right regardless of the cost? Judging from his actions, we will see the former and not the latter."

Me: "Aren't you being a bit harsh?"

Earl: "Not at all! The president of the United States of America is the most powerful person on the planet. He commands the most advanced and dangerous military the world has ever known. Economic decisions made by the president affect billions of people around the world. The U.S., contrary to the rantings of the Left, is still viewed as a beacon of truth, justice and honor by a majority of the planet. Our president must be honest, strong, level-headed, calm under fire and have immense strength of character. Obama is failing to meet this criteria."

Me: "So what do you suggest?"

Earl: "At this point, I'd take Hillary. At least with her, you'd know what you're going to get. With Obama, his judgment flaws may arise at a critical and dangerous time. Yep, I'd take Clinton over Obama."

Me: "Now you are really scaring me, Uncle Earl."

Steve Lunetta is a Santa Clarita resident. His column reflects his own views, and not necessarily those of The Signal. "Right About Now" runs Fridays and rotates among local Republican writers.


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