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What are you going to do for summer vacation?

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Posted: June 14, 2010 10:33 p.m.
Updated: June 15, 2010 4:55 a.m.

First place
I don't know what I'm going to do this summer, but I know what I want to do.

Since I haven't gone to Hawaii yet, it'd be cool to go there with my cousins. They're really fun to just hang out with. This place I will probably go because I have season passes. Six Flags Magic Mountain is my all-time favorite amusement park.
When I go to Disneyland, it's fun, but the rides are tiny. I like Six Flags better because it's really fun and the rides are huge!

They seem like they have this magical power. When you're on rides like Tatsu, Superman and Goliath, you get weird feelings and these rides are pretty tall. Tatsu feels like you're flying, and Superman feels like you're floating. Actually, if you hold your hand vertically seven inches apart and hold a penny, it'll float for a few seconds.

On the drop for Goliath, you feel like you're floating and, at one point after the drop, you start to feel like you're falling off, but you don't.

The last place I'd like to go is on a cruise. I've never been on one, but I'd like to.
Evan Shepard
Grade 4
Charles Helmers Elementary School

Second place
For a student like me, summer is a break from hard work, filled with endless possibilities of friends, family and fun!
After the last day of school, I'm going to rush out of the gates, feeling the sunshine against my face and the hot wind hitting me as I run. There is so much to do over the summer, and so little time!

A favorite of mine is to hit the beach with either my family or friends. We lounge around in our bathing suits, enjoying the freedom and warm weather of the summer. The seagulls sing and the waves crash along the shore, while my family takes pleasure in relaxation, Every once in a while, my brother and I dive into the ocean and feel the water on our skin. The scent of the fresh air is like walking through a fish restaurant - the aroma of salty fish swarming through the air!

Summer is the time to hit the pool. I put on my bathing suit, grab a towel and just walk barefoot to my backyard. I jump into the pool - a cannonball-style jump of course - landing into the fresh cool water and hitting the cement floor softly.

I swim to the surface and open my eyes. Am I in paradise? Almost.

I head out of the water, dry my hands, and plug in my iPod, cranking out my favorite songs so loud that the next-door neighbors will not be happy with me. Then, I bring out a bowl of freshly-cut watermelon slices from my kitchen. Am I in paradise now? Yes!

All in all, I'm so excited for my summer vacation. There are many other fun things I'd love to do but those are my two favorites!
Emily Arschonsky
Grade 7
Rancho Pico Junior High School

Third place
With the waves crashing against my legs and sand crabs nibbling on my toes. Sitting under a large umbrella enjoying the warm mist landing on my face. Building castles with a mountain towering over me, brown and bold. I look out and see seagulls skimming the water to quickly scoop up a snack. That's where I'm going this summer, the beach. My favorite thing to do at the beach is search for sand crabs. Some are the size of a small stone and some a rolypoly. They tickle like how ladybugs do when they crawl on your hand. Another thing I like to do at the beach is build sandcastles. Some tall and thin like Modigliani and some stretched wide like Kitagawa Utamaro. Now you know where I'm going and what I'm going to do over the summer.
Gillian Rideaux
Grade 4
Charles Helmers Elementary School

This summer I want to go on a house boat again and go wake boarding, tubing, knee boarding, wake-skating, surfing and play Xbox like I always do every single day. But I also want to play basketball, and I already know I'm doing football. I want to play with neighbors, too.
Kyle Spiles
Grade 4
Charles Helmers Elementary School

This summer, my mom, dad, my brother Tyson and my cousin Matt are going up to Mammoth. We are staying in my mom's friend's cabin. We are going to ski and snowboard. On family vacation, we always do fun things like sledding and snowball fights. After a freezing day, we like to hit the steaming hot spa. Every family has to watch movies before bed - that's what my family does. That is what we planned for summer vacation.
Lauren Chapman
Grade 4
Charles Helmers Elementary School

This summer with my mom we will take a trip on the Fourth of July weekend. She was thinking of Las Vegas. This summer, my dad was planning on driving to Canada and seeing Niagra Falls and taking a ferry. My mom was also planning to go to Canada, but to see my cousins, and we would fly there.

Every year, my family usually takes a trip to somewhere tropical like Cancún. In 2008, we went to Cancún. In Cancún, a sea turtle laid eggs. A few years ago, another sea turtle laid eggs, and the people from the hotel hid them so they wouldn't get eaten. The day we were going to leave, the baby turtles were released!

This year, my dad was planning on going to Costa Rica, or the Bahamas. He also wanted to take us to Vietnam or China to see what it was like living there for my mom and dad. Whatever we are doing, I am sure it would be really fun.
Malissa Ma
Grade 4
Charles Helmers Elementary School

This summer, I would like to go to a camp for singing professionally. They teach you to how to use the ear bud they put in your ear and much more. My dad said I had to get straight A's on my last report card. My friend and I are planning for sleepovers, bake sales and lemonade stands. For the summer, my parents think it's a good idea to start and become young business ladies. I am planning on making my summer feel like a year. I want to take a lot of road trips, trips and mainly have fun.
Malissa Ma
Grade 4
Charles Helmers Elementary School

I am going to go to Camp Woodward this summer. The reason I am going to go to Camp Woodward is because it is an extreme sports camp. There are many different things to do at Camp Woodward. Some of the things you are allowed to do are skateboarding, BMX, mountain-bike riding and roller skating.

If you do skateboarding like me, there are many different places you can skate. For instance, there is the Enterprise, the Junkyard and the Hanger.

Now I'm going to tell you the reason why you learn to skateboard so quickly if you go to Camp Woodward. You learn so fast because each day there are five hours of instruction. You get for the rest of the day to skate freely. I'm not going to tell you anything else about Camp Woodward. So the only way you can learn more about Camp Woodward is by going there yourself.

Christopher Collier
Grade 4
Charles Helmers Elementary School

What I'm going to do this summer is go to summer camp. The summer camp is called Light House. You get to go on fun field trips and still learn at the same time. One of the field trips is the ice skating rink. While we're there, we get hot chocolate.

They have fun science, math, reading and writing projects for us to do there. They also have a big trampoline inside.

They have games, a computer, a T.U. and basketball hoops. This is going to be a fun summer.

There's going to be McDonalds too - well not everyday, I hope! Anyway, at least we get to learn some things.
Elnaterina Hupalo
Grade 4
Charles Helmers Elementary School

Every summer, my family and I always go on vacation. My favorite vacations are the camping trips we take to the Colorado River. We will be going during the summer, because of all the fun activities we get to do. We are able to bring our jet skis, go swimming and take hikes around the park.

A very popular thing that we like to do is use our jet skis in the water. The shallow waves are perfect for riding on. With the jet skis, we are able to jump off the waves and "get some air." The sound of the jet skis in the water is as loud as the gardeners mowing and leaf blowing.

We also got there to swim in the water.

The water is very clear and always the perfect temperature.

It is usually hot there, and I think everybody likes to dip in the river to cool off.

We are all water people in our family, and our dog Bear is a water dog who will fetch for hours in the water.

Sometimes, we go hiking as a group. Hiking is an easy way to exercise, have fun and take in the sights. It is always fun to walk, talk and to see our dog enjoying the trail.

After all of that, we like to just sit together in camp, have fires, roast marshmallows, socialize and talk about things and tell stories. We do all of this without cable TV or the Internet.

We think that going camping is a great way for our family to bond and be closer.
Kendall Marie Eckle
Grade 7
Rancho Pico Junior High School

Whoosh. A white streak flies past me. A shock wave of air hits me as I grin while sitting under a huge oak tree in Richard Rioux Park. I stare at the laptop, making sure the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is flying correctly.

I check the altitude meter to make sure it is flying at the right height, so it doesn't fly straight into a tree the size of a skyscraper.

This summer I am planning to make a UAV for aerial photography and for pure fun.

I will be using a radio-controlled plane and a program called Arduino.

The whole set-up should cost $200, but it will be worth it!
Nelson Ho
Grade 7
Rancho Pico Junior High School

I can already feel my body become weightless, like I have complete harmony with myself. The butterflies will be fluttering violently through my stomach.

"Zoom." This is the feeling of an airplane taking off, and the feeling of complete overwhelming excitement for the vacation of a lifetime. This summer, I will finally be visiting my home town in Colorado. It feels like I haven't been there in centuries, even though it's only been two years. I crave being able to see those ravishing Rocky Mountains every morning with the cloudless blue skies, the springs where you could just drink the water straight out of the ground and most importantly, the family that I loved with a passion but lived states away from.

This indeed, would be the vacation of a lifetime, even if I'm giving up going to a foreign country or maybe somewhere across the world where it's wintery and mysterious.
Lana Nevers
Grade 7
Rancho Pico Junior High School

The summer of 2010 will most definitely be very busy and very exciting for me. Once I get out of school I am all about playing baseball, spending time with my family and having fun with my friends from school and from my baseball teams.

I play on a travel team called the Cobras and I will be playing tournaments and games in CCYB (California Competitive Youth Baseball). Also, on the other hand, I am finishing up my last year of playing Little League. I will be looking forward to playing on my 11/12 All-Star team as well. We will battle against other teams from our district and try to advance into higher rounds of the tournament to reach Williamsport, if we keep winning games.

In addition, I will be having tons of fun with my family and my friends over my break from school. I will be going to pool parties, the beach and MLB games. My dad and I will go to a Diamondbacks game and a Dodgers game. My family and I are thinking about going to some amusement parks as well over this summer vacation.
Jonathan Tyler
Grade 7
Rancho Pico Junior High School


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