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De Sesa: Diet, movement, thoughts keys to aging well

Proactive HEALTH

Posted: September 16, 2010 9:26 p.m.
Updated: September 16, 2010 9:26 p.m.

Eat well. Move well. Think well. 

Dr. James Chestnut, a doctor of chiropractic, came up with this approach as a way to teach people wellness and prevention.

He has studied human wellness for more than 25 years. The purpose of the phrase, according to Dr. Chestnut, is to “make it abundantly clear that, if we are going to discuss, study, or practice wellness and prevention, we need to understand that wellness and prevention are holistic concepts that recognize that our health is the product of our lifestyle choices — of how we eat, move and think.”

If you want to live to a vibrant 100 years old, it is possible. According to a Time magazine article published on Jan. 18, the choices you make can influence your genetic code and your ability to live a long, healthy life—and that of your children, too.

This month marks a significant anniversary for chiropractic care.  More than 100 years ago, a magnetic healer named D.D. Palmer made a miraculous discovery.  On Sept. 18, 1895, Palmer gave the first chiropractic adjustment to Harvey Lillard, a janitor in Davenport, Iowa, who was nearly totally deaf for 17 years.  After the historic first adjustment, Harvey’s hearing returned. This revelation led Palmer to postulate that nerve interference from a spinal bone out of place caused Harvey’s hearing loss. He further theorized that adjusting displaced vertebrae would cure other ailments. 

If you want to be at your optimal health, you must take care of your spine just as you do your teeth or your eyes, for example. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to decrease nerve and nervous system tension. When your vertebrae are misaligned, you don’t always have pain, but there is more wear and tear—and your body works less efficiently.

Palmer went on to break fevers, end pain, heal infections, and make stomach disorders disappear by replacing displaced vertebrae and restoring nervous system function.  Long before his time, Hippocrates, a Greek physician and author of the Hippocratic Oath, understood the importance of the spine, advising, “Know ye the spine, for in it lies the causes of many disorders.”

I’ll admit that I once didn’t see the value of chiropractic. I used to be a banker, but started reconsidering my life’s journey. 

I was involved in a car accident with a friend, who chose to see a chiropractor afterwards.

I didn’t know what a chiropractor was and was skeptical about the “cracking” thing.  I had heard that chiropractors weren’t “real doctors.” Yet, my friend was having seizures after the car crash and the chiropractor actually helped him get his life back.

Now, as a wellness chiropractic practitioner,  I love connecting people to their health with a drug-free approach. I’ve witnessed many miracles of my own — much like the one described by Palmer. Chiropractic care helped a patient regain vision in one eye.

She woke up and wasn’t able to see out of it. While the doctors were running tests, she got an adjustment and her vision returned. 

Many patients have avoided surgery after proper chiropractic care. There was a woman who was unable to conceive a baby for prolonged periods who reported getting pregnant within a month under chiropractic care. Other patients have noted improved digestive function, gained energy, better sleep, and relief performing duties that were once painful.

Perhaps one of the most emotional miracles that I have seen involved a 5-year-old boy. He was developmentally delayed and wasn’t talking.  He was under chiropractic care for two months.

He went on a trip to Disneyland and when he saw his grandparents, he blurted out, “Grandma, Grandpa, I love you.” 

That was his first sentence. His mom was in tears when she recounted the story to me.

Remember Chestnut’s simple recipe for a healthy life:  Eat well. Move well. Think well.

Dr. Roger De Sesa owns De Sesa Chiropractic Clinic Inc. ( and Proactive Health Systems and has been in Santa Clarita for 11 years.  He loves to lecture about health and wellness. De Sesa is a member of the U.S. Wellness Chamber of Commerce and a board member of the Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce Health and Wellness Committee. De Sesa recently became the 16th chiropractor in California to earn certification as a chiropractic wellness practitioner.


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