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What is the best book you have read this year?

Winning essays

Posted: June 7, 2010 9:40 p.m.
Updated: June 8, 2010 4:55 a.m.

The following essays were written and submitted by  fifth-grade students at Live Oak Elementary school. This is the last batch of favorite-book essays.

First place
My favorite book I’ve read this year would be “Moby Dick.” That’s my favorite book because I like how they are always talking about that exact whale and the story about how Moby Dick bit off a guy’s leg and how that guy has been looking for Moby Dick and wanting to kill it for biting off his leg.
I loved all of the pictures and it was a pretty easy book to read. I have read it twice this year.
I also like that book because it is long and it catches my attention. That was my favorite book I’ve read this year.
Bethanie Currie

Second place
Do you know what my favorite book is? Well, I’m going to tell you. My favorite book is “The Good Dog.” The main characters are McKinley, Dutchess, Redburn and the Wolf. The book is about a dog named McKinley who helps the Wolf when she gets shot. McKinley also looks for Dutchess when she goes missing. He does a good thing and that’s why the book is called “The Good Dog.” Now you know my favorite book.
Miranda Firth

Third place
My favorite book in the whole world is “Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Battle of the Labyrinth.”
This is my favorite book because it was enormously voted to be a good tween book. I also like it because when my cousin started reading the series, he was telling me everything I needed to know about the book.
I told him not to and I read the whole series up to the fourth book. It’s a good book and it tells you about mythological things like the minotaur, cyclops, dracenge and much more.
In this book, it talks about three people who journey into the Labyrinth to find the person who built it to convince him to give them a certain string to help them find a god called Pan.
They find him but he dies because there wasn’t enough wild in the world for him to live. At the end, they battle an army invasion at the camp the three people go to. Those three people and their friends at camp win the battle.
Andrew Airhart

Grr ... bark, bark ... grr. Sorry, I’m just doing my dog impersonation because I just read a very good book called “The Good Dog.”
Have you read it? No? well I’m just going to tell you about the story.
It starts in Steamboat Hills, Colo., where a dog named McKinley does crazy stuff for other dogs and for his pup (human), Jack. But one day, Jack came home and he saw a wolf. That’s when McKinley gets determined to find the wolf.
During his search, McKinley finds a lost dog sign for Dutchess, a friend of his. Then he started to walk to Strawberry Park boulders because Dutchess always hides there. When McKinley got there, he saw Lupin, the wolf, and told him to get Dutchess out of there. Wait one second, I don’t want to spoil the rest of the book.
Go read for yourself. Bark bark.
Dannie Geyer

My favorite book I’ve read this year was “The Witch of Blackbird Pond.” The first few chapters were a little boring but when you get to near chapter five, it gets better and more interesting. We read “The Witch of Blackbird Pond” in our Excel. We got into a group of about 20 people and listened to it while there was a tape in the radio. It took us about a month to read it because it was over 200 pages. The ending of the book is really interesting because it was a happy ending.
Melissa Gonzelez
My favorite book is “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.” This is my favorite book because it is hilarious and it is about a kid my age. Also, because Greg goes on adventures with his wacky best friend, Rowley. The final reason is because it is just plain awesome. Well goodbye, it’s so cool to be in my favorite newspaper, The Signal — it is the best! See you later alligators!
Ty DeSantis

My favorite book I read this year is “Where the Red Fern Grows.”
This book is my favorite because my favorite animals are dogs and in the story there is a boy who loved dogs — just like me — and he soon got his wish by getting two hounds from a magazine he had found here the fishers and traders had slept the night before.
The boy is determined to get two hounds so he worked on making traps to catch coonskins and selling the berries and vegetables to the fishers and traders who sleep near the river, next to his family’s house. He soon gets his hounds and names them Little Ann and Big Al.
If you love dogs, then this is the book just for you. I like this book because it is funny, sad, and adventurous at the same time. Read this book if you want to find out what happens in the story!
Rachel Larimer

My favorite book I’ve read this year is “Chasing Vermeer” because I like mysteries. I started reading this book because I did it for my book report. It was about a boy and a girl trying to find out who stole the famous Vermeer painting called “A Lady Writing.” Throughout the book, they kept on finding clues and finally at the very end of the book they found the painting in an old library-type place and returned it to the museum.
Adriana Kane

Guess what my favorite book is? Wouldn’t you like to know? Well my favorite book I’ve read is about a 12-year-old African-American boy whose mom is pregnant. The boy has a mean stepfather that hits him all the time. So he runs away to try to live a better life on the streets with homeless and poor people. He discovers how it is to love on the streets. He feels cold, sad, homesick and selfish. He has a feeling he needs to see his mom, but something just didn’t feel right about getting beat up by his stepfather. He has friends and he ends up seeing his mom and the stepfather ended up a better person. The baby was safe too. This was such a beautiful touching sad book. This book is called “No Turning Back” and things like this could happen in life to kids abused by people and stuff. Reading, to me, is not really my favorite.
Sally Reyes

My favorite book is “Where the Red Fern Grows” because it’s funny and nice, but sometimes sad. I recommend this book to a lot of people who like books from the old times. It’s about a kid that wants two hounds but doesn’t have enough money to buy them so he had to work for it. I hope you get to read it and really like it.
Vinicius Bosque

My favorite book that I read this year was “Bunnicula.” The book wasn’t long. It was a good book and funny when Chester tries to kill Bunnicula with steak. It is all interesting book. It is weird because Bunnicula opens things when they are locked and also that his food is vegetable juice.
Gavin van de Linde

Do you like books? My favorite book is “Flush.” It has adventure and it’s funny too. It’s about a boy and his sister trying to convince the police to arrest a man named Dersty Mulemeh because he is dumping harmful waste in the ocean. He also claims that the boy’s dad sunk his boat too.
Mir Zoman


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