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Eating across the SCV

The other Escape ‘foodies’ present their favorites

Posted: December 31, 2009 11:39 a.m.
Updated: January 1, 2010 6:05 a.m.
The T-Bo's S'more is about as decadent of a dessert as you can find in the Santa Clarita Valley: Graham cracker, brownie, marshmallows and chocolate served up in a cast iron skillet. I'll have s'more, please! The T-Bo's S'more is about as decadent of a dessert as you can find in the Santa Clarita Valley: Graham cracker, brownie, marshmallows and chocolate served up in a cast iron skillet. I'll have s'more, please!
The T-Bo's S'more is about as decadent of a dessert as you can find in the Santa Clarita Valley: Graham cracker, brownie, marshmallows and chocolate served up in a cast iron skillet. I'll have s'more, please!
Basic, yet delicious, sea salt and cracked pepper fries, and honey chipotle wings, are two offerings available at Saucey's Wings & Fries, located at 25347 Wayne Mills Place in Valencia. Basic, yet delicious, sea salt and cracked pepper fries, and honey chipotle wings, are two offerings available at Saucey's Wings & Fries, located at 25347 Wayne Mills Place in Valencia.
Basic, yet delicious, sea salt and cracked pepper fries, and honey chipotle wings, are two offerings available at Saucey's Wings & Fries, located at 25347 Wayne Mills Place in Valencia.

With your Escape editor Jim Walker last week offering up his "tasty" experiences in the SCV, it seems only fitting that the other two Escape "foodies" need a nod. So, this week, here are excerpts from the other restaurant profiles done in 2009 by Michelle Sathe and Michele Buttelman. You can find the full profiles by searching The Signal's Web site using the restaurant's name.

Nov. 27, Sathe, Peruvian at Inca Bistro
"The cuisine may be thousands of years old, but Peruvian tastes are fairly new to the Santa Clarita Valley. Inca Bistro, located in the former California Pasta Works space on Copper Hill Drive, offers a delicious way to sample the sensational spices and savory fare. Eat in and you'll get a complimentary cup of Aguadito de Pollo to start things off. Loaded with shredded chicken, peas, carrots, potatoes and onions, with a slight green tinge from aromatic herbs, it's a zesty version of classic American chicken soup. It's also available by the bowl for $7."
Inca Bistro is located at 22896 Copper Hill Drive, Saugus, CA 91350. The phone number is (661) 297-5824.

Nov. 13, Sathe, Jersey Mike's
"Valencia resident Mike Wilson was on the way to semi-retirement when, on the recommendation of his sister, he ate at a Jersey Mike's in Camarillo. ‘I ordered the Italian and I loved it so much, I went crazy and bought a franchise,' Wilson said. Opened in November, 2005 in Tesoro Village on Copperhill Drive, Wilson's Jersey Mike's was the first to open in the Santa Clarita Valley and consistently remains in the top 25 performers out of 400 locations across the country."
Jersey Mike's Subs is located at 23872 Copper Hill Drive in Valencia. Call (661) 775-6288. Order via fax at (661) 775-8930.

Oct. 30, Sathe, Fired up for Red Brick
"Honestly, pizza doesn't really ring my chimes. Dough, tomato sauce, cheese...yawn. Usually, I just eat the cheesy, saucy part and leave the soppy crust behind. I might have to start changing my tune after trying the gourmet pies at Red Brick Pizza, a chain that rightfully claims ‘beyond ordinary pizza.' There are two Red Brick locations in the Santa Clarita Valley - on Copper Hill Drive in Saugus and Wayne Mills Place in Valencia - owned by local businessmen and friends since kindergarten Eddie Kaladjikian, Hrair Bebekian, and Karim Merzian."
Red Brick Pizza is located at 23874 Copper Hill Drive in Saugus - (661) 775-2777 - and 25343 Wayne Mills Place, Valencia - (661) 287-3131. Beer and wine available. Order pizza online at

Oct. 16, Sathe, Latin mix at La Rumba
"In the mood for something Latin, but not quite sure what? Mexican, Cuban, Peruvian? Any of those caliente cravings can be satisfied at La Rumba Latin Mix in Saugus. The former La Rumba Cuban Restaurant was taken over by chef Enrique Casillas and his manager and daughter Griselda in September, 2007. This is the third culinary venture for Casillas, an executive chef for more than two decades; his first was Sal's Mexican Inn in Oxnard, followed by Rosarito Grill in Canyon Country.... With Casillas vast experience, it's no wonder that the new La Rumba expanded its menu to include Mexican favorites such as chile rellenos and enchiladas, while adding traditional Peruvian dishes such as lomo saltado, using recipes culled from the former owners of Rosarito Grill."
La Rumba Latin Mix Restaurant is located at 27600 Bouquet Canyon Road in Saugus. Beer and wine, private parties and catering are available. Phone (661) 297-6260 or visit

Oct. 9, Sathe, Get some Grill Kabob
"In a valley of franchised fast food, authentic ethnic joints like Grill Kabob often get overlooked. That's a shame. Not only is the food being served at this modest Saugus restaurant a great value, it's healthy, too. Most of all, it's tasty. A combination plate of boneless chicken breast ($5.95 - served all day) is a beautiful symphony of color and flavor. Saffron-tinged, fluffy basmati rice forms a base topped with light orange chunks of tikka-like chicken chunks, while the sides include a vibrant grilled tomato, a golden pool of hummus, and a Greek salad full of olives and feta. "
Grill Kabob is located at 27653 Bouquet Canyon Road in Saugus; (661) 263-7445 or (661) 263-7449. Beer and wine available.

Sept. 4, Sathe, Saucey's Wings & Fries
"Wings and fries. So simple and ubiquitous, yet in the wrong hands, they can be mediocre at best. In the right hands, they become something deliciously complex and downright addicting.
The chicken and spuds at Saucey's Wings & Fries in Valencia, which opened just a month ago, are definitely in the right hands. There's over 100 years of restaurant experience under one roof at Saucey's, a festive casual dining spot with red walls, a huge plasma TV screen, funky black, white and red photos devoted to their menu, and an open kitchen where you can watch all the action."
Saucey's Wings & Fries is located at 25347 Wayne Mills Place in Valencia. The phone number is (661) 799-WING and the Web site is

Aug. 21, Sathe, El Trocadero Steakhouse
"El Trocadero Steakhouse, set smack dab in the heart of Old Town Newhall, has been serving up surprises for more than 11 years. The restaurant may appear to be just one more Mexican joint from the outside, but a quick look at the menu reveals an extensive offering of mesquite-grilled meats and seafood, as well as Sonoran dishes. ‘We try to do something different, to bring different regional specialties to our customers,' said owner/chef Raoul Bojorquez. ‘You can eat from all different parts of Mexico here.'"
El Trocadero is located at 24274 San Fernando Road in Newhall. Private parties and outside catering are available. Call (661) 284-6615 or visit

Aug, 14, Sathe, Bella Cucina
"Whoever said good things come in small packages obviously has not been to Valencia's Bella Cucina Ristorante Italiano. The gorgeous restaurant on The Old Road, opened by Roza and Jay Hamzeheinejad last August after the success of the original Bella Cucina in Canyon Country, is huge, accommodating up to 260 guests. Somehow it's also surprisingly warm and cozy. Apart from the personalized greetings and attentive service, it's the ambiance. From the distressed concrete floor with a bronze patina to the wood-paneled walls to the rich leather booths, Bella Cucina is a welcome change from the generic corporate chains that line the street."
Bella Cucina Ristorante Italiano is located at 27430 The Old Road in Valencia. The phone number is (661) 253-3900.

Aug. 7, Sathe, Dramatic Japanese Dining at Yamato
"The traditional Japanese cuisine of freshly grilled goodies, ranging from seafood to steak to vegetables, is prepared right in front of guests on a sizzling grill or teppan, seductively seasoned, and served piping hot. At Yamato, which is celebrating its ninth year at its Stevenson Ranch location, teppan chef Hector Arriaga pulls out all the stops, stacking up freshly cut onion slices into a volcano, lighting a match, and creating a two-foot high flame."
Yamato Japanese Restaurant is located at 24947 West Pico Canyon Road in Stevenson Ranch. Private parties of up to 50 are welcome. Call (661) 799-0707.

June 26, Buttelman, Family-friendly BBQ
"It's a location with a long history of great barbecue. The corner of White's Canyon and Soledad Canyon Roads (Canyon Center) in Canyon Country previously housed a Santa Clarita Valley institution, Rattler's, for more than 20 years. Now, that venerated location is home to T-Bo's House of BBQ. Frankly, T-Bo's is one of the five best restaurants in the Santa Clarita Valley. Not only is the barbeque authentic, it is barbeque done right. I'm a huge fan of BBQ, I've patronized every BBQ eatery in the 30-plus years I've lived in the SCV and I hesitate to even write about T-Bo's for fear that I shall have to endure long, long waits to get in after the residents of the SCV discover this family-friendly Mecca to the kind of barbecue I've only dreamed about."
T-Bo's House of BBQ is located at 19403 Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country. Call (661) 250-2100. For more information and complete menu visit

June 19, Buttelman, Wolf Creek Restaurant and Brewing Company is howlin'
"It's almost a joke now, my fawning appreciation for the bruschetta ($7.50) crafted by Wolf Creek Restaurant and Brewing Co. But seriously, this bruschetta is worth driving to Valencia to try. However, be warned, those with after lunch or dinner close encounters with others might want to bring a toothbrush and breath mints. This is a delightful mix of garlic, tomatoes, red onions, basil... and more garlic.... It's hard to imagine but Wolf Creek has been a Valencia stable for a dozen years. Yet, it never seems dated. The food remains of high quality and with an innovative twist. Wolf Creek is normally the choice for my ‘birthday lunch.' It is that special." Wolf Creek Restaurant and Brewery is located at 27746 N. McBean Parkway in Valencia. Call (661) 263-9653. For information and full menu visit

June 12, Buttelman, Restaurant Profile: The Tea Gardens
"It's noon... do you know where the ladies of the SCV are? Most likely lunching at the Tea Gardens, the cozy tea shop tucked into the center off Bouquet Canyon Road between Valencia Boulevard and Magic Mountain Parkway - adjacent to the IHOP. The Tea Gardens was opened in March 2007 by owner Elda Meguerditchian. After two years not much has changed at the Tea Gardens - it still serves fabulous fresh-baked scones and a dizzying array of teas. There are so many teas to choose from the shop has its own tea menu."
The Tea Gardens is located at 26111 Bouquet Canyon Road in Santa Clarita. For full menu visit For reservations call (661) 255-9TEA or (661) 255-9832.

June 5, Buttelman, Urbane Café is suavé
"The Santa Clarita Valley is dotted with restaurants - ethnic, traditional, trendy, established, casual or formal. There's a restaurant for nearly every taste (with the exception of an authentic Jewish deli). It's easy to sink into foodie ‘ennui' - visiting the same three restaurants over and over. However, foodies with a taste for adventure can find some unexpected surprises by venturing out and about. Take Urbane Café on The Old Road in Valencia. At first glance it appears to be yet another copycat order-at-the-counter, take your number and sit down eatery. Yet, Urbane Café is the definition of its name - ‘polite, refined, sophisticated and courteous.'"
Urbane Café is located at 25916 The Old Road, Valencia. Call (661) 799-3817 or visit

May 29, Buttelman, California Pizza Kitchen comes to the SCV
"The highly anticipated opening of California Pizza Kitchen in the Santa Clarita Valley has arrived. The popular chain, featuring California-style cuisine, opened Monday (May 25) in the Bridgeport Marketplace in a high visibility location on the corner of Newhall Ranch Road and McBean Parkway. The chain, famous for its signature barbecue chicken pizza, was founded in 1985 in Beverly Hills by attorneys Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax. CPK's hearth-baked pizzas offer an innovative twist on traditional pizza fare and include a variety of interesting tastes, from Thai to Jamaican Jerk. The casual dining restaurant also offers a variety of menu choices including appetizers, salads, soups, pizza, sandwiches, pastas, entrees and desserts. Beer, wine and a full bar are also available."
California Pizza Kitchen is located in the Bridgeport Marketplace at 24061 Newhall Ranch Road in Valencia. Call (661) 259-2082 or visit

May 15, Buttelman, Marvelous Mexican: Margaritas Mexican Grill
"I like authentic Mexican food, the type of food you find in downtown Los Angeles, or East L.A. When I worked downtown I ate at a lot of interesting places, among them were many excellent Mexican restaurants. Margaritas, tucked away in a small strip center just off Valencia Boulevard and down the road from K-Mart, is the real deal. Owners Maria and Jose Acevedo have been giving their customers a taste of homemade Mexican cooking for the past six years.
‘We have been here for six years, great years - thank you to all our customers in the Santa Clarita Valley,' Maria Acevedo said."
Margaritas Mexican Grill is located at 23320 Valencia Blvd. in Valencia. Call (661) 255-1136. The restaurant also has a great Web site, You can find specials and the restaurant's entire menu online.

April 17, Buttelman, Wednesday night is pasta night at Bristol Farms
"Bristol Farms might be known as ‘an extraordinary food store' but it should also be known as a great place to take the family for a Wednesday night pasta feed. Launched on April 8, the Valencia location of Bristol Farms offers a ‘Pasta Night' 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Wednesday. Louis Fajardo, Bristol Farms district manager, said employees thought of the ‘Pasta Night' as a way of introducing the store to the residents of the Santa Clarita Valley."
Bristol Farms is located at 23975 Newhall Ranch Road in Valencia. Call (661)284-5970 or visit

March 20, Buttelman, Panera Bread opens second Santa Clarita Valley location
"Yes, Panera Bread is a chain, but I like bread. Actually, I like GOOD bread - the kind of bread hardly anyone makes and you can rarely find. For me, bread is like candy. Given the choice of a Snickers candy bar and a loaf of good bread, you can bet I'll choose the bread. On the scale of 1-10, with a score of 1 - the kind of bread you wish you'd never put in your mouth and 10 - bread that makes you weep from the ecstasy of it all, Panera Bread's bread rates a respectable 8. However, it is the sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts that make Panera Bread worth a visit."
Panera Bread is located at 19185 Golden Valley Road in Santa Clarita, (661) 298-3333, and 24133 Baywood Lane, Valencia, (661) 287-3900. For menu and more information visit

March 6, Buttelman, New at Salt Creek Grille
"Steak lovers rejoice! Salt Creek Grille, always known for its ‘prime' beef, has added an ‘all-natural' New York Strip steak to the menu. This 16 oz. 21-day dry-aged steak is topped with garlic butter and served with a baked potato and fresh vegetables. The $34.95 price tag may seem steep, but this is the best steak you will ever eat. This is ‘organic' beef, raised without steroids, antibiotics or hormones.... The Salt Creek Grille menu, revamped in fall and spring, recently unveiled new menu items and an altered pricing structure to reflect the current economic climate."
Salt Creek Grille is located at 24415 Town Center Drive in, Valencia. Call (661) 222-999 or visit

Feb. 27, Buttelman, Sushi and more at Kabuki
"Kabuki Japanese Restaurant describes itself as a ‘casual dining restaurant.' However, there's nothing casual about the food. The chain, which in the fall opened its 13th location in the Bridgeport Marketplace center in Valencia, offers fresh sushi and sashimi as well as innovative gourmet dishes. The ‘signature' of Kabuki is the restaurant's ‘boats.' The ‘Love Boat' dinner includes chicken teriyaki, barbecue beef ribs, shrimp and vegetable tempura, broiled mussels, California Roll, seasonal fruit and Gyoza dumplings. At $17.95 per person this dish gives you a little taste of many delightful dishes. The ‘Dream Boat' ($19.95 per person) includes everything on the ‘Love Boat' and adds beef teriyaki to the mix."
Kabuki Japanese Restaurant is located at 24045 Newhall Ranch Road in Valencia. Call (661) 799-8655. A corporate Web site offers the restaurant's full menu and other information at

Feb. 20, Buttelman, All Corked Up, more than a wine bar
"All Corked Up may be located off the beaten path, tucked in a corner of Centre Pointe off Diamond Place and around the bend from where All Corked Up's monument sign beckons customers. What started as an upscale wine bar in December of 2004 has evolved into a wine bar/entertainment venue/restaurant. In addition to such typical wine bar fare as elaborate fruit and cheese ($13) and antipasto ($13) plates, All Corked Up has expanded offerings to include full dinner entrees."
All Corked Up is located at 26340 Diamond Place in Santa Clarita. Call (661) 799-7979 or visit

Jan. 23, Buttelman, Vino 100: Intimate small plates and wine
"There's no better way to celebrate life than with a glass of wine - and I'm not alone in my enjoyment of the fruit of the vine. The Santa Clarita Valley boasts nearly half a dozen wine bars and wine tasting locations. Wine events routinely attract hundreds and wine dinners offered by nearly every major restaurant in the SCV are usually sold out as soon as they are announced. Vino 100, located in Valencia in the Highridge Crossing shopping center at Copperhill and Newhall Ranch Road, offers an intimate wine bar perfect for a light lunch or early afternoon libation."
Vino 100, Highridge Crossing Center, 28112 Newhall Ranch Road, Valencia, CA 91355; (661) 294-6886.


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