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What is your favorite school subject?

Winning essays

Posted: April 19, 2010 11:09 p.m.
Updated: April 20, 2010 4:55 a.m.
The following is a collection of essays from Stevenson Ranch Elementary School students, sharing their thoughts on their favorite subject in school.

First Place
During my years in school, I always had two favorite subjects. They are math and science. I believe the fundamentals of success are science and math. If everyone can possess knowledge of both, I know that the world would be a better learning environment.
Science is amazing. The dictionary says it’s an idea of knowledge that is an object of study. I think the dictionary is wrong. Science is a wonderful thing that created everything. Imagine yourself flying in a plane. How could you breathe when there is so little air pressure? Science. How can I watch TV up there? Science.
Now, to math. Math is lots of things comprehended in numbers. It’s fun to do math problems too, in my opinion. Even though I’m really good at math, I know that everyone should be good in math to be successful in life. Science and math are the fundamentals to my success. Science and math rock!
Suren Steven Aghazadian
Grade 5

Second Place
Imagine a vivid picture in your mind. Go back in time and think social studies. From the earliest Indians, to the Missions, and then to the Gold Rush, social studies gives you a chance to relive the past.
Paint a picture in your head that you are the Shaman, a religious doctor of the Miwok Tribe, and you’re helping an Indian mother give birth. Or maybe, you’re an Indian laboring the hard work in the fields of San Diego mission.
“Ding Dong!” You hear the golden bell ring telling you it’s lunch time. You bustle around the kitchen trying as hard as you can to get the food made quickly for the missionaries. Or possibly you’re in John Sutter’s Mill, panning for gold, betting that soon you will hit pay dirt and become rich.
These are only a few of many reasons why social studies is our favorite subject.
Erica and Yuna
Grade 4

Third Place
My absolute favorite subject in school is writing. I love it because it’s expression on paper. I share my feelings with the world without effort. When I write I enter my own world of exploration and wander where there’s no right or wrong. I can do it any way that I want to.
Another reason I love it is because there are so many different writing genres that I can use to express myself. I can express my feelings about a landscape in a poem. I can express my feelings of adventure in a narrative and I can express my feelings about a story in a response to literature.
I have told you why I love writing. I hope you try it so maybe you’ll experience that warm fuzzy feeling I get when I write.
Martica Oreglia
Grade 6

My favorite subject in school is art. I like art because I want to be an artist when I grow up, so it is good I have practice at school. My favorite thing that we drew and painted at school was on the first day of school when we painted dandelions, but I first drew the outside with a Sharpie. In the hallway, when we go to lunch, I see my painting of a sunset with a purple dolphin. I wonder if everyone likes my sunset painting?
Olivia Cox
Grade 2

I love art! My favorite subject is art. I love art because it is fun. I like to color, paint and create things. You can do art at home, school or anywhere! Art is fun to do in the car. You can do it in the bus if you take the bus. All you need is a piece of paper, some colored pencils, and you can draw pretty pictures in the car or bus. You can do anything with art! That is why I love art so much.
Hannah Geelan
Grade 2

My favorite subjects in school are reading and writing. I love learning new words, and using strategies to solve problems.
I love reading because you never know what you’ll find in books. You want to know who the characters are, what the problem(s), the wish(es), and the exciting resolution that you would want to read. In each book, there might be comedy, adventure, romance, horror and drama, or whatever people are interested in.
Do you know why I like writing? It’s because of my love of reading. When I read a book, I wonder about the great authors who wrote them and how they came up with that brilliant idea. Reading encouraged me to write because I wondered if one day I would be as brilliant as the authors who wrote the books I read.
And that’s why I like reading and writing. I hope other people love reading and writing as much as I do, and I hope people get good grades in school.
Janele Forbes
Grade 5

Out of all the subjects I have to pick one — that’s easy! I am definitely going to go with writing. I like writing because you and I get to use our imagination. The only disadvantage is my messy handwriting. Most of my friends hate writing but I’m no good at math. Science and social studies bore me. Writing is super fun and I am really good at it. Ever since I was little, I would make up stories and songs.
Tasha Skabelund
Grade 5

Hello, I go to Stevenson Ranch and my favorite subject is science. My teacher is Mrs. Boyd. We are learning about life science but my favorite is electricity and magnets. I love parallel and series circuits. I also like magnets. The Earth is like a huge magnet. Electromagnets are just like magnets but they have electricity going through them. I love science.
Ryan Murros
Grade 4

My favorite subject is science. I like science because I like the experiments with all the explosions, and the different kinds of rocks and minerals. I also like the science lab where we do several projects. We also watch movies in the science lab and I have people in my group including me. I go to the science lab every Tuesday! I love this awesome school and subject.
Anabelle Zdawczyk
Grade 4

My favorite subject in school is reading. I love to read when I am happy or sad. When I am sad reading gets me lost in the book to the point where I am not thinking about all the troubles I had. When I am happy reading makes me even more happy and excited. Reading biographies can inspire you to go out in the world and do things that you believe you can do. I could go on and on about books so I will. Reading will also help you with grammar, besides the book “Junie B. Jones.”
But the more you read the smarter you will be. Writing involves reading — they are like cousins. All books, except Junie B. Jones, should have correct grammar and spelling.
After you read your book, you will remember what complete sentences are. And you might not know a word in your book and so you practice it and your teacher gives you a spelling list and the word you practiced is one of them. Crazy huh?
Books about animals are my favorite. The books about animals are usually expository text. Have you ever played the game “I’m thinking of an animal”? If you have books about animals, it will help you. Did you ever wonder what a panda’s favorite food is? The answer is in books! Every thing that you need to know or want to know is in books.
Tiffany Lewailyn
Grade 4

My favorite subject in school is writing. Writing is interesting to me because creating stories with imagination is so cool. I love getting trapped in the stories I write. It is basically a place where I think and imagine anything that I want to imagine.
My favorite type of stories would probably be narrative because I love the creativity that is involved in stories. Expository is a different genre from narrative. It is full of more information and has more of an educational purpose. Anyway, I love writing and I hope many other people have time to enjoy it and love it too.
Samantha Hartung
Grade 4

I like a lot of subjects but the one I like best is math. I like math because it’s fun to do and sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s hard. Math is usually easy because I learn very fast but the thing I like best is fractions. Fractions are easy to learn and you can add, subtract, divide and multiply. I love math!
Christopher Phorn
Grade 5

My favorite school subject includes animals, the periodic table and so much more. Can you guess it? Yup, it’s science. I enjoy every part of it.
From the water cycle to the solar system, all too much fun. A good thing about loving science is that in junior high, we get to dissect a frog! How cool! I love science and exploring and learning new things and wouldn’t change a thing about that subject. I love science!
Maya Botvin
Grade 5

My favorite subject in school is writing. To me, writing is imagination and creativity. I love writing because it is something I can create. There are no rules when you are writing your masterpiece.
My favorite genre of writing is fantasy because I can express myself and make things up that nobody else believes in. It is something only I can control.
When I think of writing, I think of fun, originality and most importantly, imagination. I love writing so much that when I grow up, I would like to be a famous book author. When I am writing, I feel like I am in a whole other world, a world with unimaginable creatures. This is why writing is my favorite subject.
Sohpia Kriegel
Grade 3

My favorite subject is math because it is fun and challenging. It is sometimes a bit confusing but I love it. If you know how to do it, it’s not that hard. It just takes a long time to do the hard problems.
I like the variety of the problems which range from: easy to hard; short to long; and adding to calculus. Math helps you in many things such as money, weight, length and many others.
Everybody uses math in everyday life, whether they know it or not. Think about it — one cup of orange juice in the morning, two out of eight pieces of pizza for lunch, and a pound of steak for supper. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing relate to almost everything in math. Adding in word problems, subtracting in decimals, multiplying in percentage and decimals, dividing in fractions, and all of them in algebra.
In the higher level of math, there is pre-algebra, algebra I and II, trigonometry, calculus and others. Of course there is the well-known Greek letter of pi. Pi is 3.13159265358979323846 ... it is so famous that there is a national pi day on March 14! Or in other words, the first three digits of pi. Out of all the subjects, math is my favorite because of all these reasons.
Jino Chough
Grade 4

My favorite subject in school is math. It’s my favorite subject in school because it’s easy and fun. It’s been my favorite subject since I was in third grade. Math started to be my favorite subject when I entered my school’s Mathematician Club. Math was always easy for me.
Liam Geelan
Grade 5


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