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Double Down delight

This greasy little slice of heaven brings an ecstasy of addiction to a hungry man

Posted: April 29, 2010 3:00 p.m.
Updated: April 30, 2010 6:00 a.m.
The Signal's Austen Montero is unashamed to express his love for KFC's new Double Down sandwich, with cheese and bacon between to chicken fillets. The Signal's Austen Montero is unashamed to express his love for KFC's new Double Down sandwich, with cheese and bacon between to chicken fillets.
The Signal's Austen Montero is unashamed to express his love for KFC's new Double Down sandwich, with cheese and bacon between to chicken fillets.

I love the taste of food, but I am by no means a food connoisseur. And I'm generally hungry all the time, which is good, because eating is my favorite pastime.

Actually, as I write this, I'm watching the Food Network, after having just raided my pantry.

My point being, I'll eat almost anything, at any time, and I get a kick out of the unhealthy, the greasy, the fatty and the downright gut-busting.

So imagine the joy that coursed through my veins when I first got word of KFC's new sandwich, the Double Down. For someone who goes to for recipes, this sandwich is genius, and for $5.48 including tax, this is a steal. (Prices may vary by location).

This new "sandwich" is no ordinary sandwich - there is no bread. Two white-meat chicken fillets, either fried or grilled, are the "buns," and the content of the sandwich is made up of one slice of Monterey jack cheese, one slice of pepperjack cheese, two pieces of bacon and the Colonel's Sauce.

It became available nationwide on April 12 and I managed to wait five days before I made my way to the KFC in Newhall for my first Double Down experience. I knew that if I was going to have this sandwich, I would need to get the fried fillets to get the full experience.

Barring the difficulty of actually receiving my sandwich - they managed to get the order wrong twice before I left the restaurant, and it was still wrong once I sat down to eat - I felt my anticipation growing as each minute passed.

I pulled the box out of the bag, slowly, gloriously. Inside that red and white cube sat the sandwich I had been waiting for.

Once the Double Down was out, I was fairly disappointed. There were no angels descending from above, playing harps and singing one sustained, harmonized note as I had once imagined.

But my disappointment was short lived. Once I had that greasy little bundle of joy in my hands, I had not a care in the world. And it was everything I had hoped it would be.

It was cheesy and saucy and bacon-y, all the while wrapped in the Colonel's secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. After my first bite, I couldn't stop myself. I devoured that thing so fast I hardly had time to relish the flavors bursting from the sandwich.

Two minutes later my hands were empty and the sheen on my fingers and palms was the only reminder of the joy I had just experienced.

It was so good I went back the next day, and again two days later. Four Double Downs in three days - that's love. But of course this love is conditional and no sandwich is perfect...yet.

In what I assume is an attempt to keep the calorie count low, the dream team that came up with this sandwich only put on two slices of cheese and two slices of bacon. While this is fine for most people, it is not fine for me. I would eat cheese-dipped bacon given the chance, so two slices of each is a bit of a tease.

Being that the original recipe for KFC's chicken is so powerful, the other ingredients can get lost in the jumble.

My solution: Double up on both the cheese and bacon. I realize that the Double Down name would then lose significance, but I'm greedy and if the name doesn't coincide with the number of each ingredient, it's not going to stop me from eating it again.

If you're like me and don't mind a few extra calories, ask for extra bacon and extra cheese. The herbs and spices will still dance on the tongue but with stronger flavors from the extras.

The Double Down also comes as a meal option ($7.67 including tax, for a drink, side and biscuit), which presents even more possibilities. What makes most sense to me is exchanging the side of fries for a side of mashed potatoes and gravy. Mix the gravy into the potatoes and just slam the Double Down into them, or open up the two fillets and dump some mashed potatoes in between.

If you're on a diet or exercising frequently, give yourself a break and bite into one of these. You'll have a mess on your hands, but your belly will thank you after. And with only 540 calories, what sounds like a recipe for heart attack disaster is really not as unhealthy as you might think.

Take my word for it. I may not know gourmet but I do know tasty food.
Montero's food opinions are his own problem, and not necessarily those of Escape or The Signal.


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