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Literacy and Arts Festival: The SCV

Winning Essays

Posted: March 8, 2010 10:49 p.m.
Updated: March 9, 2010 4:55 a.m.
First Place
“My Home”

A heart of red brick, and a back of stone
Its arteries and veins connect every place we need to go
Its mind filled with pure goodness, and its hand cupped to give our houses a spine
This is a small valley which I call mine

It has clear skies on a warm summer night
And you can hear the crickets chirp with all their might
The stars shine like eyes of a child
The coyotes howl like the wind loud and wild

The butterflies and blue jays fly during the day
Bunnies and squirrels wander away
The dogs bark to each other like singing a song
While we are at school all the animals get along

At night when it gets cold in the winter
Thieves rummage through garbage cans to see who’s a winner
Their eyes are dangerous black as coal
Those raccoons wreak our trash until they reach their goal

The moon, the moon, what can I say
In this golden valley it shines away
Smiling at us reminding us of the good deeds we’ve done
It shares with us the stories of our lives that we’ve begun

The air, so fresh and clean
Leaving all the population behind, it is our spleen
While clouds make shapes and blow in the wind
It makes sure we get what we need to live

Soccer, tennis, swimming, or just having fun
This small town knows how to get your exercise done
Hiking, biking, or just spending time at a bowling alley
This is my home, the Santa Clarita Valley.
Noor Deepika Makan
Rancho Pico Junior High School

Second Place
“A Regular Day in the Santa Clarita Valley”
School buses slowly driving by
The smell of fresh coffee from the local donut shop
Kids of all ages walking to school
Gardeners trimming the trees and mowing the grass
People pulling out of their driveways
Everyone is on the go, heading to work
Children rushing to their piano lessons or soccer practice
Little ones and big ones heading to a birthday party at Santa Clarita Lanes
Teenagers trudging home from a long day of school
Toddlers running around in the park
Athletes practicing their swimming, tennis and basketball
Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts selling goodies at every grocery store
People going to Wal-Mart to buy some last-minutes things
Drivers anxiously waiting for the light to turn green
Baggers smiling at the customer politely asking, “Paper or plastic?”
The sun shining ever so brightly
Excited children at the local pet store gazing at the puppies and kittens
Large trucks delivering food and supplies to each store in town
Cars patiently waiting to be filled with gas
The shouts of the neighbors’ happiness during football Sunday
People having small talk while waiting in line to pay for their items
Boys and girls spending their whole day playing around at Mountasia
Stay-at-home moms walking around the block, trying to get some exercise
Mailmen quickly deliver letters and packages
Everyone crossing paths with each other,
Functioning like a community should.
A regular day in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Megan Bersamira
Pinecrest Schools Canyon Country

Third Place
“The Valley

We Live In”
We live in a valley of the waterless bed
If we didn’t ship in the water we would all be dead
We live in the shadow of a needle in the sky
In the land of coasters that allow us to fly
We live in a community that has a plan
We are so close together that we live in a clan
We live near the city where Angels live
And measure our souls by what we give
We live in a town beaten by heat
But we water the hedges to keep them neat
We live in a place that is close to the shore
Sometimes it’s so quiet I can hear my dad snore
We live in the valley with mountains above
But we are at home with the people we love.
Brooke Sikkema
Rancho Pico Junior High School

“Sunny-Side City”
A crispy wind as dry as sandy seas
A sun to melt the branches off the trees
No clouds to shade my frying arms and face
Of fog or rain, I don’t see any trace

The In-N-Out sign rises tall and wide
And even higher, mountaintops reside
No snow-capped peaks or winter days to see
Fire-scorched hills and ashy, dirty trees

A mall to walk through when I’m sweating tears
A school to go to half the days this year
A lizard shooting past my startled feet
A green-blue bus; Wait up! and save my seat

I’m seeing “mountains high and valley low”
A dried-up river where no water flows
The fires and earthquakes having left their scars
A sandy, crackled earth and broken tar

A dusty bowl in which our lives go on
A never-changing cycle like the sun
A snowless, rainless, sunny atmosphere
Among the desert sands, I am right here.
Lily Chu
Academy of the Canyons High School

“America in Santa Clarita”
There’s a colossal flag of red, white and blue,
That stands by a fuel station and isn’t too new.
Over Route 126 it blows west to the sea,
And I see America gloriously waving at me.

On the 4th of July, Newhall has a parade,
I see floats and costumes that townspeople made.
There are fire engines, bands, and old-timey cars,
Paraders throw candy and flags with stripes and stars.

Blacksmiths, staged gun fights, and horses to shoe,
Rope twirling, poetry and old west songs, too!
Cowboys and Indians share a peace branch,
American heroes each spring at Melody Ranch.

The Hart Museum sits on a high hill,
That looks down on some buffalo grazing and still.
William S. Hart, a cowboy supreme,
American actor, a girl’s and boy’s dream.

I visit Lombardi, and go to Town Center.
I like Saugus Cafe each time that I enter.
There’s so much that keeps America near,
In Santa Clarita... I’m comfortable here!
Olivia Aaron
Castaic Elementary School

“Santa Clarita Valley”
Watching movies at the theater in Santa Clarita Valley,
When I’m there it feels like a pep rally.
Buying shoes, clothes, and games at the shops in the mall,
I feel dumbfounded because it’s wide and two stories tall.
I think of the bowling alley,
Every time I make a strike they add a tally.
Shopping for fresh produce at the open market,
It’s lots of fun and on freshness you can bet.
You can eat at an awesome restaurant,
And at Heritage Park there’s even a Halloween Haunt.
Don’t be afraid when you see the jail,
None of the inmates could make bail.
I like to catch fish that my mom can bake,
For fishing fun I go down to the lake.
Let’s be glad that we have a dog pound,
Where you can go and adopt a hound.
The greatest place to study is the library,
They have books to read until you’re weary.
If you get sick, don’t worry,
The hospital has its own laboratory.
So if you’re ever in a nearby town,
Don’t forget to come on down!
Once you’re here I’m sure you’ll agree,
Santa Clarita is the place to be!
Luis Lopez
Castaic Elementary School

“When I Think of Santa Clarita Valley”
When I think of SCV, I think of movie stars like Harry Carey,
Hoot Gibson, and William S. Hart, who lived here and made movies their art.

Hollywood’s “back lot” since 1903, the site of many “Westerns” was the SCV,
A haven for “cowboys” year after year, even John Wayne made movies here!

William S. Hart, or “Two Gun Bill”; His movies did surely thrill!
He was a star of silent movies, who took to the screen in his fifties!

Made famous by “Tumbleweeds”, and well known for his good deeds,
He built a house and a park, which is now a Newhall landmark!

Santa Clarita Valley is also a fine destination for a great movie location!
Disney Ranch and Melody Ranch, part of the Placerita Canyon branch!

Vasquez Rocks sure is hip for a commercial or a video clip,
Lots of movies have been made there, about cowboys from everywhere!

Mountasia and Saugus Speedway are where the movie stars play,
On feature films and TV shows, commercials and music videos.

Magic Mountain and Castaic Lake are locations that are not fake,
The Newhall “Walk of Western Stars” pays homage to the actors’ memoirs.

In 2006, the movie industry brought $16 million to SCV!
It all started with Harry Carey, who introduced John Ford to “the movie”!

Now we have Ashley Tisdale, from Disney’s “Suite Life” tale;
She went to Valencia High - What a starry valley we occupy!
Zion Seneviratne
Castaic Elementary School


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