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What does it mean to be a good citizen?

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Posted: February 8, 2010 10:46 p.m.
Updated: February 9, 2010 4:55 a.m.
First Place
Being a good citizen at home and school may take more effort, but the rewards will be worth it. The rewards you get won’t be something you can hold or use, but they will be the feeling that you did something good.
Volunteering at local soup kitchens or homeless shelters is a great way to help others that can’t help themselves. Another way you can help your community is by doing small things like picking up trash or encouraging others.
If someone needs help or is being pushed around don’t just turn away and act like things are better, go over and help. If you volunteer or just pick up trash, you can help your city.
Gabriel Statkin
Grade 6

Second Place
During my life I could be a good citizen by helping keep the world clean by doing the River Rally. When I’m at home and school I  help others and do my work on time. Also at home, I could be a good citizen by helping my parents cook and work in the yard.
At school I could see if anyone needed help and if the teacher wanted anything done. In the community I could help by picking up trash.
At home to be a good citizen I could do my chores and whenever my parents tell me to do something, I do it right away. At school I could do my best on my work and try to get good grades.
Zachary Ihaffer
Grade 6

Third Place
Being a good citizen takes a lot of courage for some people. Luckily, I can pick up trash on the streets and on the floor. Picking up after your dog can really help the environment and is respectful to the other citizens.
Unfortunately, dog-walkers all over the United States don’t pay attention to when their dogs have to “go.” If I dedicate my effort to helping society I will, one day, help global warming.
Cemmie Rick
Grade 6

Being a good citizen in my community is cleaning up trash, so I can make it a better place to live. Also, I could teach my neighbors the do’s and don’t’s to do in your community. While I am at school I can follow the N.E.D. program: N — never give up; E — encourage others; and D — do your best.
Following it will make your school a kinder place to learn. At my cozy home I will obey my parents. When you follow your parents’ rules you have happy parents and a happy life.
Audrey McIntosh
Grade 6

To be a good citizen in my community, I have to recycle and follow the law. To be a good citizen at school I have to pay attention and try my best and follow the N.E.D. Saying.
To be a good citizen at home, we have to listen to our guardian and do our chores. Also, at home you can do your parents’ chores and stuff.
Annton Berry
Grade 6

Being a good citizen means not only being a good person, but helping around your area. You could be at home or at school.
If you are at home, help with chores such as taking out garbage, dusting or just cleaning around the house.
If you are at school you can help by doing things around the classroom, or just doing your homework and being a good student. These are all ways you can be a good citizen at school and at home.
Sage Miller
Grade 6

Being a good citizen at school requires me to always try my best in subjects that I’m good at and bad at so I can get better. Next, I have to always ask for help because that’s the only way you get help.
I can help in my community by recycling to make a difference.
Also, at my house I can help by doing more chores and helping out a little more. Last, another way I can help at my school is helping and encouraging others in the subjects that I’m good at.
Michael Ciser
Grade 6

What I could do to be a good citizen is work hard at all times; be kind to others; never give up; help others; be successful; do chores; listen carefully; write more clearly; get straight As and Bs and possibly Cs; and forward homework on the calendar.
Out of all of those, mostly I would do all of them. After I do all of them, I watch TV.
To help others and work hard on school work and at home is very, very, very good for you and everyone else, too. Do not forget to do your best. Now that’s life to me.
Ashlyn Whitmarsh
Grade 6

During school they will give you a ribbon so they encourage you to not ever do drugs. The ribbon says “I’ve got better things to do than drugs.”
To not do drugs you should do good citizenship. Drugs weaken your lungs. It is a bad thing to do a bad thing. Also, to be a good citizen you should help others, do some community work and just do good things for our environment.
Emerson Burns
Grade 6

To be a good citizen in your community, at home and at school you should follow the rules, be nice to your friends and listen to your teacher. It’s as simple as that.
You may not be the best kid and all but you can still follow these simple rules. For example, if you see a kid who drops his books , help pick them up.
And when you see the trash man, say “Thanks” or “Hi.” Or when you see a police officer or someone, say “Have a nice day.” That could really make someone’s day.
Tyler Hawking
Grade 6

Being a good citizen means doing good stuff at home and school and around your city. One way you can be a good citizen is recycling and cleaning up around your school or city. At school,  you can volunteer to clean up outside, or in the class you can also recycle papers at school and home.
At home, you can take all your bottles and cans and take them to a recycling place.
You may even get something back for doing the right thing. If you use little water when taking a shower or washing the dishes you can conserve a lot of water.
If you turn off lights if you don’t need them, you can save energy. Are you a good citizen? If not, can you change your actions to be a good citizen?
Lea Chabniah
Grade 6

Being a good citizen in my community means that you have to pick up trash, or recycle cans or bottles. Another thing you can do is just be kind to others.
Just by saying hello to a friend, an elderly person or a person that you don’t even know could make their day so much happier.
If you really want to make a difference, you can volunteer either at the senior center, or the hospital. And if you just feel like sitting at home, just talking about your day at school can really make your parents happy.
Hunter Shrockmorton
Grade 6

There are many ways that I can be a good person. First, as a citizen, I would keep my community clean by recycling trash, watering flowers so they look beautiful, and save electricity by not staying in the house all day and enjoying what the city has to offer.
And I can be a good person at home by saving water by not taking long showers, turning the sink off when brushing my teeth and giving the proper amount of water to the flowers.
I can save electricity by opening curtains when it’s day, not watching television, playing outside and using flashlights at night. I can eat healthier and drink water.
Finally, I can be a good student by returning homework assignments on time, listening to the teacher when she is giving instructions and coming to class prepared. With all this I can be a better person.
Brennan Bernades
Grade 6

The way you can be a good citizen is by recycling or picking up trash. You can also save water by taking short showers.
Have you ever thrown trash out the window? Do you know where it ends up?
It leads to the sewer which leads to the fish in the ocean. You can help by not throwing trash out your car window.
Justin Nascimento
Grade 6

Being a good citizen at school, home and in my community could mean picking up trash when I see some on the playground, in my front yard or on the street.
Another way to be a good citizen is to not litter or anything like that. At school I could be a good citizen by helping out some kids that need help with something or are disabled.
A way I could be a good citizen at home could be by doing my chores with no fits. That’s a way I could be a good citizen.
Jake Lewis
Grade 6

I can be a good student by following rules. I can turn things in for school by doing homework, finishing work in time and checking that everything is right.
If you can’t find the answer to a question, ask for help from a teacher or your parents. At home, I do my homework, do my chores and help my parents with my little sister when they’re gone.
Miguel Poastian
Grade 6

Being a good citizen takes hard work, persistance and leadership. You could volunteer at a certain center or help at the food pantry. Anybody that wants to can go to a park or beach and clean up. Finding ways to clean up your community is fun and an easy way to become a leader.
Daniel Abonlacle
Grade 6

Being a good citizen in my community is to pick up trash when I am walking on the sidewalk and wanting to help. Another place I can help is at home. At home I can be a good citizen by helping with the dishes after dinner.
Another way I can help at home is to clean my room without being asked. The last place I can help is at school. One way I can help at school is helping people when they need help.
Karlee Latha
Grade 6

During home and school I can be a good citizen by helping my friends with their homework and I will cheer them up when they’re sad.
When I’m at home I help people by playing with them. I can help by just hanging out with them, and help them also with their homework.
I would also be really nice to them and help them out if they need help.
Sienna Vannoy
Grade 6

I can be a good citizen at school and home by doing a few things. At home I can be a good citizen by respecting my parents and cleaning my room. Also, I can take my dog for a walk, offer to wash the dishes and feed my dog voluntarily.
Next, I can be a good student at school by doing my homework accurately and every day, and also respecting my teachers.
Cori Motor
Grade 6

Being a good citizen is one of the best ways to get involved with your community, school and what’s happening at your house. One way I can be a good citizen is by participating in community activities such as picking up trash.
Another way I can be a good citizen at school is by always turning in my homework, respecting my teachers and doing all of my work on time.
The last way I can be a good citizen at home is by listening to my mother and by doing my chores.
Joel Tobon
Grade 6

Being a good citizen is very important. At school, we can help by asking your principal if you can plant a tree.
At your house you can recycle paper, plastic, glass and even cans. Recycling is really good for the world. In the community you can plant a tree.
Jessie Smith
Grade 6


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