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Steve Lunetta: Steve’s list of pet peeves

Right About Now

Posted: April 11, 2010 11:12 p.m.
Updated: April 12, 2010 4:55 a.m.

Everyone has things in their life that irritate and annoy. Some are innocuous, and some are more serious.

For example, a pet peeve of mine is folks who drive 55 mph in the fast lane. Spending vast amounts of time on the freeway these days, I have come to value the speed of the fast lane in reducing my highway purgatory. An inconsiderate boob who does not know where the accelerator is should be stripped of his or her motor vehicle and given a skateboard.

A corollary to the fast-lane boobs are the nimrods who slow down at hills. Yes, the Sepulveda Pass is very scary because it rises to a dizzying height of 47 feet above sea level, but do we really need to slow down to 40 mph? A little more pressure on that right pedal will maintain your speed and get us all home faster.

Let’s not forget the motorcycles that pass between stopped cars. I know riders who gladly talk about how many mirrors they have clipped and damaged. And what if I accidentally hit one of them? They may be dead, but I will live the rest of my life knowing I killed someone. All to get somewhere 10 minutes early.

Politics is also a palatable paradise for peeves.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villarigosa is cutting city services two days a week while trying to backdoor increased taxes disguised as a Department of Water and Power rate hike. I find it baffling why we Californians are willing to accept reduced services for more money.  

Carried to its logical conclusion, state and local government will soon become a mere conduit for funneling money to state employees and pensioners while delivering no services. And we allow it to continue.

I am really peeved we are obligated to cover the nearly $500 billion shortfall in the state employees’ pension fund. The sweetheart deals cut by public employee unions will strangle the Golden State unless some legislators and a governor grow a pair and take on these unions.

Conservatives who complain about Obamacare and vow to fight, no matter what, really peeve me. Look, folks, we lost fair and square. Suck it up. We conservatives need to show class and honor so no more damage is done.

Now we need to figure out how to make this monster work. Maybe we can fine-tune this Edsel so it won’t smoke so bad. There are some very bad things but also some good things. I like the idea that insurance companies can’t drop someone because they get sick.

And, let’s face it, we are rich enough to help children and the poor. Let’s focus on the good and work to minimize the bad.

Here’s one that will get me in big trouble. I’m peeved with mothers of eighth-graders who complain their kids won’t get a graduation ceremony. Yes, I remember the good times at my graduation ceremony. Oh, wait a minute. I didn’t have one. And most of you over the age of 35 didn’t have one, either. This is a new phenomena —  recognizing non-achievements.

If you think I exaggerate, tell Johnny he can quit school after the eighth grade because he has truly achieved something. He won’t get a job and not even the Army will take him. Passing the eighth grade is not an achievement.  

Take your eighth-grader out to dinner, have a few of his friends over and celebrate. But don’t expect the school district to pay for a party in tough economic times. And stop talking about this “tempest in a teapot” on the pages of The Signal.

I am especially peeved at car companies that know about brake problems and fail to report them. For months.

I am a loyal Toyota buyer, having purchased my last three cars from them. Check that — was a loyal buyer. Ford and Chevy now have my attention. I may break down more, but at least my car (and its maker) won’t kill me.

I am also peeved at mining companies that get slapped with hundreds of safety violations but still remain in business. Being a chemist, if my laboratory got slapped with that many violations, they would shut me down in a New York minute. How did these guys stay open? Then kill nearly 30 people completely needlessly?

Finally, I am peeved at myself for having so much negativity and vitriol. Pessimism does not move us forward, but optimism and vision do. We need to look for candidates with these qualities to build a better future for ourselves and our children.

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita. His column reflects his own views and not necessarily those of The Signal. “Right About Now” appears Mondays. He can be reached at


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