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A Round of Tax Checks for All

Right Here, Right Now

Posted: February 12, 2008 10:46 p.m.
Updated: April 13, 2008 2:03 a.m.

You would think since the federal government has the best medical plan known to mankind that it could keep the loonies in the Senate and House properly medicated. Tax checks for illegals — my God. That’s a joke, right? It’s a misprint, right? Have I lost my mind and read it wrong?

Come on, people, have the representatives and senators lost their minds? This goes along with what I was saying about the state budget. We are going to give money to people who already drain the system. Historically, they will not spend it on health care or medical needs. They get that for free. Why pay for it?

Is Washington living in a bubble? Oh, I’m sorry, stupid question. Yes. It’s Washington. Let’s at least be fair. If we are going to rape the American taxpayer, let’s at least spread the wealth (tax money?) What about convicts? They’re illegal in many ways ... don’t they deserve a rebate, too? At least in most cases, they are American citizens.

The issue stems from defining who is eligible for a tax rebate. In drafting H.R.5140, Congress left gaping loopholes. Section 101 excludes “nonresident aliens” from being eligible, but this is essentially meaningless as the IRS does not determine whether an individual is a “nonresident alien” based on his or her immigration status.

Moreover, it does not address the eligibility of illegal aliens who send in tax returns using stolen or false Social Security numbers. They have lost their minds! Resident aliens as defined by law are persons living in the U.S. legally with green cards. Illegal aliens are in the country illegally, and it is against federal law for them to work here. But the bill redefines these terms. Resident aliens are defined as people who spend a “substantial” amount of time in the U.S. and have not been deported, so if we don’t deal with them, then they have rights.

Illegals who have made at least $3,000 are eligible for $300 to $600 checks. Do you think my legal children who make about that much a year can get the same checks? No, they can’t.

So let me get this straight. Let’s take a stroll to the Senior Center and ask how many of them have been paying into the system all their lives, only to find that they can’t even rely on Social Security; at times getting their monthly government checks seems almost impossible. What about our veterans and others who are living in the streets and can’t get to government money because they don’t have a legal address. But the illegals get a tax check because the thing they have is an address.

I get the concept of “stimulating the economy.” And I agree, to a point. People will usually take the tax rebate and spend it, thereby stimulating the economy. But taking money from the system and giving it to a group of people who drain the system at many times the rate they may stimulate it is just foolery. And don’t many illegals send money to Mexico? Maybe this bill should be called “Tax checks to stimulate the Mexican economy.” There is no good reason to do this! So why are they doing it?

Democrat or Republican, not one of the presidential candidates has the spine to say in plain, simple English and with a few words and clarity what they are going to do about the illegals in this country. Here is what they all are saying: “I will tighten up the borders and deal with the illegals.” What does that mean? Let’s see ... we can build a three-foot fence, hire three more border guards and we have fulfilled our obligation? With the way they are choosing and playing with their words, I don’t know what to expect or whom to believe.

And to what end? And why are they doing this? Votes. It’s all about votes. Take a look and you will see who is benefiting.

It seems that justice in this country over the years has gone to protecting those who twist and finagle the law, and those who follow the law are punished for it.

Yes, Washington is in great need of psychiatric care.

Joe Messina is a Santa Clarita Valley resident. His column reflects his own opinion, not necessarily that of The Signal. “Right Here, Right Now” runs Mondays and rotates among SCV Republicans.

Copyright: The Signal


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