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Steve Lunetta: To offend is to entertain

Right About Now

Posted: July 18, 2010 10:19 p.m.
Updated: July 19, 2010 4:55 a.m.

To offend: (1)  to cause difficulty, discomfort or injury; (2)  to cause dislike, anger or vexation

In my short tenure writing opinion columns for The Mighty Signal, I have discovered that two types of columns get the most response: columns that are patriotic and columns that offend. This is disheartening for the columnist, since the pieces that are thoughtful, well-reasoned or derived from meaningful life experiences are the most difficult to write yet are largely ignored by the readership.

Often, I feel like a Roman emperor pandering to the mob who simply wants bread and circuses. “Were you not entertained?” I often want to cry out in my prose.

Of course, the patriotic or “hit” piece is often the most easy to write. And since I am lazy by nature, I have decided to initiate the occasional column that does nothing but offend. Because the emperor will be pleased and the mob entertained, here we go.

Let’s face it folks, Robert Byrd was not the great American that the Dems want you to believe he was. This guy was an admitted Ku Klux Klan member and actively fought against civil rights. But then he “saw the light” after it was clear he was going to lose. Instead of being run out of town on a rail, Byrd was repeatedly re-elected to the senate by the rednecks in West Virginia.

He was also famous for bringing pork to West Virginia. That was good since most of the locals were still eatin’ squirrel.

Byrd was good for West Virginia. If it hadn’t been for him sending all of our tax money home to his state, those folks would still be without shoes and not have TVs to watch NASCAR on the weekends.

Speaking of good things, notice the drop in President Obama’s popularity ratings?

Gallup recently reported that Obama’s job approval rating is at 46 percent, representing an overall drop of 5 percent since the start of the year. Combined with a rising disapproval rating of 46 percent, the Dems chances of retaining any House seats in the upcoming midterm elections are sinking fasting than a tarball in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s nice to know that justice still prevails once in a while.

Speaking of offense, Hart High School is going to have a great football team this year. I’ve had the opportunity to watch them over the summer and they are giving the Hart faithful hope.

While not the largest or fastest team, the kids are smart and disciplined. Speaking of something that is not smart or disciplined, more freedom was lost with the new banking and finance reform legislation.  The government just got a lot bigger and your freedom a lot smaller. Like health care, the left will not be satisfied until it controls every aspect of your life and mine.

Speaking of lost lives, George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees, died at age 80. Steinbrenner restored a moribund Yankee franchise to pre-eminence, and redefined the business of baseball. In fact, some believe him to have saved baseball from the scrapheap of irrelevance.

Unfortunately, he’s still a Yankee.

The Arizona illegal immigration law may become the pivotal issue that determines which way we go as a country. Are we defined by laws or by political and economic expediency? Has a government ever sued another entity over a lack of enforcement of its own laws?

Has our country gone mad?

Speaking of madness, want to know why BP drilled that stupid well? Because  it had no alternative. Brian Baker in a recent letter to the editor was right — by restricting reasonable exploration and acquisition on land, we force energy companies to dig dangerous wells further and further offshore.

Happy, all you Environmentally Speaking folks? You helped cause that BP oil nightmare. I think you all should be punished by sending you down to the Louisiana swamps and picking up tarballs. Watch out for the ’gators. They are a bit cranky since you ruined their home. If only I was the Emperor.  Were you not entertained?

Steve Lunetta is  resident of Santa Clarita and can be imperiously contacted at His column reflects his own views and not necessarily those of the Signal.


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