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What is your favorite school subject?

Winning Essays

Posted: April 5, 2010 10:35 p.m.
Updated: April 6, 2010 4:55 a.m.
The following is a collection of essays from the 5th grade class at Live Oak Elementary School, sharing their thoughts on their favorite subject in school.

First place
Guess what my favorite subject is in school? I like P.E. That is my favorite subject. I like P.E. because it’s fun, competitive and it’s like exercising, but better. P.E. is a time to have fun with friends and staying healthy. I also like the hockey-playing, because I feel like I am actually in the Olympics, but not as competitive, with my friends.
Click, click, click. Another subject I like in school is computer lab. I feel relaxed just sitting down, ready to listen, and ready to start my assignment or activity. I’m always ready to go in class, too, but like I said, we’re talking about computer lab. is a really good Web site to help the poor. I love to help people and this world. I’m keeping our school clean by not littering and picking up trash that is not mine. School can be hard work, but some subjects can be fun. So I’ve told you my favorite subject. Tell me yours.
Sally Reyes

Second place
First of all, I don’t have a favorite subject, I like too many!
One of them is math. I love taking five-minute times tests. You have to finish 100 multiplication problems in five minutes. I love getting back tests to see what I got!
I also love science, because you learn something new every day. My favorite part is when they bring in animals and tell us what they do.
I especially love art, because you get to express your feelings. When you’re happy you can paint a flower or a rainbow. If you’re upset or angry, paint a thundercloud with lightning. I guess you get the idea. Well, anyway, thank you for reading my story. Hey, reading. That’s another subject.
Maria Beas

Third place
Rocks, solar systems, bones and blood are parts of my favorite subject — science. Science is fun to learn about, and you get to do some really fun experiments. At my school, I just finished learning about the body, and now I am learning about the solar system. Science is fun and educational, but we all know it can be unexciting sometimes. We learned about how our body works, and how we stay healthy. Now I am learning about the solar system and the layers of earth. That is why it’s my absolute favorite subject in school.
Courtney Valdivia

In school, I like different subjects; they are math, science, art, Excel and ELD. I like math because I like when a teacher tells me what to do when I get an answer wrong. She makes me understand it.
I like science because I like to explore about nature and earth and I know how to measure liquid.
I like art because we do a lot of reports and we get to draw the person we like. And the other thing I like to do is grab a napkin and wipe off the dark and make it the skin.
I like Excel because it helps me read and I like to do a purple book we read and do the purple book Monday through Thursday and then on Friday I have game day. That is all the subjects I like at school.
Salma Urias

My favorite subject in school is math because you get to do a lot of things that you don’t know and my other favorite thing is to play soccer with my friends. I like soccer because you can do exercise and have fun.
Gabriela Juarez

Jump! Run! Move! My favorite subject is P.E. I love P.E. because it’s on Thursdays and we get our blood pumping. I think it’s fantastic that we have P.E., so we can lower the chances of children getting morbidly obese. In fifth grade, we have this physical fitness test. I wonder if I’ll pass?  
Kirsty Nguegang

My favorite subject is math. I picked math because I like to divide, multiply, subtract and add numbers. Math is my favorite subject because I like numbers and I like decimals and fractions. Math is my favorite subject because math is cool. Math is cool because I like math. That’s why I like math.
Anthony Mejia

“Hey you! Yeah, you.” Do you want to know what my favorite subject is? It’s P.E. Besides the teachers yelling, it’s pretty good. I like to run a lot and sometimes we play something like soccer, football or basketball. I learn new games to play that are fun to play.
John Gabumpa

Blood cells, bones, the heart — my favorite subject in school is science. I love to learn about life science. If you need any help, you can ask any question any time. I also learned about a plant cells and animal cells. The cells are very cool to learn about. Mrs. Valentin is my science teacher, and of course, she’s the one who taught me everything. Just remember, my favorite subject is science!
Toni Bito

Paint, color, fun and expression is art. Art is my favorite subject, because it makes me feel good. For example, the sunset it is one of my favorite things to paint because of its vibrant colors of red, orange, blue and dark purple. One other thing is dogs because you can make your own mix.
Marina Maloo

La la la! My favorite subject is music, but I’m stuck between music and math. I love music because I love to sing and my whole family plays instruments and sings. Our garage is filled with guitars, drums and microphones.
I love solving problems. I love long division and ordered pairs ,especially because you just write down numbers, like (2,3). I love math when it’s easy, but also when it’s a challenge.
I’ll always love both. I’ll always be stuck between math and music! Mrs. Valentin likes easy math, too. I used to struggle with math, now I love it! Math and music are a good combination because you get the smarts and the voice. If I do have the smarts and a good voice. I doubt it, but at least I enjoy them. At least I enjoy somethings in school. I don’t know what to pick! Eeny, meeny, miney, moe, catch a tiger by its toe.  If he hollers let him go. Eeny, meeny, miney, moe!
Rachel Patchin

My favorite subject is P.E. It’s the only subject where I don’t need to sit in a chair the whole time. I like to play games like basketball or soccer. I also like certain subjects in math like integers, graphs and square roots. I didn’t really learn square roots at school, but I learned from my dad. I like music, too. My favorite instruments are guitar and piano. I’m still learning guitar, but I know a little bit of songs.
Razmig Semerdjian

I love the sound of the piano while I play “Ode to Joy” in music class. Music is my favorite subject, because I like to blow into the recorder and to put my fingers on the piano. I like to play the songs and figure them out while my partner does the same. I like to play the melody, write the songs down and bring them home to practice. Next year, it will be more exciting in band in sixth grade, and I’ll play the saxophone.
Chad Rush

Can you hear the sound of science? Science is my favorite subject because I like to learn about how gravity works, how the human body works and about our atmosphere. My other favorite subject is P.E. P.E. is fun because it gets you in good health and is a good exercise. I like to play soccer in P.E.
Cameron Rossi

Hey do you want to know what my favorite in school is? It’s math! I like math because it is so fun to learn about like variables. You have to figure the variables out like a mystery. I also like division, integers and all different kinds of math. I wish I could explain more but I have to go.
Shadi Dajani

Do you like social studies? Well, I do. Explorers, Indians and colonies are great. This is how well you will be educated. There might be questions about history in your adult life and reports about history. Everyone must know how famous a person in social studies could be. And that is why I like social studies.
Christopher Beggs

Division and multiplication. I love math. Math is so fun to me. I like adding, subtracting and dividing. I like math because it is where you can learn new types of things. I can do math everyday. Right now we are learning about integers. At first integers were confusing to me, but then I got the hang of it. I also like language arts. I like language arts because I love writing. Even though your hand hurts when you write too much, it is still cool. Math and language arts are amazingly fun to me.
Melissa Gonzalez

Experience, human body and life science are my favorite subjects. I love science because it is cool and science is always changing and is exciting. I love it because I like to learn science and P.E. are my favorites. I like science mostly because they are always finding out new things. I love P.E. because we get to play sports and let out a whole bunch of energy but that doesn’t make me calm down but I wish it made some people calm down, but I’m not giving names.
DeSartis Ty

Do you know what my favorite subjects in school are? I love music and art. Music is like playing in a band. We get to play piano, sing and last year, we got to play the recorder. It’s nice to learn new notes and to play new songs every week. A is for Art. My teacher, Mrs. Edison, doesn’t let us have much art, but I get excited when I see it on the schedule. That is how I express how I feel. Happy, sad, mad, excited, bored, hyper and sleepy. I like to do art with water colors. Although I can’t choose which is better, I know compared to math, science and social studies, music and art are the best.
Denise Anciola

Do you want to know what my favorite subject is in school? I’ll give you a hint. I can use a brush, paint and some paper. If you don’t know I’ll just tell you — it is art! The reason that I like this subject is because I can express myself. The very first picture that I made was an elephant. Right now, I am drawing a fox from the movie “The Fox and the Hound.” I am going to color it with color pencils. It is going to be a cool picture. I hope that you guys like art. Bye!
Jannie Geyer

 I like math. It is great. I love to write the math problems. I love to solve the math problems because they are fun to me. We are studying coordinate grids in math right now and they are fun. Do you like math?
I like to solve mysteries. I also like to simplify fractions. I like it, and I’m glad that my class does math in the morning. my favorite part of math sometimes is taking timed tests.
Sean McHugh

I love art! Art is my favorite subject in school. This month’s calendar art is to make a butterfly and put a weird-looking ‘x’ in it. Then we have to water color it. When we were all done, it turned out so amazing! Sometimes when we have free time, my teacher, Mrs. edison lets us draw in class. Well, I think that art is the best.
Amanda Tarello

Spelling, math, music, excel, P.E., arts and crafts, science, reading and writing are all my favorite subjects. It is so hard to choose one subject. Math makes you think hard. Spelling makes you learn new words. Music can let you sing. Excel lets you read and write. P.E. makes you exercise. If I had to choose two out of all these subjects, I would choose reading and arts and crafts. I like reading the “Goosebumps” series and recommend them to you to read. I am a creative person, so I like art. I love school!
Felipe Gonzalez

Do you really want to know what my favorite subject in school is? I love science because my teacher is so fun and just loves to teach. I also love science because I’m very good at it plus it is very easy and fun to study. We are learning about the stratosphere, troposphere, mesosphere and the thermosphere. My teacher likes to call the mesosphere a mess up there. I also love art because you get to be creative and draw or paint whatever you want. Those are the two subjects that I love.
Bethanie Currie

“Paint cells.” I like the subjects art and science because they are so interesting! I like science because I like to learn all the different parts of a cell and how the circulatory system works. I also like art ... who knew there were so many different colors like violet and indigo? My favorite color is blue and I also love to paint pictures. I have one more subject I like.
Guess ... you, me, everyone does this in their lifetime and you can use a hard or soft cover to use this. It’s a book! A reading book. I’ve read so many books like “Chasing Vermeer” by Blue Balliet. But my favorite author is Jeff Kenney because I love reading “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” So now, you know all my favorite subjects. Bye!
Adriana Kane

Words, words, words are all I see when I do my favorite subject; reading. I think it is fun because I love the adventures and thrills of books. One of my favorite books is ‘Sign of the Beaver.’ I liked it because it was very thrilling but sad at some points. Also, my favorite series is “Hank and the Cow Dog.”
Ian Muldoon

1... 2... 3! My favorite subject is math. I like math because I learn something new everyday, but my favorite math topic is pretty much any one you can think of. Right now in my classroom (room 29) we are learning about integers. An integer is an opposite of a number. I like integers because they are the newest thing I learned in math and they are fun to do.
Andrew Airhart

Do you like science? Because I love science. It is great because it has lots of experiments and it actually makes learning fun for me. I always have been learning new things  about the body, planets, and matter. I never would have wanted to go to school if the school did not have science.
Mir Zaman

My favorite subject in school is history because of World War II history, which I am really good at. It’s also very interesting. And it’s important. It’s educational. It can teach you stuff you didn’t know, and about a lot of people you never heard of, and places you may never have never heard of.
Gavin van der Lind

Science, the best subject in the world — well at least that’s what I think — is not only about projects, but also about learning. You learn how your heart works, and how the tree gets the nutrients it needs. Life is science to me, and you should believe it, too.
Aidan Walker

Do you want to know what my favorite subject is? I have two favorite subjects and they are math and science. I love math because I like to solve problems. My favorite part about math is the algebra because I like to find the missing number. To find the missing number you really have to think. You have to see what the product is. What I do is, if it’s a multiplication problem, I divide the product and the other number. My other favorite subject is science. I love science because I love the experiments that you do. In science class we are learning about matter. Matter is fun to learn about because you get to learn about mass, solubility and more. We just finished weather and that was really fun. So now, you know my two favorite subjects.
Miranda Firth

Goooooaaal! P.E. is my favorite subject in school. Not just because you get your exercise, but it is also fun! My favorite sport is soccer because it’s so exciting to watch your team win! Can you imagine... your fans yelling your name, screaming, shouting, “You’re my favorite player!” How fun! When the other team loses, I kind of feel sorry for them. but still, I feel proud of myself, and my team! After the game is over you feel your heart beat fast, fast, faster. You’re gasping for air, but after all, you won the game! I don’t consider myself an expert at soccer, but I think I am pretty good. And so that’s what my favorite subject in school is, how about yours!
Leslie Rincon

Science is my favorite subject in school because I like learning about how the human body works. I also like science because I get to learn about cells. In science I am learning about the human body and how you can keep your heart healthy! I also like how sometimes we will watch “Brain Pop” videos in class about the stuff we are learning about. In science we take a lot of tests.
Emily Hollenbeck

Do you want to know what my favorite subject in school is? I love art because I doodle and draw all the time. I like to draw cartoons, funny drawings, and mainly anything I see that looks funny or cute. I also love to draw pies! My mom says someday, I will become an artist.
Amber Currie


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