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What is the best book you have read this year?

Winning Essays

Posted: May 17, 2010 9:02 p.m.
Updated: May 18, 2010 4:55 a.m.
The following essays were written and submitted by students at Valencia Valley Elementary school.

First place
My stomach for suspense is always hungry and Margaret Peterson Haddix always feeds it. Her book, "Running out of Time," not only satisfied my hunger, but it is by far one of my absolute favorites.
I love novels with adventure and heart-pounding cliff-hangers, enough that if you shut the book at anytime during the story, your instincts would demand it to be opened again. This novel is my favorite because its adventure and suspense, the plot and the imagery Haddix creates in my mind, By the time you finish, Haddix will have left you goose-bumped and breathless.
Erin Niemi
Grade 6

Second place
My favorite book I have read this year is "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" by Judy Blume. It is a funny book that anybody with a sibling can relate to (or even if you don't have a brother or sister).
The characters in the story are Peter Hatcher and his wacky brother Fudge, who is a huge pain in the neck. In the story, the family goes through many problems which seem to be unsolvable. The problems include a nightmare of a birthday party to a missing turtle. This is my favorite story that I have read this year because it is a funny book, but it is also heartwarming too. I love "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing."
Isabel Lux
Grade 4

Third place
My favorite book that I've read this year is "A Wrinkle in Time." It is an enjoyable book because it has time travel, mystery, suspense, and adventure! One of the parts I like in the novel is when they zap themselves to different dimensions, planets and more.
Along the way, Margaret Murry feels the aching pain of pulsing, contraction, a loss of air - like her lungs are being torn out of her chest.
Then a 2 million-year-old woman, or guardian angel, led Meg to defeat the forces of IT!
Meg must find some way to find her lost father and save the innocent human beings that live on the planet Camazotz. Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which turn into a horse-like creature that flies into space. The children must smell a rare flower to breathe. Also, Meg meets a beast that has no eyes but can see. You must read this blood rushing novel, you must!
Brooke Boron
Grade 6

My favorite book that I read this year was "Boy of the Painted Cave." I liked this book because it showed that anyone's dreams could come true, no matter who you are. Even if you have a medical problem or disorder.
Kennedy Kurtz
Grade 6

My favorite book is "Percy Jackson and the Olympian: The Last Olympian" because it is exciting and adventurous. I also kept waiting to read what came next in the book. I totally love this book because it's fantasy and adventurous, my favorite kind of books. The series is breathtaking and is totally better than "Harry Potter" and "Twilight."
Levon Keawprasert
Grade 6

My favorite book this year is "Unexplained" because it tells about the mysteries that are unexplained about our world. It tells about ghosts, haunted houses, UFOs and many other amazing myths and legends. It tells about how the brain can do more than we think it can. My favorite one is the sighting of the mothman. It is said that the mothman is the size of a man with wings of a moth and is all black.
Brett Saucedo
Grade 6

My favorite book that I read this year is "Getting Air" by Dan Gutman because it has a lot of good survival tactics.
Mathew Weiland
Grade 6

The best book I have read this year is "Black Duck." It is my favorite book because of its suspense and action.
Henry Trollinger
Grade 6

My favorite book that I have read this year would be a book called "Something Upstairs" by Avi. This is my favorite book from sixth grade because it is a mystery and is about ghosts, so it is very spooky. Every chapter of this book left you wanting more and questions would run through your head. This is my favorite book that I have read this year.
Jessica Jefferis
Grade 6

My favorite book is called "Something Upstairs." This book is about a kid who lives in an old house where he discovers he is helping a ghost find his murderer. As he goes through time searching for that guy who killed the ghost, Kaleb, the boy has to rely on courage and strength.
Bailey Ellyson
Grade 6

The best book I've read is called "The Magician's Elephant." It is interesting and has new words that I've never learned before. It's about a faraway place called Baltese in the olden days.
Callie Hays
Grade 3

I like the "Series of Unfortunate Events, book 7. The Vile Village." It is in my favorite book series, but had more suspense and cliffhangers.
Alex Miller
Grade 6

This year is sixth grade and I have dozens of books. Historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction, are all of the genres of books I've read this year. But one has really challenged me, excited me and scared me. This book is the one and only "War of the Worlds."

This book was written by an English writer back in the late 1800's whose name is H.G. Wells.

This book was filled with English literature that I had a hard time understanding, but that's what compelled me to read it. That's why it was different from the other books I read this year.

Some say it's the first science fiction book in the world.

"War of the Worlds" is different because no one knows the hero, and the humans are the ones losing. The martian completely conquered and beat the humans, but it wasn't us who killed them, it was earth who killed the Martians.

It's an example about how the stronger countries mistreat and conquer poverty struck poor countries. This had to be my favorite book the year.
Aiden Scott
Grade 6

My favorite book that I've read this year is "The Dollhouse Murders" because that book just had a lot of suspense and it was just a really good book. It kept you on a cliffhanger and it kept you biting your nails and on your tippy toes. It was an awesome book. It had a lot of mystery. I really liked this book.
Meggan Reyes
Grade 6

My favorite book that I've read this year is "Among the Hidden" by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I like this book because it had a lot of suspense, mystery and it seemed so real. The author used a lot of descriptive detail. She made the characters so real and it had a lot of imagery. I hope the second book will be even better.
Cameron Taylor
Grade 6

My favorite book that I have read is "The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers." I liked this book because it had a lot of mythological characters in it, and because it was such a hooking story from the very beginning. To understand a lot more of the story, read "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkein, the author of the series. He did an excellent job of giving the reader an intriguing story, and has been given many awards for his books. He is a very highly encouraged author by me, and many other people.
Bradley Wood
Grade 6

This year, my most favorite book that I have read this year was "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief." It was such a cliffhanger, edge-of-your-seat book. That book followed me everywhere, like a solid, portable shadow. I would even read it in bed! "The Lightening Thief" was, I admit, addicting, and I sometimes refer to it as "my drug." If you have seen the movie, read the book. I think the print is better than the scenes. Also, this is a great book if you love "Harry Potter." I can't wait to get the rest of the series.
Jessy Serrano
Grade 6

My favorite book I've read so far this year is "Emily's Runaway Imagination" by Beverly Cleary. I like this book because it kept me entertained and it just got my imagination running away just like Emily's did. It created imagery in my head of what the author was writing about. I could totally understand the message the author was trying to tell me. It had me hanging off my chair! It was very suspenseful. I liked all the characters in it and the time of which it was happening. Thank you for writing a great book, Beverly Cleary.
Makayla Gallimore

My favorite book we read this year is "Something Upstairs" by Avi. I like this book because the plot, the foreshadowing, and the suspense is just amazing. A really well written book.
Nick Henley
Grade 6

I thought the book "Muggie Maggie" was amazing. I like this book because I can relate to what the main character is feeling. I love the description. How Beverly Cleary tells the story is amazing. The pictures in the book tell a lot. In one picture, Maggie is sitting at the computer and she is writing in cursive so she doesn't have to do her homework in cursive handwriting. I think that "Muggie Maggie" is the best book I've read this year.
Tiana Knights
Grade 4

Although I have not finished this book by Dean Vincent Carter, it is phenomenal because it is action-packed and is not too profane nor too soft (spoiler alert). An evil person name Mr. Mather owns a mosquito the size of an out-stretched hand, and it needs the blood of one person to be a woman again. So Mather draws people to the Ganges Red, the mosquito, so she can finally get the blood she needs. But will this deadly deed succeed? Read and find out!

P.S. I am telling you it is phenomenal! It is a difficult book and isn't for the faint hearted!
Marc Fellbaum
Grade 6


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