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What did you do for summer vacation?

Winning essays

Posted: September 20, 2010 10:46 p.m.
Updated: September 21, 2010 4:55 a.m.

The following is a collection of essays written by fourth-grade students at Newhall Elementary School, sharing what they did over their summer vacation.

First place
I spent my summer vacation in San Diego. I stayed for one weekend. My family and I went to Sea World. There we saw gray, playful dolphins. After that we saw huge black and white killer whales and bat manta rays. We also saw small, orange starfish. After all the excitement, we got hungry and we went to a really cool restaurant. My two younger sisters and I ate crispy french fries and chicken strips, and my parents ate juicy steak with a yummy salad and corn.
Then we went on a big water ride. When the ride started, I felt like I could see the whole world. Then we went down really fast and got really wet. After that, we went to see the sharks. They were so big and gray.
After that, we went to get hot chocolate. We also saw two aquariums. We went to go see the Shamu show. We got really wet.
The next day, we went to the zoo. We saw so many different animals. We saw big wrinkly elephants. We also saw tall pink flamingos. After that, we went to see a striped orange tiger. Then we saw an enormous hippopotamus.
After that, we went to go see the furry, white and gigantic polar bears. After we saw the polar bears we went to go see the black gorillas. Then went to go see the cute, black and white pandas. And then we went to eat.
My two sisters and I ate a delicious chicken hamburger with crunchy french fries. My parents had a teriyaki bowl. After that, we went to see the small black and white penguins and puffins. We also went on a helicopter ride. Then we went to see animals from the Arctic. That’s how I spent my summer vacation.
Lourdes Valadez

Second place

I went to Universal Studios for my dad’s birthday. We went on The Simpsons Ride, Jurassic Park, Revenge of the Mummy ride and on a tour. I watched Shrek 4D and King Kong in 4D. We ate Cherrios, lemonade cups and ice cream. On the tour we saw Jaws, mummies and the “Fast and Furious” cars. We took pictures with Spongebob, Shrek, a “Despicable Me” minion and a Transformer. I also went to CityWalk where we bought some clothes. We also got soaked. In CityWalk, we ate mini doughnuts and they were tasty. We also went to the gift shop. It was an awesome day.
Jalen Dacumos

Third place
During the summer, I went to the beach. It was fun. We found nine crabs. When we swam to the center of the beach, we raised our heads up and saw a wave the size of five baby elephants. We fished, but we did not catch anything. I buried my dad. They also buried me. We dug and found water under the sand. Then we made a sand castle. While I was swimming, I saw a dolphin, and it splashed water at me. After we left the beach, we went to Jack in the Box for a snack and bought a little surf board. We went back to the beach, but it was too dark. We saw stars and a shooting star.
Jonathan Baltazar

When I was on summer vacation, I went to the beach and played with my family. Then we went to my cousin’s house and spent the night there. In the morning, we went back to my house. We went to the store and got some meat. We went back and started to cook it. After that, it was ready and it was good. Then at night, we had a party. It was fun. After the people left, we went to sleep.
Pedro Bernabe

Over summer vacation, I went to San Francisco for a wedding and to see places. I stayed at a really nice hotel. One day, I went to the Tech Museum. It was really fun. I also watched a really awesome movie in the IMAX theater. I also went to an animal museum and the theme was mammals. The most fun I had in the animal museum was reading about the dinosaurs.
I went to the wedding the next day and it was cool because they had a live band. It was really loud and they played Jackson 5. The food was delicious and the dessert was amazing. That is what I did over summer vacation.
Parveen Virdi

During summer vacation, I had a blast. I went to Indy’s house and built a Lego Atlantis set. I also went swimming a lot. I also went to Dro’s house. Then I went to Samantha’s house to watch baseball and put the scores above her brother’s bed.
Cole Yu

During summer vacation, I went to the beach. It was so much fun. The beach we went to is in Ventura. My whole family went. We ate hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken. The water was so cold at first but I got comfortable. I even made a sand castle. We all went swimming and rode our bikes. When I was in the water, my cousin J.R. pushed me, so I splashed water on his face. I found lots of seashells. I am also fond of crabs. That was the best day at the beach.
Brenda Ortega

What I did during summer vacation was that I went to the beach, river and shopping. I was invited to a part six times. I went to a buffet and ate a lot of food and dessert. I went to my sister’s house to see her. I was fun because she let me play on her computer and play games on it. It was a lot of fun because her husband made fruit salad. It was so yummy.
Alejandra Ramirez

What I did during summer vacation is I went to Mexico for two weeks. It was fun. I also went to a big waterfall that you can drink from. I remembered some old stuff from long ago. When I was going to Mexico, I had to go in a car all the way there. It wasn’t fun at all. I never want to go to Mexico in a car. I’ll only go in a plane. When we came back from Mexico, we came in a plane. My family was so sad and crying because we were leaving them, but we weren’t leaving them forever, we were going to come back and see them again. But they were still sad and crying thinking of that. We might go back in two months so there is no worry. I want to go back and go on all the same trips I had when I went to Mexico. I also went to the zoo in Mexico. It was fun, only it wasn’t fun when it started to rain while being there.
Leilani Urueta

One thing I did on vacation is I went to Hollywood and saw a limousine. I even went to San Francisco to visit my aunt. We had a lot of fun together. They even have a pool and we went to the pool and ate ice cream. After that we went shopping for new clothes. I got a fancy bag and a mirror. I even went to this cool library and read a cool book.
Jimena Jaramillo

I am William Stone Knight. I normally went to the park played games with my friends, like soccer, basketball and tag. We also had fun when we went to Magic Mountain. Our favorite rides were Colossus and Ninja. Parties were fun even at our baby cousin’s. Me and my sister loved it when we got to see Ron’s dog and then go to the pool. We also stayed up late and saw movies. The only boring thing we did was chores. Doing the laundry is my least favorite. We hated it. And then we went to breakfast and then after breakfast, we went and did errands Aron’s gas, dry cleaning. I went to San Diego. I have a lucky charm. It is a chicken bone. I lose it every time I go there and the next time, I find it. I have another lucky charm that is shaped like an egg. My lucky charms made me have a great summer. I hope you can have as good as a summer as I did.
William Knight

I had a great vacation. First, I went to the pool with my cousins and had a terrific time. Then we went to the park and played fox hunter. After it was over, we met at my house and they left. After that, I went to sleep. The next morning I went to my cousins house because my mom and dad went to a funeral. My cousins threw water balloons at me but I wasn’t supposed to get wet. I was mad. I went to get changed. After that I rode down a hill on a scooter and saw a dead rat. My brother and cousin threw it in the road and it died, we laughed. Then my mom picked us up and we played fox hunter again.
Donald Borner

Over my summer vacation, I went to my grandparents house in San Diego for a week. My brother and I went there by ourselves. We also went on the train. While we were there, we got to go to the San Diego Zoo, fishing at the beach and we also went to Legoland.
First, we went to the zoo and saw hippos, polar bears, monkeys and birds. Then we went fishing at the beach. We went on some rocks under a bridge and then we went right by the shore to go fishing but we didn’t catch anything. Lastly, we went to Legoland for eight hours and had a lot of fun. And that is what I did on my summer vacation.
Lucy Miller

On my summer vacation, I felt the cold water. And when I went outside, I could feel the wind blowing on me. I heard the sound of a dog crying. I smelled the fresh meat.
I went to Six Flags and I went on the enormous Superman ride and Colossus and felt the wind blow on me. And on the boat ride, I felt the water hit me. And soon as I went back, I felt the hot sun, and the fresh meat was ready and good to eat. Next, I went to my cousins house and danced to the music. After that I ate a smelly, good sandwich. My mom and I went to go listen to music and went to Disneyland. I got on the Log Jammer and I felt the cold blue water. Finally I went to go have fun with my big brother.
Iyana Verduzco

I spent my summer vacation playing with my friends. I played the Xbox 360. I rode my bike with my friends and had races with the bikes. I played soccer with my soccer team. I went to a pool. My friends and I also went running. My cousins and I went to Legoland. I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I went to the beach with my family. My family and I want to some parties. I also went camping with my family. I played basketball with my friends. I made snow cones and made a snow cone stand. I also planted an apple tree.
Jonathan Avila

I went to a very fun camp called Camp Clarita. Every Wednesday we had really cool field trips to big places, but I only went for the last four weeks. The first week we went to Medieval Times. The second week it was Disneyland and then Six flags. The third week I don’t remember what it was but it was really fun. I also went swimming a lot at the camp and at home. Before I went to the camp, I played with friends and played with my dogs.
Chanel Hurley

I went to the pool. I played soccer and we won. I got to play my video games. My brother and I went to the park. I went to summer school. I stayed at home and played with my brother.
I was using the computer and playing games on the computer. I also played my Wii and the Xbox 360. We went to soccer practice. We went to the store. I read some books at home. I went to Billy’s Boardshop to get new shoes. I went to Walmart to get new Legos. I practiced multiplication flash cards at summer school. I learned place values in summer school. I got new shirts from Walmart. And I played my Mario on my Gameboy.
Jesse Barrientos


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