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A message about oil for our elected officials

Posted: July 20, 2008 1:25 a.m.
Updated: September 20, 2008 5:02 a.m.
Below is a letter that I have sent to Gov. Schwarzenegger, Sens. Boxer, and Feinstein, and Reps. McKeon, George Runner, and Strickland. I’m hoping it will stir people from their slumber (if the gas and food prices haven’t already) and encourage them to make their voices heard in Sacramento and Washington.

Simply complaining to neighbors and friends is doing no more than what our elected officials are doing, which is basically nothing:

“As a registered California voter (who always votes), I am advising you of my strong support of expanding drilling in the U.S., both offshore and onshore, wherever oil and natural gas reserves are located.

“I am confident that the technology is in place today to do this and still maintain a healthy environment for people, animals and marine life.

“It is time to take action and stop the rhetoric and bickering in Congress and do your job, which is supposed to be protecting American citizens not only physically, but financially as well.

“All of this talk and debating is NOT solving the problem and I, for one, am extremely tired of hearing it.
“It is time to stop the game-playing with countries such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Mexico, and start looking out for our own interests here at home. Problems in the Middle East and Israel, as well as illegal immigration problems here at home, would have been solved by now if the U.S. and state governments were not trying to play on both sides of the fence due to our dependency on foreign oil.

“A country is made or broken by the quality of its leadership, and right now it grieves me that I am not seeing any true, committed leaders who have the courage to take a stand to help America retain her God-given sovereignty and financial independence.

“Quit selling us out to foreign governments. Stop using our corn for fuel — we need it for food, especially in light of the massive flooding in the Midwest. All of the corn ethanol in the world is not going to do us any good if we cannot afford to buy groceries.

“The American people deserve more than we are now getting from Washington and Sacramento and would like to see a better return on our investment for the salaries we are paying all of you.

“It’s a cop-out to tell us to just get used to it and to cut back. It mirrors telling a woman in an abusive relationship to stick it out — she’ll get used to the beatings.

“I’m already maxed out at conserving resources and have been for quite a while, not because of saving the environment, but for the sake of saving my own pocketbook.

“According to the U.S.G.S. and the American Petroleum Institute, there are billions of gallons of oil and natural gas resources right here within our own reach.

“Let’s stop the nonsense and start drilling for them now, as well as building new refineries that would help our sagging economy and recoup the job losses to overseas markets.

“The argument stating that it could take seven to 10 years to see a difference in prices is also a stupid point. If we’d have been doing this seven to 10 years ago, we wouldn’t be in this mess now. So let’s get started!

“There is no reason we cannot pursue both drilling and renewable resources such as nuclear, wind, and solar power all at the same time. Why should we have to make a choice? And let’s keep it all here in the USA.

“I look forward to hearing your comments, and rest assured if you pursue an immediate end to the drilling bans in Congress, you will have my full backing. If not, well, you’ll all come up for re-election some day, and I’ll let everyone I know hear about it.”


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