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What are you going to do for summer vacation?

Winning essays

Posted: June 21, 2010 7:47 p.m.
Updated: June 22, 2010 4:55 a.m.

This is the last week that Zone for Kids will run. The first batch of essays is from seventh-grade students at Rancho Pico Junior High.

First place
I’m not really a huge “planning” sort of guy. I’m hoping to spend more time with friends, seeing as school is consuming most of the time I have spending with them.

I’m going to have some key days in summer break though. I have an unplanned date when I’m just going to sit outside one day, just relaxing in the sun with a cup of soda or something.

July 2 is my birthday, which I’m planning to celebrate with friends and family by going somewhere. I don’t know where yet, I’ll decide later but I’m crossing my fingers for uWink.

July 30 is a huge day, though. That day, I’m going to see Serj Tankian, one of my favorite artists, in concert. His music is sort of a cross between alternative metal and experimental rock with a hint of art rock, while mixing electronic, orchestral, jazz and classical themes.

This is also the first summer break I’m going to spend with my friend Garrett. Garrett, I met back in 2007, over Youtube. We met up in a chatroom being hosted by one of our favorite Youtube directors.

We shared the same interests, one of the main points being video games. We played sometimes over the Nintendo Wii, but kept out identities anonymous and our friends to a minimum, both of us not knowing who we were exactly. We had been reminded by our parents, time after time again, that online predators would try to get to know us first.

Then, in 2008, Garrett got his account closed, and with no way of communication, I forgot about Garrett.

The only fragment I had to remember him by, a music video tribute I made to him with the song “Bleed It Out” by Linkin Park, had been deleted because of a copyright claim. Then at the start of 2009, Garret came back to Youtube. His account had been closed by his parents after finding some explicit comments by Garrett.

At the end of sixth grade, I had saved enough money for an Xbox 360 and bought one. Garrett bought an Xbox 360 at the start of my 7th grade year.

Thanks to this, we were able to communicate through Xbox Live and we reconciled. Garrett has helped me through the seventh grade, despite being in eighth. Sadly, I’m one year younger than Garrett, but we still get along incredibly well. He lives in Florida, though, I live in California, which means a 3-hour time difference.

We communicated through Skype afterwards and we finally got to see each other’s faces for the first time. Garrett has seen my parents, and I’ve seen Garrett’s.

We’re not going to see each other in real-life for a while. We were planning to see each other this summer with my parents paying for half of Garrett’s flight. But his parents are still hesitant of letting him come over here.

Regardless, this is the first summer break Garrett and I got together over Xbox Live and it’s going to be fun-packed.

That’s what I’m doing for summer break.
Jared DuBay-Jurado

Second Place
Ring! Finally school was going to be out, everyone jumped, skipped and hollered with glee. Everyone was set for the most memorable summer vacation ever, but I knew my summer would outshine and glisten.

Over the summer, I am going to the beach to build the ultimate sand castle, 2-miles high. I am also learning to surf. The salty scent and sun-kissed afternoons would be a blessing.

I am also going to my most favorite place in the world, Guatemala. I’d be going with my mom to visit my grandma and family. It’s paradise there — it is the most relaxing place ever.

When I get back, I plan on spending numerous days away with my friends. One of our plans is to go to the Vans Warped Tour in Ventura. There, we will sing along to our favorite songs played live. We will also meet our favorite band members and dance until we drop. Nobody will stop my vacation from being fun and adventurous. I will learn how far fun can be as I make new memories.
Blanca Estrella Gutierrez

Third place
First of all, I am ecstatic about having this wonderful school year end, but my summer will be even better, I assure you. My summer will consist of awesome times with my best friends Evan, Michael, Elis and Mike. We have great things to do like rock out in Evan’s garage or playing ultimate basketball on my trampoline. All of my friends are funny, smart and support me, and I support them. After that, I am going to Mexico on a fantastic cruise! Then I come home and hang out with my neighbors under the stars.

As I explained before, I am going to have the best time ever with my friends. Evan is probably my tightest friend because not only are we two peas in a pod, we are band mates. I play bass guitar, and he plays electric guitar while his brother,

Brian, plays drums. Also, we have a keyboard player named Ian. We always rock out to awesome music. Michael is the tough guy in our group. He is a big teddy bear — unless you call him a teddy bear, then he can definatly turn into a teddy bear of doom. He is also hilarious, which makes him a great friend to have over summer break. Elis and Mike are very smart I personally think they will be the next tag-team Bill Gates. They are so much fun to be around and they are always there if you feel the craving to blow something up, like me.

Arriba! Mexico here we come! We are taking a cruise to Mexico. The ship has great pools, activities, food and even an ice rink. It is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. The ship has so many things to do I can’t list even a quarter of great things. What is great about a cruise is that not only does it have fun activities, it has excursions too. We get off the boat and do fun things like going sight seeing and seeing all of what that town has to offer. What I am looking forward to doing is zip lining over the canopy and racing dune buggies. I have heard that those are great highlights of past vacations. Also, they have fancy restaurants and fancy food. This will be fantastic because anyone who knows me knows I love food.

Some of the greatest summer moments consist of simple things like watching the stars. Almost every day I wasn’t on vacation last year, my neighbors and I played on my street. Sometimes it would be four-square and other days it would be hide-and-seek. We would be out there for hours every night. It was one of the many perks of living in a great neighborhood. This year though I think will be even better, if possible. I hope that we will be out there even longer and have even better games while my parents chitchat about things I can’t even pronounce. The only concern I have is to have a great summer.

Don’t you think my summer is going to be terrific? I get to go on a cruise with free 24-hour ice cream and pizza. Then while ashore we can zip line, ride on sand dunes, and even swim with dolphins. I also get to rock with Evan, build rockets at Elis’s house and launch them so high I can’t even see them. Then just hang tight with Mike and Michael (and yes they are two separate people). This is going to be the best summer yet.
Logan Cantrell

I will go to Monterey Bay with my friend for my birthday. Also, I will go to my cousin’s house in Idaho. Afterward, I will play with my friends at home. I will have a very fun summer break. But, hopefully I don’t get homesick in Idaho!!!
Annika Stevenson

The following essays are from students at Helmers Elementary.

This summer I will go swimming. We will listen to my brother’s iPod. We usually bring snacks out to eat. I will put on my sunblock. I always feel the water before I jump in. If the water is cold, I wait until it warms up. Before I jump in, I get my toys, like boards, balls and squirt guns. In the water, I do back flips, front flips and handstands. I can’t wait until summer vacation!
Josh Bulaon
Grade 1

This summer I will do many activities. This is what I plan to do. First, I am going camping. Next, I will go to Legoland. Then, I might drive to Dodger Stadium and watch the Dodger game. After that, maybe I’ll take an airplane to my grandpa’s house.
Finally, I’ll ride my dad’s motorcycle all the way to Sea World. I can’t wait for summer vacation!
Grade 1

This summer I am doing lots of things. First, I am going to Disneyland. Next, I might go to the beach and go swimming with my dad. Maybe I am going to my cousin’s and my grandma and grandpa’s house. I will go with my family. Last, I will play on a soccer team. I will have a great summer.
Ashley Tonthat
Grade 1

This summer I am going to my grandma and grandpa’s cabin. First, I like going on motorcycles with my grandpa. Next, I go on a zip line. After, we eat lunch. Also, we go inside and watch a movie. When the movie is done, we eat dinner. Last, we roast smores and go to sleep.
Madelyn Liddiard
Grade 1

This summer I am looking forward to go on a cross country trip. First, I will go to my grandma’s. Next, we will visit hotels. Last, I will go home.
Emma Robbins
Grade 1

This summer I might go to Hawaii. First, I heard that Hawaii can get really hot. I hope my hotel is not near the volcanos. After that, maybe we will see my Nana Pat and aunt Kelly. I know I will have fun.
Emily W.
Grade 1

This summer for vacation I am going to many places. I am so excited. First, I am going to Legoland. Next, we are going to Disneyland. It’s going to be so much fun. Also, we will go to Magic Mountain. It will be so much fun. Finaly, we will play squirt guns.
Mason  Mull
Grade 1

This summer I’m looking forward to going to Legoland. First, I love Legoland because there are these big Lego people that you see when you come in. Next, there are a lot of rides. Last, there are also water slides. It’s going to be so much fun.
Cameron Slaboda

This summer I will go to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is very fun. You get to go to a fancy hotel that has bunk beds. It also has a big restaurant.
Jake Wilson
Grade 1

This summer I will join the swim team. I am on the team Piranhas. I started to practice on June 1. First, I get my bathing suit.
Next, I see my swim teacher. Then, I get in the pool. Also, I swim until I can take a break. Finally, I go home. I love swim team.
Emmerson Parnell
Grade 1

This summer I might go to a camp. The camp is going to do lots of fun games. One of the games is Guess Who. Also, Sorry is a game we play. We might even go to Hurricane Harbor! This might be the best camp I’ve ever been to.
Carley Diaz
Grade 1

This summer I am going to Disneyland. First, we will ride Indiana Jones. Then, we might go on Buzz Lightyear and shoot aliens. Also, I will go on a roller coaster. Next, I will go on Pirates of the Caribbean and see people have a war. Then, we will go Toy Story 3 in 3-D with 3-D glasses. Last, I go home to get some rest.
Niko Sacolles
Grade 1

This summer I am planning to go to the beach. The beach is fun. I get to find sand crabs and eat hotdogs. The funnest thing to do is splash in the water. I love the beach.
Emily Smith
Grade 1

This summer I will go to a swim team and I will go to camp. I hope I can go visit my relatives. I will get a uniform for my swim team and I swim fast! At camp I will go cart. I can’t wait for summer vacation.
Grade 1

This summer I will be in Las Vegas. I will be going to the M&M store. I will be at the M&M store because there are many kinds of M&M’s and some tiny ones too.
Jake Hess
Grade 1

This summer I am going to the pool. My favorite thing to do is dive in the pool. Another thing I like to do is battle with water guns. I also like to do torpedoes in the water. It is very fun to go to the pool.
Nathan Baculinao
Grade 2

This summer I am going to Hawaii. I will go to the beach and camp out on the shore.

First, I will find hermit crabs. Next, I will go to the movie theatres. Then, I will go to my cousin’s house. Finally, I will come back!
Eva Dunn
Grade 2

This summer I will go to Washington D.C. with my family. We’ll see the White House. We will see the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. We might see the Capitol. We might even see the Washington Monument. It’s going to be fun!
Gunhee Shin
Grade 2

This summer I am going to the beach. First, I will make sand castles. Next, my favorite part, is swimming!

Then, my family is going to find seashells. But, maybe my dad will want to get tan.

I want to see a coral reef. I wonder how a coral reef looks.

Maybe I will eat at the beach. I wonder if there is a lot of people? I want to see the beach!
Joseph Ramirez
Grade 2

This summer I will play basketball. First, my dad and I walk to the basketball court. Next, we practice lay ups and shooting.
Sometimes when I miss, he makes me run.

Then, we practice dribbling and ball handling. I practice dribbling with my right hand, left hand and cross overs.

Also, we do one on one. I got the ball first. When I was going to start, I saw my friend coming with his dad. I asked him,
“Do you want to play with us?” He said “Of course we will play.” His dad was on my dad’s team and my friend was on my team.

We got the ball first because we are smaller. I cross over him. Then I had to spin because the defender was in front of me.
Then, I immediately darted to the hoop and made a lay up. My friend defended his dad. I defended my dad. There were three minutes left. I fouled him and he made his free throws. There were two minutes left. I passed the ball to my teammate.
He made a 3-pointer. It was a tie but still one minute left. My friend stole the ball and made the lay up, and we won.

I left with my dad and said “Good-bye.”
Vanessa De Jesus
Grade 2

I am going to have a great summer! I am going to go into the pool a lot. I hope we get a dog in the summer. I signed up for a swimming class. I also signed up for hip hop class. We also will go bowling this summer. I hope this is the best summer.
Kate Mugge Barrett
Valencia Valley School


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