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What does it mean to be a good citizen?

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Posted: February 22, 2010 10:39 p.m.
Updated: February 23, 2010 4:55 a.m.
First Place
In order to be a good citizen, you have to make good examples and choices. If you have a brother, sister or  friends, talk to them about the environment and how to make it a better place for everybody, because you never know when your friends or siblings look up to you. If you are at school or at home, remember to recycle scraps of paper and empty plastic bottles because every little thing counts. Or, if you are having lunch at school, it would be best to take a lunch box or something you can reuse. Finally, for the community, help clear out your surroundings, do community work and pick up leaves and trash on the ground to help the people around you.
Jannell De La Neuz
Grade 6

Second Place
I think good citizenship in the classroom would be to always listen to the teacher, bring homework in on time and most importantly, treat your teacher and your peers the way you would want to be treated. The community is a different story. People litter, don’t recycle, etc. Although that seems impossible to fix, there’s a way to fix it. Even if you are a kid, you can help the community! Every Sunday, I play tennis and my dad and I pick up the empty water bottles and recycle. At home, you can just be on your best behavior, recycle, and when you get together with friends, get the right group.
Chloe Nissen
Grade 6

Third Place
I think I could be a good citizen at school and the community by not littering and being nice and kind to everyone. Being respectful anywhere is a big help and most importantly, be nice to mother nature and taking care of our home. Being a good citizen at home is easy, just do your part by recycling. Being a great citizen to yourself is one of the most important things. Don’t do drugs! You can get yourself in great danger by doing drugs and there’s a possibility you could die. So do the world a favor and don’t litter. Do yourself a favor and don’t do drugs.
Sarah Morris
Grade 6

If you want to have good citizenship in the classroom, you should listen to directions, raise your hand, be respectful to the teacher and be nice to other kids.
At home, you should do what your parents say and be nice to your siblings. If your parents say to do your homework or chores, do it because when it’s done, you’ll feel good too.
To be a good citizen in the community, you should not litter and follow the speed limits. Now if you want to do something good, volunteer to help the poor by giving them food, clothes and toys. This is how you can be a good citizen.
Brianna Cooper
Grade 6

To be a good citizen at home and at school I can encourage others at school and do chores at home. Also, I could be a good listener at school or with my parents. I could help others out. I could have a good attitude toward others at home and at school. Lastly, I could be a better citizen by caring for others.
Cole Hampton
Grade 6

Being a good citizen at home and at school includes picking up after others and not littering. Littering, as everyone knows, causes pollution in the sea. It also makes a big mess. At home you can be a good citizen by picking up after your dog. Not doing so just makes a lot of shoes dirty and is just so gross. Another thing you can do at school is recycling. All trash goes into landfills. If we keep trashing things there will be no more room to trash things anymore. Recycling is a good thing because it turns old paper into new paper.
Sofia Hasan
Grade 6

Being a good citizen is really important. When you are a good citizen, you may not get something in return but at least you know you helped someone. One way you know you are a good citizen is when someone that is an adult is talking. You wait until they are done and you say what you want to after. Another example is when someone is talking to someone else, you just wait. There are many more ways to be a good citizen. All those ways will give you a good reputation.
Ana Suploska
Grade 6

To be a good citizen at school you can respect others and encourage students to do their best. At home you can help with things that need to be done. In your community if you want to be a good citizen you can help out at shelters, donate money to shelters, donate your unwanted things to Goodwill or be kind to others. Good citizens are generous people that have helped a lot. You can be a good citizen by just following these tips.
Emily Mulhausen
Grade 6

Being a good citizen at home, school and in the community is a good thing. In the community you can help when you see trash by picking it up and putting it in the appropriate trash can. At home we can help by being respectful to our parents and family. Also at school you can help by cleaning up after yourself and helping others when you can.
Taylor Walters
Grade 6

Being a good citizen is a crucial part of being respected. Being a good citizen means caring for others and your community. Caring for others means that you are not selfish when it comes to helping. Being a good citizen does not only mean helping old ladies cross the street, but it also means helping at the animal shelter and other things. Citizenship is often not exercised but is very important.
Deepti Hegde
Grade 6

While I am at school, I can help my teachers by cleaning up and doing my best to not bother them. Helping the kindergartners with their work would also make me a good citizen. At home I could take on more chores and take my baby sister to the park to give my mom more free time. For my community I could pick up trash on the beach.
Sophia Abarta
Grade 6

Volunteering can help me to be a good citizen in my community, at home and at school. In my community, I can help out by donating to soup kitchens. I can also help distribute the soup to the homeless. At school, I can help out other students and teachers. At home, I can do odd jobs around the house like cleaning out the dishwasher. If I do all of this there will be a happier environment around me.
Lucas Ancell
Grade 6

There are many ways to have good citizenship in the classroom, community and at home.
In the classroom, you can show citizenship by doing all of your assignments, respecting your teachers and classmates, playing fair at recess, listening and following directions and not cheating on tests.
In the community, you can show good citizenship by not littering, picking up litter, not jaywalking and by respecting wildlife.
Finally, you can show ways to show good citizenship at home by doing your homework, doing your chores, respecting your parents and siblings, helping your parents and being happy with what you have. These are some ways to show good citizenship.
If you use these ways of citizenship, you will have a good life. If you start out with this and don’t get thanked, keep doing it and make sure you don’t get angry.
Drew Boyd
Grade 6

I am a good citizen in the classroom by helping someone when they need it. I can help when I am asked and not asked. Being a good citizen in your classroom is turning in your work on time and trying your best. To show good citizenship in the community is to pick up trash, volunteer, or babysit for people. I am a good citizen to the community for giving food and clothes to the poor. I am a good citizen at home by listening to my parents. I can do more chores and get less money for it. I help my siblings and parents by making lunch. Also, I can be a good citizen at home by doing what I’m told what to do. All of these examples are how to show citizenship in the world.
Mia Martinez
Grade 6

In the classroom, a polite thing I would do is clean the bookshelf and the floor often. For my community, I would attend many volunteer classes and pick up trash. And for my house, I would plant new trees to make more air for our community.
Chance Fullerton
Grade 6

To be a good citizen at school is being a good friend. Examples are when someone accidentally hits a ball to you. Don’t kick the ball; instead, hand it to them. Being a good citizen in the community is volunteering. You can volunteer for the homeless shelter, pick up trash and do many more things. To be a good citizen at home is listening the first time.
When your parents tell you to take out the garbage, do it right away and when they tell you to do your chores, do them. If you follow these rules, you’ll be a good citizen.
Gabe Burkholder
Grade 6

I am a good citizen in the classroom by helping people if they are new. I can help them around Meadows school. In the community, I am a great helper by giving food to the poor. If I volunteer I can help by cleaning the freeway. At home, I am a good citizen by helping my brother on his homework. With my dad, I am a good citizen by helping him fix things. With my mom, I help her clean and help her to make dinner.
Aly Diaz
Grade 6

If you want to show good citizenship in your classroom, community or home, then here are a few ways that you can do good. When you’re in your classroom, you can help a friend out with a tricky problem they are trying to solve. Without being asked, clean up after kids who have made a mess in class. To help out your community, you can plant trees and volunteer for different things. Lastly, to show good citizenship in your house, you have to treat brothers and sisters nicely and you especially have to respect your parents.
Paige Carlson
Grade 6

To be a good citizen you can pick up trash for the community. To be a good citizen at home you can recycle plastic bottles for the environment.
To be a good citizen at school you can turn in your homework on time and you can also listen to the teacher when she is talking. To be a good citizen you can help someone when they are in need. To be a good citizen you can treat others fairly.
Adam Hernandez
Grade 6

Good citizenship in the classroom would be doing your work on time and doing your homework with responsibility. We can all help the community by not doing drugs and not littering. You can help at home by respecting your mom and dad and helping to keep your room and house clean.
Gabrielle Abeyta
Grade 6

I help the community by recycling. I also got the citizenship badge for completing a river rally for Boy Scouts. To do good for the community, I do very little paper writing because it saves trees. That’s how I show good citizenship.
Patrick Hagertly
Grade 6

Being a good citizen in the classroom means to turn in homework on time, help the teacher and be kind and respectful. It also means being responsible and not losing things. Being a good citizen at home means being kind and respectful to your brothers and sisters, doing well on your chores, and helping your mother. Having citizenship in the community means volunteering, picking up trash and taking food to the poor.
Abby Morris
Grade 6

There are many different ways to be a good citizen. In school you can be a good citizen by helping others by grabbing extra books that they need for the period or maybe showing them how to do the part they need help with.
You can also help new students around school by showing them the school. To be a good citizen in the community you would work as a volunteer by picking up trash. You can also assist people in need. At home, you can do your chores, respect your parents or be nice to family members. You can also pick up your toys.
Kris Walters
Grade 6


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