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What is the most interesting thing you have learned in science?

Posted: November 1, 2010 10:33 p.m.
Updated: November 2, 2010 4:55 a.m.

The following essays are from fourth-grade students at Newhall Elementary School.

First place
The most interesting thing I learned in science is eating like a bird because I never knew that it depends on what kind of beak a bird has to survive or eat.  For example, a hummingbird has a long and skinny beak so it can get nectar out of flowers.

I also learned about rocks and minerals. Limestone usually forms in the ocean.  It has little pieces of shells left in it. Also, many sedimentary rocks, such as shale begin as sediment layers at the bottom of a river.

The third thing I find interesting in science is the food chain. A deer is a consumer. That means it eats parts of produce trees. A few animals can survive on a steep rocky mountain.  Though, it’s a perfect habitat for mountain goats.

The last thing I find interesting in science is habitats and adaptations. In the forest, an eagle’s habitat is high in the treetops.

The reason why it lives there is so it can catch food like squirrels. A tree frog’s color helps it camouflage with the leaves.

An iguana’s leathery scales help it survive attacks by other animals that want to eat it. 
Brenda Ortega

Second place

The most interesting thing I have learned in science is about how water evaporates in seconds and about how to use thermometers.

My favorite science project was learning how birds eat with different kinds of beaks and learning how to find what makes a rock.

We learned how electricity works.

We also learned what transparent means. I also learned about gasses and planets.  We also learned about nature and causes and effects.  Like when you drop a pebble in water it has a cause and an effect.  I also like how sound travels like waves.  You can’t see them. 
Brayden Dean

Third place

In science, I learned to mix liquids together.  It was so much fun because the girl next to me put pink and purple together.

We were supposed to do green and blue.  It was really fun because I got to have the amazing experience.  

In this school, we got to learn how to eat like a bird.  It was so cool because we got to use tools.

We did not put the tools in our mouth; we had to use our left hand.

 We used clothespins, spoons, chopsticks and even forceps. But the most important is that we had fun.
Kimberly Sosa

What is the best thing I learned in science?  Mostly, I think the best thing was when we learned that when you put baking soda in vinegar it makes a chemical reaction. 

It will bubble up and up until it pops the top! I was shocked because it was so exciting.  My lab partner was too. That is the best thing that I learned is science.
Madison Knight

What is the most interesting thing I learned in science?  It was when we did all the length and width. It was so fun! We also did inches and centimeters. We measured a domino and a thermometer with cold water, and it went down. I saw a tarantula and then we left to our classroom. 
Jonathon Leon 

The most interesting thing I learned about in science is how water evaporates.  I think it is interesting because of the way it goes up without even seeing it. On really hot days, water evaporates in seconds.  It is also cool because when that water goes into the clouds, it gets rained out on winter days. It’s almost like recycling, except with water.

I also like learning about how when we talk the other person hears with waves we can’t see, that carry the sound. I also liked learning about when you drop a pebble into water it causes mini ripples. 

My most favorite thing is learning about planets and the sun. Some planets are made out of gas and if we try to walk on them we would fall right through them. 

 I also like learning about how Earth is the only planet possible to live on.  I liked learning about how Mercury once had water on it, but now the water has dried up.

It was also fun to learn how we can’t go on Venus because its clouds are made of poison gasses. That’s what I like most about science. 
Parreen Virdi

The most interesting thing I’ve learned in the science lab was when we ate like birds. We used a spoon, clothespins and chopsticks. The options were plastic worms, string, grass, seeds and water.  It was a lot of fun!   Pedro spilled a bunch of water.  We also saw a tarantula!  We did get out of school until almost 3:10!
Jonathon Baltazar

Hi, my name is Lucy Miller. I am 9 years old.  The most interesting thing I learned in science is eating like a bird. I like this science project because we got to go to the science lab and see how all the different types of beaks work. We used chopsticks, forceps, a spoon and a clothespin standing for the different types of beaks.

We tried picking up rice, water, plastic worms, grass seeds, raisins and peanuts.  I found out that the forceps are useful for a lot of things like the plastic worms, the raisins and the peanuts. I found out that the spoon is useful for picking up seeds and the water. 

The chopsticks are not very useful (because I don’t know how to use them).  I do know how to use a clothespin, but they didn’t work out as well as I thought it would.  It was real fun! 

The is the most interesting thing I learned in science.
Lucy Miller

The most interesting thing I learned in science was when I was in third grade when we did the shadow shapes with blocks.  It was fun.

But the most fun part was when we got to build stuff.

The next interesting thing was when I was still in third grade.  We did the rainbows outside and it was fun!
Pedro Bernabe


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