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What does it mean to be a good citizen?

Winning essays

Posted: January 18, 2010 10:23 p.m.
Updated: January 19, 2010 4:55 a.m.
First Place
Being a citizen is important. To me, being a citizen means helping. Helping anything, anyone, anywhere. You can be a citizen anywhere, whether you're at home, at school or in your community. There are tons of ways you can help at school, like holding the door for someone or helping your teacher. At home, you can help by washing or putting away dishes, helping carrying something heavy and - if your dad likes building - helping build something. You can help your community in many ways like picking up trash, recycling and conserving energy. So stop earning money, earn pride and that good feeling after you do a good thing. Being a citizen is great!
Ryan Bosdet
Grade 5

Second Place
Having good citizenship is easy. Many people do it by just being kind, following rules and being a good sport in the classroom. At home, if you have any brothers or sisters, people with good civilities, respect your sibling's way of playing and don't get angry if a sibling accidentally breaks a toy. Also, they follow rules without being rude and arguing. In the community, some kind people pick up trash that wasn't thrown away properly or help at animal shelters. These are just a few examples of small but helpful deeds you can do.
Alex Brinkley
Grade 5

Third Place
There are so many ways to show good citizenship. In your community, you can do things just as simple as holding a door open for someone or yielding to the side for an elderly person. At home, you can show that you care by helping your sibling with their homework or setting the table for dinner. Turning in your work on time, doing extra credit and helping your teacher by erasing the board are nice things to do in the classroom. Because if just one person shows good citizenship, everyone around them will be thankful, happy and have a great time. So let's see how many people we can get to show good citizenship everywhere we go!
Delaney Meyer
Grade 5

Citizenship is very important to the world. One way to be a good citizen is to help others. For example, you should bring cooked meals to neighbors who are sick and take care of pets while their owners are away. Also, you should always help the community. You should pick up trash and recycle bottles and cans. You could even walk to school instead of driving. Another thing you could do is always follow the Pillars of Character. The Pillars of Character are: trustworthiness, respect, caring, fairness and responsibility. A way to be a good citizen is to follow the rules even when nobody is looking. You should always be a good citizen, because citizenship depends on everyone.
Julia Barrera
Grade 4

Good citizens at school need to be trustworthy, respectful and friendly. For example, you can be trustworthy by doing an errand for the teacher and knowing that you can do it right away. You can even do an errand without being asked to. To be respectful, you can pay attention to your teacher and use good manners with others. Volunteering for work even if it's not fun is another way to be respectful. Last but not least is being friendly. You can be kind and try to say compliments every day at school. By trying to do all of these at school, you can become a role model to all your classmates. Remember, we're all in this together!
Lucy Yoshioka
Grade 4

Have you ever seen someone pick up trash or stop the running water? Some people do that and some people don't. I want to help the community because if someone won't, our world will become a dump. And if I don't do it, then the animals might eat the trash and they will die. And when the water is running, you should turn it off as soon as possible because we only have 1 percent of water left in our world. So all you have to do is just help our world.
Shawn Webb
Grade 5

To be a good citizen at home, school and in the community, I can recycle even if it's really disgusting. I can be a good citizen in school by listening and working silently. Another way to be good in school is to try my best every day. A way to be good at home is to be kind to my family and not ask for silly stuff. To be good to the community, I can turn off the lights, water and not watch TV.
Paige Haffamier
Grade 5

There are lots of good ways to show citizenship, but my favorite is volunteer work. Volunteering can be anything such as babysitting, mowing the law or walking someone's dog when they're out. Another good way is being fair in soccer, football, baseball and any other sport. If you show good citizenship, people will respect and obey you. One of the most popular ways of showing respect is manners. You should always use manners at dinner or other places. Be a good citizen and always show respect.
Riley Rathstore
Grade 5

The way I show good citizenship is by following the rules at school, behaving, respecting others and helping others when needed. I show good citizenship at school and at home. At school, I show good citizenship by helping others, being kind to others, following the rules and treating others the way they want to be treated. The way I show good citizenship at home is following the rules my parents tell me, listening and behaving and helping with things. You can show good citizenship by following these simple steps.
Jazmine Flores
Grade 5

There are many ways to have good citizenship around your house, community and school. Ways that I show good citizenship around my house are that I do the dishes and I "entertain" my brother, Jonny, but I have a lot of fun, too. Ways I help my community are to pick up trash when I go to the park and other places. I make my community better to live in and nicer to look at. Ways I help my school are that I am nice to my friends and I'm helpful to my teachers. These are ways I have good citizenship around my house, community and school.
Hannah Horowitz
Grade 5

To be a good citizen, you have to help around your classroom, community and your home. In the classroom, you should always respect the rules. You could hold the door for a friend, pick up items that aren't even yours, help someone up when they trip and always do your best. There is a lot to do for the community like clean parks, help the elderly walk through the streets and pick up water bottles and wrappers. At home, you should help your parents do the dishes, the laundry, take out the trash and other chores. That is how you could be a good citizen.
Kristin Son
Grade 5

Good citizenship starts with being a good person, like maybe opening doors for people and letting them go before you. Also, at home, you can say "thanks" and "no thank you" rather than saying "yeah," "nah," or "uh-huh" and not saying "um" in a sentence. Here's another tip for home at a friend's house having a meal. Do not chew with your mouth open and don't talk when you have food in your mouth. Thank you for reading my tips on good citizenship. And oh, I almost forgot. At school, obey the rules and listen to your teachers and principal.
Garrett Kline
Grade 5

You can be a good citizen by being kind, responsible, helpful and much more. You know if you have good citizenship because you have helped picking trash or helped your parents feed the dog or cat. You could also open the door for your parents, teachers or friends. I know I have a good citizenship because I do this everyday.
Valentina Villa
Grade 5

Here's the answer to all of you who want to be a good citizen. For example, I'm a good citizen because I'm kind to others. If someone I know is upset, I ask them what's wrong and I try my best to make them feel better, but I don't always succeed because nobody's perfect. When I'm done with my extra work, I ask the teacher if she needs help. I help her if she needs my help. If she doesn't need my help, I go back to my desk and read silently. When it's time to switch to Social Studies from Language Arts, I hold the door for people. I try to do my best in all that I do at class on the playground, at home and in the community. My main good citizen wish is world peace and no more wars.
Grace Stockton
Grade 5

There are many ways that you can show good citizenship in your classroom, your community and your home. One way that you can show it in your classroom is by holding the door for teachers, students and friends. When your teacher drops a paper, you can easily show your citizenship by picking it up. A way that you could show good citizenship in the community is by picking up not only your trash, but others' trash as well. This will help the community be cleaner and healthier to live in. Helping your mom wash the dishes and making your own lunch in the morning are excellent ways to show good citizenship in your home. That way, your mom won't have to do all the work. If everybody followed these examples of good citizenship, we will all be happier and the world would be a much better places to live in.
Sarah De Martini
Grade 5

One way you can be a good citizen is by picking up trash off the ground. Another good way to be a good citizen is by following directions from your teacher or parents. Being a good citizen requires helping others or being kind. You should always respect teachers or your parents or even another kid. If you follow all of these instructions, you will be a role model and you would make the world a better places to live in.
Brennan Cradd
Grade 5

Have you ever seen someone litter? Well, that's bad citizenship! If you want to have good citizenship, you can put away what that person has thrown on the street. If it's paper, plastic or a soda can, put it in a recycle bin. If it's a bag, food or metal, put it in the trash can. I see litter everywhere on the street every day. You may not see it, but it's there. So I hope you will have good citizenship and put the trash away!
Delphi Huskey
Grade 5

In the classroom, I will show good citizenship by returning all the stuff I borrow and keeping the classroom in shape and trying to turn in my work on time. In the community, I will show good citizenship in the community by picking up trash and cleaning off street signs if they are messed up. I also will clean up the tables. At home, I will show good citizenship by helping taking out the trash and cleaning the house and help decorate when needed.
Haley Morrison
Grade 5


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