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Horton must be an America-hater

Posted: July 9, 2008 9:46 p.m.
Updated: September 10, 2008 5:03 a.m.
Regarding Gary Horton's recent column ("One drop of blood in every gallon," June 25):

What a disgraceful column. In fact, it is downright unpatriotic.

Gary Horton wants us to compare the sacrificed soldiers' hands and limbs to the handles of gas pumps with soldiers' blood running through the gas.

Perhaps he should explain the fuel pump process to the parents, wives, husbands, and children of the soldiers killed in Iraq. I'm not sure I have ever read such a hateful, despicable column.

Does Horton just hate America or what? All he ever writes about is his hatred of George Bush. He never offers ideas about how to solve problems, or in the case of oil dependency, ideas on how we can work on programs that will bridge the gap between oil dependency and alternative energy sources.

Horton wants us to declare our independence from oil. His only idea is for people to boycott oil companies. Is the man deranged? What an absolutely stupid idea.

Is that really the best you can offer, Gary? I will try to stay out of your way, Gary, when you retire your landscaping truck fleet and use horses and buggies.

Horton's left-wing, senseless propaganda about how the Republicans and George Bush have caused every negative thing that ever happened, past or present, is sickening.

He complains about the American oil companies receiving no-bid contracts to start controlling and benefiting from the Iraqi oil that is flowing. Bid against each other, I suppose ... take a few years to fight over the bids.

This smells of endless delays and higher costs. But perhaps he would like us to get bids from others like Iran, or Hugo Chavez? They could submit low bids and take over. You know, go full speed to the socialist port he seems to love.

Is that what you want, Gary? I like the idea of bringing the oil and money back to our companies and country.

His history lesson on Iraq leaves out a lot. Horton forgets that Republicans and (are you sitting down, Gary?) DEMOCRATS - yes, Gary, DEMOCRATS - leading other Democrats like Hillary and Bill Clinton and John Kerry, among others, reviewed the same data that George Bush and the (useless) U.N. reviewed (and did nothing) and agreed that Saddam and his ilk had nasty weapons and were a threat to humanity and needed to be taken out.

And yes, Gary, there were weapons of mass destruction and he used them. He also admitted to getting rid of them when we began to breathe down his throat. For all we know they were moved to one of his friendly neighboring countries.

Gary Horton is a disgrace to our country and the military soldiers that protect his First Amendment trashing. Full speed to the port, Gary, and pull the drain plug.


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