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What did you do on summer break?

Posted: September 14, 2009 9:37 p.m.
Updated: September 15, 2009 4:55 a.m.
First place

For my summer vacation I came here from Oregon. I was born there. I came from Hillsboro. And right now I live in Castaic.

I donated $150 to charity over the summer, I love to do that. Oh, I also donated food. My parents say that it’s a nice thing to do during this economy. I agreed.

I also heard some songs over the summer. I heard Michael Jackson songs. I love Billie Jean and Thriller, plus We Are the World. Those three songs are my favorite!

Leslie Rincon
Grade 5
Live Oak School

Second place

During summer I had many things to do like going to Castaic Lake and sleeping over at my friend’s house.

But my very favorite two things I did was play softball for my first year and go to the Dodger game. When I played softball I had a good team called the Club.

We were pretty much the unstoppable. We won almost every single game. Now to the Dodger game! I went to the Dodger game for the first time of the summer. I had so much fun, but the Dodgers lost.

Thanks for reading my paper, I really appreciate it, and thank you for your time.

Cameron De La Torre
Grade 5
Live Oak School

Third place

What I did this summer is went to the beach with my cousins. Later I went to get coffee and donuts to eat the way back home.

Then the next day we went to Disneyland with my friends and my family. It was fun. On Saturday I went to a party at Castaic Lake and got mad because we didn’t go in the water.

We played games. We made a swing. It was sure fun. I went camping at Los Angeles Woods. I killed a rattle snake with my Daddy’s gun. It was fun. I had a good time.

Gabriela Juarez
Grade 5
Live Oak School

Over my summer vacation I went to the pool. I went with Alondra, my Mom’s friend’s daughter. She played with her friends.

I played with mine. A few weeks later my cousins slept over. In the morning we ate pancakes for breakfast and went to the pool. A week or two later I slept at Raqel’s (my friend) house.

I couldn’t sleep but the morning was fun. We jumped on the jumper, played on the playground, splashed in the pool and played with Candy (Raqel’s puppy).

Then, I went to the beach with my cousins. After the beach we went to go eat. Later we went to my cousins’ house to sleep over. In the morning we went with my other aunt to Griffith Park.

That’s when I got Romeo and Juliet (my birds), Romeo flew away at home so I switched Julie’s name to Chicis. Chicis means small in Spanish.

Next, we camping. It was lots of fun. Chicis has to stay home though. She missed all the fun.

Maria Beas
Grade 5
Live Oak School

I went first to have a sleepover at my friend’s house. It was fun. The next thing is I went to my aunt’s house and my cousins were there.

I had a sleepover. And I went to the theaters with my brother and sister. I went to the lake with my dad, my cousin, my uncle, my aunt, and my sister.

Then I went to the pool. It was fun. So then I went to Los Angeles. It was fun too.

Salma Urias
Grade 5
Live Oak School

When I was on my summer vacation, I went to the swap meet. Then I went to my cousin’s house to play for a little bit and they had a pool.

We asked if we could get in and we did get in the pool. It was cool. Then the next day we went to Hurricane Harbor and when we went inside the pool. It was cold and then we went to the other slides.

Then we came back home and it was fun. And the next day I went to my friend’s house and when we were there we went on our bikes and we went all around the house and it was cool.

And then we were playing cops and we were trying to get them. Then we did. Then we left.

Destiny Hernandez
Grade 5
Live Oak School

This summer I went to Havasu. It was really fun. We tube skied and swam. We had lots of fun. It was really hot as Havasu. It was 122 degrees outside. At least the water was cold.

We went to my grandma’s house in Nevada. We went swimming, bowling, and we went to an arcade. We had lots of fun at my grandma’s. We went to the lake on our friend’s boat and had a good time.

Cameron Rossi
Grade 5
Live Oak School

For my summer vacation I went to Las Vegas and it is awesome! We stayed at a condo called Tahiti Village.

My family and I have been through a lot, like my brother Jon and my dad Salvador. My brother has cancer and diabetes, and my dad fell off a building about 40 feet.

He was in the hospital for seven months and got out January 29, 2009. But he is still in a wheelchair.

Also over this summer he fell off his bed and broke a leg. I went to a camp. It’s for 8-18 year-olds. Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times is about family’s cancer.

We took a bus, they’re about 3.5 hours from here. It’s awesome! You ride horses, cooking class, swimming test and swim, hiking, music class, and fishing in the lake donated by Michael Jackson.

Sally Reyes
Grade 5
Live Oak School

I went to Bass Lake over the summer. It is a beautiful lake. We went swimming and we went fishing. Me and my cousins almost caught a catfish.

My cousin Joey said that catfish like stinky food. So my other cousin put a hot dog in the water so he would eat it, but he did not eat it. So we went on my grandma’s boat to go to the mine waterfall.

When we got to the mine waterfall, we got blown at and it was so fun. At the night time we went to see fireworks. At the end of the fireworks all of the boys were going home.

Elizabeth Rivas
Grade 5
Live Oak School

This summer I went to a 4-H camp. First we got into groups. Group one was Horton Hears a Who. Group two was Lucky Charms, group three was Batman, and group four was Bolt.

I was in group four. Next we played in the pool. After that we ate lunch and went on a nature walk. So we came back for flag done time.

Then we had mail call. The kids that get sent mail have to do something funny. They had to eat cereal with OJ, not milk. I had to sit on ice!

Marina Maloo
Grade 5
Live Oak School

On my summer vacation I went to Mexico with my cousin. We went to these pools. They were so cool.

They had water slides, and they had this water slide that was 100 feet high and longer than 100 feet long. We mostly only played video games and the same ones. Then I went to Hurricane Harbor with my friends.

But they ditched me and went on the rides without me. My mom told me to go look for them. So I went all of my time looking for them and didn’t get to go on any of the rides.

The rest of the summer I mostly watched TV or played with my friends.

Justin Montoya
Grade 5
Live Oak School

On my summer I went to the beach, slept over at my cousin’s house, swam in a pool, and went fishing at Castaic Lake.

When I went to the beach my sister and I went in the big clear waves. When we were out of the water, my mom, sister and I were eating twelve-inch sandwiches from Subway. When I slept over at my cousin’s, I went swimming in a big white pool.

When my dad and I went fishing we rented a motor boat and went on the middle of the big lake. When my dad and I were done, we snacked and then went on a ride.

Razmig Semerdjian
Grade 5
Live Oak School

It was June 11, 2009 and school was over and summer vacation started!

I was so happy that summer was finally here! I swam with my friends and had a sleeepover.

It was very fun. On Friday, June 13, 2009, I went on a trip to San Diego. While I was there I went to Lego Land. It is an amusement park.

Almost everything was made out of legos! I went on rides and we saw a lot of shows. There is also a water park there and we got soaked!

The best part was going on the rides. I was kind of sad when the day was over, but I was very tired and couldn’t wait to go to bed.
Kayla Williams
Grade 5
Live Oak School

This summer I went to Disneyland. I went with my cousins and it was so much fun. We went on so many rides.

I went to a camp over the summer. There are so many activities there. I saw one of my old friends there. I went to camp for a month. After the month of camp I just hung out at my house.

My friend and I had a sleepover at my house and we went swimming. A week after we had a sleepover at my house we had one at her house and we also went swimming. A couple weeks after that school began.

Miranda Firth
Grade 5
Live Oak School

Over my summer vacation I went dirt biking a lot. I had a baseball tournament in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

My baseball team has gotten published in your paper a few times. We drove to Colorado and we took three stops on the way.

The first was in Las Vegas. We stayed at the hotel called the Treasure Island.

Our second stop was in Zion National park in Utah.

It was very interesting. So was our third stop in Arches National Park, which is also in Utah. Then we drove to Colorado!

But after that we got home. It was a 17 hour drive!

Sean McHugh
Grade 5
Live Oak School


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