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Why not give Cindy McCain a break?

Posted: August 14, 2008 8:25 p.m.
Updated: October 16, 2008 5:01 a.m.
It wasn't hard to miss a recent large, unflattering color photo of Cindy McCain, along with an equally unflattering commentary. Unknown to many of us, apparently there is some mandatory onus on Mrs. McCain, that should she become first lady she "must use her past drug addiction for the benefit the masses."

An informed reader couldn't help but compare Mrs. McCain's experience of being addicted to prescription pain killers to the addictions of many others much more prominent and famous than her.

Cindy McCain has spoken openly of her past problem including revealing that she stole drugs for herself.

Unlike Hollywood's many, many liberal celebrities, she has not fallen off of the wagon time and time again, only to "recover," then present herself on the talk show-award show circuit to garner standing ovations for eight days of successful sobriety.

In liberal circles, drugs, alcoholism, and all other addictions from which these twits suffer, are worn as badges of honor and are celebrated. It's only an embarrassment, disgrace and criminal if the afflicted is a conservative: just ask Rush Limbaugh, who had his private medical records retrieved and publicized for his use of Oxycontin.

Unlike liberals, Mrs. McCain and Mr. Limbaugh were investigated.

Many politicians (who have a much higher duty of responsibility than Cindy McCain) fall into the same clump of disgust. To wit: Patrick Kennedy, Marian Barry; never mind, the list is far too long for The Signal to print.

When this particular cesspool of mankind gets caught in a scandal of corruption, sex, alcohol or drug, they suddenly "seek treatment" and then continue their well-perked jobs.

The perceived obligation of Mrs. McCain to espouse drug addiction is a mystery. There is no recall of a mandate on Tipper Gore to crusade for mental illness, nor Hillary to espouse on sham marriages designed for political power, nor is there any effort under way for Michelle Obama to champion bigotry (her thesis), elitism or alcoholism (Barack's biological father).

It looks like there is enough to go around for everybody.

Although it was clearly not the commentary's intent, there could have been positive attributes of Mrs. McCain stated as well, like the family foundation for children's (mainly health) causes; the adoption of a child from Bangladesh who suffered from a severe facial deformity; her bringing another disadvantaged, ill child to the United States to be reared by friends with the McCains' paying for all of the medical needs; one son serving in Iraq and another in the naval academy.

Cindy McCain has conducted and maintained herself as nothing less than a lady in this campaign. Not once has she shot off her mouth with some nescient, purulent remark that required John or his campaign to rush to her defense with a cleansing blanket and a stop-picking-on-my-wife speech.

The commentary's wonderment of why and how Cindy McCain escaped serving "zero time behind bars" for her drug thievery gratuitously opens the subject of an event I have been wondering about since it happened: that is Ted Kennedy.

When Ted had a seizure his family called for ultra-uber emergency services. When Mary Jo Kopechne was taking her last gasps of air underwater in Ted's Oldsmobile, Ted called his lawyer. Authorities were not called for 12 long hours.

Ted and his family got lots of private air transportation from state to state for the best medical care America could provide. The Kopechne family got a funeral and a death certificate.

Cindy McCain took drugs. Ted Kennedy took a life. Not serving any time behind bars bothers me a lot, too.


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