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What is your favorite school subject?

Winning Essays

Posted: April 12, 2010 10:45 p.m.
Updated: April 13, 2010 4:55 a.m.
The following is a collection of essays from Stevenson Ranch Elementary School students, sharing their thoughts on their favorite subject in school.

First place
Art is an amazing subject. You can express your feelings and have a chance to show creativity. You can also show who you are; people can look at your artwork and tell who you are inside. So many people are not creative, but art can change that. Our world can change if all of us could do art. You don’t even have to be good at it to do it. Like Picasso said, “Every child is an artist.” Some kids aren’t even good at art. Art is an amazing subject.
Samantha Warner
Grade 4

Second place
My favorite subject in school is writing. When you write, anything is possible. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. Writing also is an important skill to communicate with.
There are many types of writing. An author could write fiction, nonfiction, documentaries, biographies and poetry. There are also many other forms of writing other than books, like letters, writing in diaries, newspaper and magazine articles, and manuals.
There are many interesting jobs a writer can have. Besides just writing books, there are news writers, speech writers, magazine articles, newspaper writers, travel writers, poets and screenwriters.
Each person’s writing is unique. It is only his or hers. It is a way of expressing feelings. When someone finishes writing something, it makes them feel good. They feel as if they’ve accomplished something. Writing really is artwork in written form.
The best part of all is that the written word lasts forever!
Valentina Bilbao
Grade 3

Third place
Our favorite subject in school is poetry because it helps express how we feel around others. In poetry we can express our emotions by showing and not telling through our writing. It is better to show our feeling instead of telling because people want to see what we think rather than hear it. People are more interested in being shown what others think. Also, in poetry, a way to show our emotions is using figurative language. Figurative language can be very important in poetry because it is a way to express our emotions and how we feel. Another way to express how we feel is through literary devices such as foreshadowing and flashbacks. Here is a poem that expresses how we feel about life:

Life is a bird
It takes off on a new journey every day
It may sometime sing a lovely song
But sometimes it will just fly away
Life is like an adventure
Like a beach beside a bay
But we enjoy life how it is
Before it gets too late.
Brianna Moskal,
Victoria Tandy
and Sydney Boyd
Grade 6

My favorite subjects in school are math and science. Math is my favorite subject because it is fun. It is like a mystery to find the answer. It can be challenging and can take steps sometimes. I like science too because it is about discoveries. One reaction can create another reaction. If the people that are doing the experiment are not careful, they may get the wrong reaction.
Many different jobs use math and science. Science is used to find cures for people who are sick. Doctors and nurses use math to measure how much medicine to give to people. Salespeople need to know math to count money. Architects need to know math to design buildings. Pilots use these subjects to fly a plane. All of these people use math and science daily to measure, pay and count. Math and science are needed and used all around the world. That is why math and science are so important.
Neiko Pittman
Grade 2

In this essay, I will talk about my favorite subject. I choose science. I have chosen that not because I am the best at it, but because of its level of interest. Once you learn the basics of chemistry, you’ll be so interested that you will want to learn more than what Einstein knew. Although my best subject is math, science just seems to catch my eye more. Don’t get me wrong. I still love math, but some concepts are dull. I like all the different sciences like chemistry or physical science. Writing isn’t what I really like, so writing this essay wasn’t the funnest thing I ever did. So there you have it. You know what my subject is: science.
David Noble

My favorite subject in school is reading. Reading is good. Reading will make you smarter. It is good to do assigned reading. If you do more reading, you’ll get a 100 percent on mostly everything. So read the dictionary and you’ll know all words. It can make you a better student. So read a lot of books. You will end up as a good student.
Grade 2

My favorite subject is art because I can express myself in my own way. It doesn’t matter what you create. It’s art because you made it in your own way.

This year I am so excited because we have a new art studio and I love it. I love it because I can do all types of art in there. I also love how colorful the walls are. We now have a place to be creative.

I have been doing art at this school since kindergarten. My favorite project was when I used pastels in my creation. I used the colors green, blue, purple, orange and brown. It took me almost 40 minutes. When I finished, it turned out beautiful. This was in second grade.

Now I would like to create my own art and give it away. I want people to use my art to decorate their homes and offices. I really want people to become interested in art as much as I am.

I would like to thank all of my art teachers that have guided me through the steps of art. Some of these teachers are at Stevenson Ranch Elementary School and some are at the past art studios that I’ve been going to. If it had not been for these teachers, I never would have known the beauty that I can create.
Shelbi Schauble
Grade 3

My favorite subject in school is probably math because it helps exercise my brain, but I think all subjects are fun and I would owe it to all my teachers for making it fun (Mrs. McKinley, Mrs. C., Mrs. Soqui, Ms. Armstrong and Ms. Bader). They all made it fun with different games and activities. School wasn’t all that fun to me until I got taught math. Without my teachers’ help, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in life. Education is one of the most important things in life because it helps you get a good job and you get to go to great colleges. I just want to thank all the teachers for making everyone a smarter person, including me! Thanks for making it happen. So if you don’t like math, it is still important in life. At least try to listen to our teachers and at least pay attention. Thank you to all the teachers for making education so fun. Thanks!
Hunter Petretti
Grade 4

My favorite subject at Stevenson Ranch Elementary School is math. The best part of math is long division and multiplication because I am good at them. My teacher, Miss Anderson, inspired me to like math because she makes it a lot of fun. For example, when we had to find the volume of a solid figure, she made it more fun by letting us build the figure with blocks. Also, math is very useful in everyday life because you need to count money at the store. And when you are cooking, you need to use measuring. For example, you use cups, pints, quarts and gallons. For all of these reasons, math is the best!
Camryn Arnott
Grade 3

I don’t have a favorite subject because all subjects are good in life. That’s why we go to school — to learn about a variety of subjects. All subjects are useful in life. But what I really enjoy is writing. Writing involves your imagination. You can explore the world in writing. An unwritten page cannot go on in life, as I say. People have dreams that can be written about. All authors encourage me to write more and more stories to get my feelings out. I’m also one of them encouraging others to write stories.
Siena Zarrell
Grade 3

My favorite subject in school is writing. I like writing narratives because I can express my feelings and have fun with my imagination. When I write them, I feel relaxed and I feel like I am actually in the story. Some other types of writing are descriptive writing and summaries. Descriptive writing is where you can describe a picture in a story. I like descriptive writing because you can make up the details. I don’t like summaries, but I’m good at them. Summaries are when you read a passage and retell it in a smaller version. I hope I told you about writing and made you very interested in it!
Lauren Franco
Grade 3

What is your favorite subject?
School is fun. You get to learn how to read, write, do math and a lot of other things. If I had to pick a favorite subject, it would be reading. We’ve read Hatchet, Warton & Morton, Witches, Henry Huggins, Mr. Poppin’s Penguins, My Father’s Dragon and many other books. I like reading because it is fun and a good way to learn. I am a pretty fast reader and I can read well. Reading is easy and easy to learn.
Grace Waterman
Grade 3

My favorite subject is math because I like division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. I like art because I get to be creative and draw. I like English because if I don’t know English, I can’t really communicate with Americans. I like science because I can experiment with stuff. I like history because I can learn about the past. I like music because of the rhythm. I like P.E. because I get to exercise and work out.
Anna Suh
Grade 3

My favorite school subject is writing. I like writing because when I write I can let my mind go wild. I can easily get creative and let go of all of my cares. My favorite genre in writing is narrative. When I get the prompt for writing, my mind yells, “IDEA! IDEA!” It is like in those cartoons where the characters get a light bulb above their heads when they get an idea. When I first started writing in first grade, I turned in my paper and my teacher said it was the best writing she had ever seen. My writing ever since then has had its ups and downs, but my friends and family have always supported me. My writing still continues to get better and I hope someday to be a writer.
Michaela Lerma
Grade 5


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