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Evidence unclear on global warming

Right About Now

Posted: June 13, 2008 2:49 a.m.
Updated: August 14, 2008 5:02 a.m.
Well, our friends the Democrats are at it again. On the same day that the Dow Jones industrials dropped almost 400 points, the jobless rate rose to 5.5 percent, and gasoline prices in California jumped to $4.50 per gallon, U.S. Senate Democrats were busy gathering votes to increase taxes so they could save us from the effects of global warming.

In case you haven't heard, legislation known as the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act was pulled from consideration because of a lack of support on June 6. It would have been extremely costly and had little chance of passing; it thus became an exercise in political bait-and-switch. It did, however, create the illusion that our posturing Congress is on top of the latest hot issue.

These are the same U.S. Senate Democrats who impeded the completion of a fence on our southern border. They were missing in action while 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens entered our country over the last 20 years. They were at the forefront of mandated programs that provided financial aid to those here illegally.

Now these same folks expect taxpayers to let them handle global warming. Is this the "change" the Democrats vow to bring us?

So it's the evil human beings vs. Mother Earth. Now, there's a contest the Democrats can feed upon! First the global warming ideology is spun as if it were a case-closed absolute fact rather than a mere theory.

Once the populace internalizes guilt, Big Government imposes restrictions upon the masses. Our freedoms are then sacrificed so that the new world order of global environmentalism can save our planet.

They are asking us to go lemming-like, voluntarily into the abyss of their fantasy world. My friends, I assure you, this is not science fiction.

On May 6, 2008, Charles Krauthammer, columnist for The Washington Post, wrote an article entitled "Carbon Chastity: The First Commandment of the Church of the Environment." Here's a quote from the article: "Just as the ash heap of history beckoned, the intellectual left was handed the ultimate salvation: environmentalism. Now the experts will regulate your life not in the name of the proletariat or Fabian socialism but - even better - in the name of Earth itself."

Global warming is just not my religion. It seems, however, to have become the new religion of the elite leftists. Not only have liberal Democrats latched onto this speculative prediction, they have embraced a pandemic hysteria promoting the salvation of the planet.

Granted, it is an alluring, albeit egocentric, ideology. Imagine, we mortals with an average lifespan of 70-odd years will become godlike and positively effect natural climatic conditions for future generations.

All this from a scientific community that shuns Intelligent Design and dismisses faith-based religion out of hand as so much mysticism.

Ironically, during the climate-warming hype there are new reports that show worldwide temperatures declining over the last 10 years. Some scientists claim we are in the beginning stages of global cooling.

Although currently there is high growth in carbon dioxide emissions, we are at almost the exact same point in our climate as we were in 1908, a hundred years ago.

Now I'm not sure of the certainty of either global warming or cooling. I do believe that ongoing blasts of man-made carbon dioxide cannot be good for our atmosphere, but I don't think there is clear evidence that these emissions dramatically affect existing climatic cycles. That evidence will take longer than one lifetime to prove.

The Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act is a "cap and trade" bill that is extremely similar to a McCain-Lieberman bill in 2005. The government creates a cap on carbon emissions. Private companies are issued permits to hold credits, which represent the right to emit a specific amount.

The total amount of allowances cannot exceed the cap. The transfer of allowances is a trade. The buyer is actually paying a charge to pollute while the seller is rewarded for having reduced emissions. The idea is that the ones who reduce emissions in the cheapest way will do so, and at the lowest cost to society.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Lieberman-Warner proposal would create a $1.2 trillion tax increase, with true costs likely to be much higher. According to the Heritage Foundation, the American gross domestic product could drop $436 billion by 2030, and household energy cost could increase by $447 annually.

Earlier this month, the Boston Herald reported on this legislation, ". . . The bill was a disguised but massive tax increase that would likely expand government control over the economy and people's lives - all in the service of nanny-class elites and their causes."

The international rush into one-world globalism is touted by a most enticing propaganda-laden campaign. People from all socio-economic and political persuasions are encouraged to get on board the global-warming bandwagon.

Check out the Al Gore-sponsored TV commercial with the Reverends Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson cozying up on a couch together saying that the one thing they agree upon is a belief in saving the planet.

Witness a recent cover of Newsweek announcing the end of the global warming debate. Apparently, one-world globalism is achievable by pledging allegiance to climate control. If so, we can kiss the free agency of the human race goodbye.

Paul B. Strickland Sr. is a resident of Santa Clarita. His column reflects his own views, not necessarily those of The Signal. Right About Now runs Fridays in The Signal and rotates among Santa Clarita Valley Republicans.


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