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What did you do for summer vacation?

Posted: August 30, 2010 10:26 p.m.
Updated: August 31, 2010 4:55 a.m.

The following is a collection of essays fifth-grade students at Live Oak Elementary School, sharing what they did over their summer vacation.

First place
During the summer, I went to San Diego’s Comic-con, and I saw a lot of cool stuff there, like people in great costumes.

Another place I went to is Las Vegas. I really can’t tell you what happened there because what happens in Vegas stays in

I also went to Hollywood, and it was really fun I saw a lot of superstars’ names and footprints. I went to my friend’s house a lot of times, and we had a lot of fun.

My aunt and uncle came from Texas and we went to Hurricane Harbor and went on rides and swam and much more.

I went to Venice Beach and walked around the stores and went to my dad’s work, Digital Domain. We got a lot of cool movie stuff that I can’t tell you about.

Well, that was about it. I hope you liked it. Now I’m going to plan next year’s vacations.
Lucas Norpchen

Second place
During summer vacation, I slept in. But when I woke up, I got a nice breakfast from my mom.

One day, I got to go to Magic Mountain with my friends. When I got home from Magic Mountain, I was exhausted so I went to bed.

The next day, my family and I got to go to Long Beach for a birthday party. They had a basketball court, a big jumper and even a horse I could ride on.

The week after, we went to San Diego because I play on a travel team for basketball. We won the championship. My team and I worked so hard.

For practice, we would run a mile and I was one of the fastest ones. My time limit was 6 minutes and 34 seconds. The next week, we went to Las Vegas to visit my sister. We had so much fun there. We got to go to this place that had a huge arcade.

The next week, I started school so we shopped for school supplies and when I found out who was my teacher, I was happy. When I met her, she was very kind. But I still miss summer vacation.
Justin Ocuma

Third place
During summer vacation, I visited my relatives, I went to a few national parks, went camping and got a lot of splinters.

I also went to see some movies.

I went to a waterpark and Hurricane Harbor, and I also went to its neighbor Magic Mountain.

I went shopping for school supplies and was getting more and more excited for school. One day in the summer I went to my friend Amanda’s pool we jumped onto a big ball and acted like we were on “Wipeout.” Throughout my summer, I had a lot of fun. I hope all of my summers are like this.
Hannah Legier

This summer, I went to Hurricane Harbor. It was fun but the water was freezing cold. My favorite ride is Tornado. It is scary at first because you go straight down.

On one ride I got a small cut. It stung like a bee sting.

After that I went swimming. That water was kind of warm. Then we went back to summer school. I took a nap. Then my day was over.
Collin Mckinney

During my summer vacation, I went to St. Louis and  Chicago. I had a really fun time in St. Louis because we stayed at a hotel, went swimming and I got to see a lot of my cousins. When we got back from our vacation a few weeks later, my uncle took me and my sister to the movies and we had a blast. I also helped my grandmother over the summer. I had a great summer.
Kamari Hilton

During my summer break, I played a lot of Xbox 360 with a friend whose nickname is Bambi. He always made people laugh by sending messages like “I like pie” and “Ha I got you” to all my friends. He was a very funny friend. He always used weird words like chuck, chuck cow. I went swimming at my grandma’s. I also went to see the mummy exhibit.
Adam Goossen

Over the summer I went to Mammoth with my whole family, even my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. There were 35 people in Mammoth this year. It was the family’s 19th year in a row. We went fishing, swimming and biking. We were there for 10 days. We stay in the same condos every year. Earlier in the year, my baby cousin was born on July 4.

I also went to Magic Mountain with my friend. We went on Gold Rusher twice, Scream, Colossus, Tidal Wave, Log Jammer and Raging Rapids. It was so much fun and every Sunday we were home we would go to my grandparents’ house. Then we were back in school. That was my summer.
Victoria Dietz

I did lots of things over my summer break.

I went to Wyoming for a week and went river rafting there. The water was freezing cold.

Then when we got home we moved to a new house. The house is big and it has a pool.

After I moved I went to a lake called Shaver Lake. We were there for about a week.

Then we went to another lake called Nacimiento for two weeks. When when we got home we hung out, went in the pool, had a couple of sleep overs and went to the beach. And we played video games also.

For a birthday party, I went to Magic Mountain. And when we went hunting in Wyoming, we killed a rabbit and a deer.

Then, after that we went to go snow boarding and skiing, then we did a club called Junior lifeguards.

Then we went to the skate park to go scootering. We went to church and then went to go watch a surf competition at Ventura beach. And we went to a Clippers basketball game and we went to a Dodger game. And that was my summer.
Westin Allan

In the beginning of my summer, my cousin slept over at my house for awhile. Then my mom’s brother and sister slept over! It was really cool and fun. We all went to Magic Mountain. We got on a lot of rides.

Later on in the summer, it was my birthday! We had a little party at my grandma’s house. Next, we went to Hurricane Harbor! After that, we went to a yummy dinner at Red Robin. My summer was great.
Enrique Flores

On my summer vacation, my mom and dad rented a Lincoln MKX SUV, and we drive to Redding where we met my uncle and cousins.

Then we went to Shasta Lake with my uncle and cousins were we went camping in a trailer, fishing on a boat and innertubing with the boat also laughing and making smores.

Also, on my summer vacation, I went sightseeing in a cable car, staying at a hotel in San Francisco. My mom, dad, brother and I went to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco where we saw the Japanese Gardens and a science center, and an opera theater.

I went to the Santa Clarita skatepark and did some tricks my cousin, aunt, mom, and brother. We met lot of skaters, BMXers and scooter people.
Devin Sims


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