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What does it mean to be a good citizen?

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Posted: February 1, 2010 10:36 p.m.
Updated: February 2, 2010 4:55 a.m.
First Place
Many people think of citizenship as being a good citizen to the United Sates, or being loyal. There is more to citizenship than that. Citizenship can be showed in small ways like holding the door open for somebody or picking up trash. You can be a good citizen to your community by recycling or conserving water. Also, a kind act to do for your community could be respecting the different lifestyles of others.
To be a good citizen at school you could just clean up little pieces of trash on the floor, even if it’s not your job. An important element of citizenship is responsibility. One may do this by simply turning in their work on time and having the supplies you need.
These small acts could save your teacher time. At home, one may show citizenship by helping with the dishes and setting the table. Your parents would greatly appreciate this act of kindness. Overall, there are many ways to be a good citizen at your school, at home, and in your community.
Nicole Benz
Grade 5

Second Place

There are tons of ways you can show good citizenship, but I will just tell you about a few. One of the most known ways is being kind to others. Being kind is not just helping people when they make a mistake, but also comforting them when they’re sad. Another way of showing good citizenship is helping people if they’re going through tough times. Please try to apply these things to your daily life. Thank you.
Daniel Afework
Grade 5

Third Place
I’m a good citizen because I recycle, throw away my trash when I’m done, and I don’t litter. At school, I throw away my trash and recycle my water bottle after I finish it. At home, after I eat something like candy, I throw away the wrapper.
Stephanie Reyna
Grade 5

I have good citizenship everywhere. At the store, school, home and especially the environment. When I see someone littering, I walk up there and pick up his/her trash. I was thinking, “Next time I see someone littering, I’m walking up there and telling him or her, ‘Now this is bad for the environment if you litter.’” You should, too.
I’m also a good citizen at school. I always follow the rules, help others when they’re hurt, and I am a great person to others. When I’m at home, I always wash the dishes and make lunch for my dad when he doesn’t ask me to. That’s how I’m a good citizen. That’s what you should do, too. Follow all those steps and the world will be a clean place.
Sabrina Nazari
Grade 5

Why should we do community work? To help students, teachers, and parents. A couple of good examples of citizenship in the classroom are to open doors for students, pick up pieces of paper, and follow directions teachers give you. At home, you can help with dinner, clean your room, and help out with the trash or other things. In the community, you could pick up trash, not litter and other things. The most important thing to do is keep a healthy environment for the future. You can set a good reputation for the people who litter. Recycle, reuse, reduce!
Shayne Rose
Grade 5

If you want to be a better citizen in your home, school or community, read the following. Do what you’re supposed to do without being asked. If you don’t, do it the first time you are asked. Make sure you’re packed up and ready for school the night before so that you don’t forget your homework. Ask permission before your homework is finished or before school. Pick up trash that’s not yours. These are just some helpful tips you can use to make yourself a better person.
Ani Morgan
Grade 5

There are many different ways to be a good citizen. A couple ways you could be a good citizen in the classroom are picking up trash that isn’t yours, showing a new student around school, holding the door open for people, and admitting if you did something wrong. Some ways you can be a good citizen at home are to wash the dishes, be a first-time listener, and put your dirty clothes in the laundry. To be a good citizen in your community, you can pick up trash that other people left there, you can conserve water by taking a short shower, you can help someone walk across the street, and you can ride your bike to work or school and not ride in a car so you won’t pollute our community. These are just a couple ways to be a good citizen so try to think of more ways.
Brendon Primm
Grade 5

In the classroom, I will be a good citizen by picking up trash off the ground and listening to my teacher when she is speaking. I will be kind to my friends and teachers. In the community, I pick up trash on the ground and save as much water as I can. At home, I do chores for my parents. Whenever they ask for something, I do it. I feed my cat and I make my bed. I love to be a good citizen to make the world a better place!
Danielle Asmar
Grade 5

Do you want to know how to be a good citizen? At home, you can do simple things such as doing the dishes, folding laundry, or cleaning around the house. In your community, good citizens around you may be holding a door for someone, or using their manners. Also, you should be a helpful citizen to the environment, too. You can do this by not littering and picking up trash. It is important to use the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! Classmates should also be good citizens in the classroom by helping other students pick up dropped papers or cleaning their classroom. In conclusion, it is important to be a good citizen wherever you are!
Nicole Marcus
Grade 5

Being a good citizen helps your community a lot. If you need some ideas to be a good citizen, you should come take a look at Meadows Elementary School. Our school is always thinking of ways to help the community.
At Meadows, there are people always lending you a helping hand by opening the door, picking up trash, and teaching kids never to do drugs. My principal is a good example of a good citizen. He is always cheering people up and he’s always helping this school to become a better place. Be a good citizen, too. One little difference helps a lot.
Annelise Saltsman
Grade 5

Being a good citizen means you have to do good deeds, most likely being kind to people and helping them when they have a load on their hands. That can be a good help. Also, maybe in school you can do good deeds like helping friends with their books if they’re too heavy or if there is a little girl all by herself, you can ask her to play. At home, different deeds come to mind, such as washing the dishes, cleaning your room, and maybe when you’re done with everything, you can play with your little brother or sister. So you can see if you do good deeds, it won’t only make you a better person, it will also help other people.
Camryn Marks
Grade 5

“Hey you!” Yeah you! What does good citizenship mean to you? Is it picking up trash in the park and recycling it? Maybe helping an old lady cross the street. Giving directions to your new neighbor. Or even just being kind to people you see with a simple hello. Because that’s what good citizenship means to me!
Paige McNabb
Grade 5

How to show “good citizenship” in the classroom, the community, and at home. You can show good citizenship at the classroom by picking something up when it isn’t yours or throwing away trash when it is just laying on the floor.
Also you can show citizenship in the community by holding doors for other people or helping them take a lot of their trays to their table. Finally, you can show good citizenship at home by obeying your parents, doing your homework when they say so, cleaning the dishes, and most of all pausing your video games when your mom calls you. That’s how you can show good citizenship.
Grant Thuento
Grade 5

Being a good citizen could be in a classroom, community, or home. Showing good citizenship could be holding a door open for your friends and family, or lending a hand to help a teacher, friend or whoever you’d like. Another way of showing citizenship in the classroom is asking a teacher, “Do you need any help?” Maybe passing out papers, stapling things and so on. You might even get rewarded for helping and being a good citizen. If you want to be a good citizen ... maybe you want to do community service. By doing a little bit of work, you can be a great citizen. Love our community.
Meg McRea
Grade 5

To be a good citizen or have good citizenship, you should do these things. Well, if you are at home, you might consider helping to clean the dishes, to clean up around the house, and also to make your bed. But if you are outside, you should pick up trash even though it might not be yours.
In your community, you should pick up trash on the sidewalk or even at the park. So if you are at school, to have good citizenship, you should give others a hand and help those in need, or you can clean up trash on the playground like everywhere else.
Ethan Angulo
Grade 5

I think being a good citizen is about kindness and helping others. At home I help my little brother with his homework. I also do the dishes for my mom.
At school, I pick up trash and I am always kind to my friends. In my community, I take other people’s trash and rake some leaves in the park. Also, if I find something in the park, I leave it there. I think these things are how to be a good citizen.
Grade 5

I have citizenship. I clean up trash that is flying around Meadow (Elementary School) and when I’m riding my bike home, I pick up trash that is at the park. I help clean the drinking fountain and help little kids get their ball down from a tree. That is why I have good citizenship.
Chase Garcia
Grade 5

For good citizenship, I will tell people to stop littering. Instead of putting bottles in the trash, save them and recycle them. At my home, I turn off the lights if I’m going somewhere. In the classroom, I stop people that are running fast. Stop dumping stuff into the ocean because if we keep doing that, we will eat fish that will taste bitter. That is all something we can do. I, Brandon, promise to make the environment clean.
Brandon Aguilar
Grade 5

I would make the world a better place by recycling and picking up trash. When I’m recycling, I will also tell everybody how important it is to recycle. When I’m picking up trash, I’ll again tell everybody how good it is to recycle and pick up trash.
Ethan Rose
Grade 5

At home, I show my good citizenship by not overreacting when I come home with a mess in my room, after my brother makes my room a mess.
At school, I show my good citizenship by making new friends, having a good attitude, and trying my best every day as well as turning in my work on time.
In the community, I show my good citizenship by picking up trash that was on the ground, or if my friend is hurt, I go get my mom, or his or her mom.
Ezra Behrens
Grade 5


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