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What does it mean to be a good citizen?

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Posted: February 15, 2010 10:30 p.m.
Updated: February 16, 2010 4:55 a.m.
First Place
To be a good citizen anywhere you have to be a good person. That means showing respect, having a good attitude or just helping out.
In the classroom, you have to show responsibility by doing your homework on time, or listening and following directions. Also, you have to help out your other classmates.
Another example is in your community. Don’t just throw your trash in the street, find a trash can and use it. Make sure you are not bothering anybody while messing around or playing at the park.
At home, you should always do your chores and listen to your parents. Don’t just think that if you are at home, you can break the rules, because the same rules should apply everywhere.
Chad Lagana
Grade 6

Second Place
I think something I can do to be a good citizen is help an elderly person when I see one crossing the street. Another thing I could do to be a good citizen is helping out at a veteran’s home. I can cheer them up and keep their spirits high as if they were young again.
I can also help in a classroom. If my teacher asks me to go run a quick errand, I would do it for her or maybe give a message to another teacher. I could help clean up supplies and help clean up the classroom after school.
At home, I could be a good citizen by helping my mom around the house. If my mom is trying to lift something heavy, I could give her a helping hand.
Also if my dad has been working all day with yard work, I could help him and get the job done much faster. I feel that these are a couple ways to be a good citizen and help people.
Sierra B.
Grade 6

Third Place
Good citizenship means that you should be nice to your classmates, community and your family. You should help around the house, the classroom, and the community by helping clean up the classroom, helping your parents, and helping the community.
It’s nice to open the door for someone or help your family with something. You should stay at school after the bell rings so that you can help clean up the room.
Rachel Bates
Grade 6

A good way to be a good citizen in the classroom is to pick up trash, put supplies away, be a good listener, care for the classroom supplies and of course, help the teacher.
I think a good way to be a good citizen in the community is to pick up litter, and don’t trash the community.
To be responsible at home, you can help your parents, be good with your brothers and sisters, do your chores without complaining, and try not to get in trouble.
Tyler DiBlasio
Grade 6

Being a good citizen is important when you are in school, in the community or at home. When you are in school, the community and at home, you should respect other people’s property by not damaging it. Another way to display good citizenship to be a leader and stop someone who is doing something bad or report it to authorities.
Jonathan Ortin
Grade 6

You can show good citizenship at school by respecting your teacher and cooperating with others. Another way you can be a good citizen is by helping those in need at school, home and everywhere. In the community, you can pick up trash that you find in the street and sidewalk, and respect privacy and property.
Sophia Sanfelippo
Grade 6

I would be a good citizen in the classroom by following directions, listening, and helping others out. I would also be a good citizen in the community by picking up trash when I see some and recycling often.
I would plant plants to help mother earth, conserve earth/water, help homeless animals find homes, and anything to help our community/mother earth.
Ronald Lewis
Grade 6

“Welcome to the neighborhood!” a friendly person said while giving you their fresh from the oven cookies.
You, speechless in reply, think “Wow, this person is the first person to welcome us to the neighborhood” and then smile back to them. Then you notice that your lawn is freshly trimmed and fertilized and ask the friendly neighbor, “Did you do this?”
“No,” she says, “that was my friend on the edge of our street.”
You think, “I’m going to like these kind people.”
This proves people in our community have good citizenship.
Kai Itani-Matsubara
Grade 6

I think people can demonstrate good citizenship anywhere by cleaning up trash around your community, classroom, or home. This demonstrates good citizenship and it helps the environment.
You can also show good citizenship by listening in classroom, helping your classmates, and respecting others. Another way to be a good citizen to your community is to try to save more water and not waste any. I think this is how you can be a good citizen in your classroom, community or home.
Will Davidson
Grade 6

I think I can be a good citizen by doing many things, but some very important things are helping the community and my school to pick up trash that has been left or littered on the ground. Another way to be a good citizen at home is by conserving water when brushing my teeth. I don’t have to leave the water running.
When I take a shower, I should take a shorter time to conserve water. At school, I can be a good citizen just by following the school rules and listening to the teachers. As you can see there are many easy ways to be a good citizen. If you want more examples, look around and see what people are doing in your neighborhood.
Makayla Dempsey
Grade 6

In my opinion, good citizenship in the community means to pick up trash or go to girl scouts like I do. To be in girl scouts is an honor.
We get to help out with canned foods and collect them for the homeless because 1 in 8 Americans die of hunger.
We also get to help Daisies, the lowest level in girl scouts. But other ways to help the community is to reduce, reuse, recycle and don’t litter. These are ways that you can save the earth, the only one with girl scout cookies.
Marisa Wambolt
Grade 6

I think that being a good citizen in the classroom means that you should be kind to others and obey the teacher.
Never roll your eyes at the teacher when the teacher tells you or makes you do something.
Help pick up trash around the classroom and don’t be rude to anyone. To be a good citizen in the community, I think, you shouldn’t litter and you can help pick up litter.
Don’t vandalize things — you can help get rid of it by washing it off or painting over it. We can grow more trees and plants. To be a good citizen at home, you can help around the house.
When helping, you can take out the trash, do the dishes, clean up bedrooms, and help care for an animal if you have one, like a dog, you can help your parents by taking care of brothers or sisters.
Be kind and respectful to your parents and friends and family.
Also, you can teach your brothers and/or sisters new things and try not to fight with them because it might make it harder for your parents to make them stop fighting.
Don’t give negative attitude and don’t say negative things.
Cara Johnson
Grade 6

I think good citizenship is when you pick up trash and stay to help the teacher clean up.
You can be a good citizen also by picking up trash that people littered and by keeping watch for any other litterer.
At home, you can also do this by washing the dishes or taking out the trash without being told.
Jason Tapia
Grade 6

It is important to be a good citizen in the classroom, community and home.
To be good at school, I can be responsible in making good choices.
In the community, I can help my neighbors when they need help. I can be nice and kind with my neighbors.
To help at home, I have to help my mom and dad to do things.
I can be responsible with my family and make good choices.
When I am a good citizen, I feel good.
Angelica Otero
Grade 6


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