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What did you do on summer break?

Posted: September 1, 2008 6:03 p.m.
Updated: November 3, 2008 5:00 a.m.
Swimming is a fun and popular summer activity. What did you do on your summer vaction? Swimming is a fun and popular summer activity. What did you do on your summer vaction?
Swimming is a fun and popular summer activity. What did you do on your summer vaction?
Surprisingly, I didn't go on vacation this summer. My parents just wanted to stay home and save money and my vacation home was being remodeled. But that didn't stop me from having fun!

I love swimming. And for the first month of summer, I was on a swim team. My best stroke is the fly. Just because I didn't go on vacation doesn't mean I didn't go anywhere. So, I went to the beach after that.

When I came home my brother's friend had a sleepover with him in a tent in my backyard which gave me an idea to do that with my friend. We played a lot of handheld video games which made it more fun.

I ended my summer by going to Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor. At Hurricane Harbor I went on all the rides except one. But since Magic Mountain has more rides, I only went on about one-third of the rides there. On the very last day of summer I did what summer's all about: going to the beach!
Sak Holter
Helmer's Elementary
Grade 5

What I did over the summer, I watched TV and camped at a lake and I tried to fish but I didn't get anything. I also went on a big rubber tube. But I still had fun. I also went on a boat.

I tried to row a little boat with my sister. I was scared because I thought a fish was going to hit me. But my sister and I tried to flip the boat, too. I think that was the best trip ever.

We also took all of our dogs and there names are Oscar and Lilly. One is a boxer and the other is a bulldog. And we would make s'mores every night. I also lit a fire and then went to bed.
Ben Spaulding
Helmer's Elementary
Grade 5

On my summer break I went to day care with my friends. At day care we played some water games. Then I had lunch. After day care I went home and watched some TV. Then I played with my friends. I went swimming with my family. I had dinner and watched some TV. Then I went to bed.

The next day I stayed home with my brother. I played the Wii with my brother. It was really fun. My brother won a game of Wii. Then I had lunch. We watched TV and played on my playground. Then my mom and dad came home. We went out to dinner then we went back to my house. I played with my friend, then went to bed.

The next day, I went to my friend's house. Her name is Erica. Erica and I made smoothies. They were really good. Then we watched TV. Then Erica and I went swimming at Erica's house because she has a pool. We had lunch then we played PS 2. It was really fun. Then my dad picked me up. Then I went home. I had dinner then watched some TV. Then I went to bed.

I went on vacation to Lake Tahoe. It took me seven hours to get there. We saw flowers. When we got to our hotel there was a waterfall. We went swimming. The next day we went on the gondola. It is when you go on a mountain and see cool stuff. The next day we went home. That was my summer break.
Jenny Katz
Helmer's Elementary
Grade 5

This summer was probably the best summer I've ever had and will ever have! I am going to describe my favorite places and why I liked them the best! With excitement everywhere I went, Europe was by far the best vacation ever!

First off, I am going to start with Rome's awesome ruins, the coliseum and the spanish steps. We had a private tour, and the guide took us to the spanish steps and a cool fountain. After that, he took us to what seemed to be an amazing gelato (which means ice cream) place, and they had a hundred flavors! That was great and all, but the thing that I liked most was the coliseum! It was a lot like I pictured it, but inside we could see the trap doors and traps. It was awesome.

So that's my experience in Europe. There is a lot more to tell but I can't fit it all. I covered four countries in 12 days, but if you go yourself, you'll see why I can't tell more!
Jonathan Schallert
Helmer's Elementary
Grade 5

Over my summer vacation I went out of town for 10 days. Want to know where I went? I went to New York, Virginia, Washington D.C., New Jersey and that's pretty much it.

But I saw many things over that vacation and learned many too. I saw the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, the Washington Monument, Wall Street, the Empire State Building and a whole lot more. That's what I did over my summer vacation and it was really fun. Why did it have to end?
Christopher Kojin
Helmer's Elementary
Grade 5

What I did over the summer was I went to the YMCA, the pool and parties.

At the YMCA, we went to all kinds of field trips like water parks, a baseball game and lots more. I also got to see my friends new kids, but what was really sad is that some of my friends left. So that was so much fun.

At the pool I had so much fun. I got to see Mikey and all his friends and they were in high school. I got to beat the boys down because the girls and boys were fighting in a fun way. So, that was fun too.

Last, but not least, the parties! I went to my cousin's party and she was turning one year old. It was a blast. Then it was my sister's party and I got help with a lot. We did a pool party and that was great! Then it was my friend's party and I saw everyone that was my friend. Now that's what I call summer fun.
Nicole Sarel
Helmer's Elementary
Grade 5

I spent most of my summer doing the thing I love most: California Rangers.

I ride every Wednesday in a program called California Rangers. This summer I rode several new horses but rode some of my favorites, too, like Cadence. I had good and bad times.

Since Rangers only meets once a week, four times a month, I rode only eight times. It got exciting, though. A few weeks ago we started drill and now I am a lot better at cantering.

That's what I did this summer: the thing I love most.
Charlotte Pletsch
Helmer's Elementary
Grade 5

Summer was a blast! When school ended I did a swimming program called Bluefins. That's when you go to practice from Monday through Thursday. Then, on Saturdays we have swim meets. All of us have to get up early for that. We go against the Piranhas.

You wouldn't believe what they serve. They serve everything from doughnuts and bananas to hotdogs and hamburgers. They offer water but everyone brings it.

When swim team ended I went to my favorite camp of all times, Camp Ocean Pines! It's by the beach so we go to the beach almost every day. We went kayaking, tide pooling, we did this game where the counselors tried to tag us by throwing a ball. I learned how to make a friendship bracelet. I'm still working on it. Camp Ocean Pine is the best camp ever.

So I think I had a very exciting time during the summer. I loved every minute of the camp and swimming.
Brenna Keogh
Helmer's Elementary
Grade 5

On my summer break, I went to Oregon. I did lots of fun things. It was a long drive from Santa Clarita to Oregon. We did a flowrider, mountain biked, and went to a party. We did lots of fun things on my trip. We did Paulina Plunge. That's a very fun bike ride through the mountains. You ride on a bus to hte top of a mountain, get bikes, and ride down the mountain. You stop at some natural water slides, a natural pool and a waterfall. After that, you ride back to the bus and get free soda. We also did a flowrider. On a flowrider, you jump into a never-ending wave! You control the board with your feet. It is fun to get hurt if you crash. That's how I spent my summer.
Matthew McCardy
Helmer's Elementary
Grade 5

Hi, I'm Jack Ryan Lieb, I go to Charles Helmer Elementary. I am in 5th grade at the age of 10 in Mrs. Miller-Clyde's class. What I did over the summer was very exciting and I will describe some of the most exciting things I did.

Over my vacation, I went to Magic Mountain twice. I went on all the rides. Some of the craziest ever are Deja Vu, X2 and Tatsu. These rides are some of the craziest rides I've been on in my life.

Speaking of crazy rides, I also went to Knott's Berry Farm and went on all the rides, such as Silver Bullet. My favorite in the park is Ghost Rider. I went on the last ride of the night. It had extra speed because there were seven people on the car including me.

And that was my summer of fun.
Jack Leib
Helmer's Elementary
Grade 5

Over the summer I did not do much so when I did I had fun. For my grandma's birthday we went to Santa Barbara by train. On the way there I was eating and listening to my iPod. At Santa Barbara we rode a shuttle to the zoo. At the zoo I saw big bugs and small birds. On the ride back home I ate a cookie and fell asleep. It did not feel like a long time.

A couple of weeks later I went to my grandparent's house. At my grandparents' house, we went to a Dave & Busters. There I won a lot of tickets at the ticket booth. I got stuff for friends and family. Two days later I went home but I knew I would see them again. Before school started my block had a block party. It had a bouncer and lots of food. I brought my friend and she loved it. Happy summer!
Brooke Dawson
Helmer's Elementary
Grade 5


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