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What is your favorite subject?

Winning essays

Posted: September 29, 2008 8:47 p.m.
Updated: December 1, 2008 5:00 a.m.

First place

I am currently a 5th grade student at Canyon Springs Elementary School. Over the years, I've loved every subject in school, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be reading. I have so many reasons why my passion is reading. Reading is a skill I have mastered. I read every day to understand more unfamiliar words. This subject also teaches me about other peoples' lives and how they live. I am able to learn about U.S. history like when the father of our country, George Washington, was alive. Reading in class this week taught me about the time when America's Constitution was being made. This fascinating subject has encouraged me to teach my Hispanic family to learn and understand more English. It also teaches me about the world and what it does. I've enjoyed learning about other countries and different cultures from around the world. Reading gives me ideas of how countries exist just in case I never get the chance to visit them. As you can see from my description above, I admire reading and it's become a big part of my life.
Ernesto Vargas

Second place

My name is Robert and my favorite subject in school is Health. This subject has helped me stay fit and healthy. It's important to be healthy so I can be strong during my life. One way I stay fit is by running. For example, today my friend and I had the opportunity to run twenty-three exciting laps in P.E. It was tough, but we didn't give up. In our health class, we also learned how much fruit you should eat in a day, which should be about 2 cups. My friend and I were amazed at how much sugar is in a 32 oz. cup of soda! It's scary to think how much sugar it contains, and I have decided to stop drinking soda altogether. Everyone has also enjoyed the outside activities that we play at school. Our nutrition club organized a fruit toss, strawberry relay and fruit ball contest during our lunch recesses. Being healthy has made a very big impact on my life. I'll use these healthy habits to help others stay healthy, too. As you can see from my description, I admire health and fitness.
Robert Borner

Third place

I am currently a 5th grade student at Canyon Springs Elementary School. Since kindergarten, I've been receiving a first-rate education at my school. But, if I had to choose a favorite subject at my fantastic school, I would have to choose math. I enjoy doing exponents year after year. I can see that math is helpful in my everyday life. It helps my mom when she goes to the store. Math helps me at school when I pass out papers or do my homework Math is also a way that helps me help others. I can solve math problems in our school's math-a-thon and help raise money for cancer patients at Saint Jude Research Hospital. This is a way I help kids that are sick and a way I learn more educational math. I also love that there are always new concepts to learn. This always keeps me challenged. I like challenges. That's why math is my favorite school subject.
Brittnay Wagner

As you can see, my favorite subject at Canyon Springs is Language Arts. I have many smart reasons why I like Language Arts. One excellent reason is because we get to read many different kinds of books in Accelerated Reader. Some books I adore are the ones that tell me all about the history of our amazing nation. I also like many hilarious fairytale books. My goal this year is to get at least 90 percent on my A.R. tests. So far, I have been able to achieve my goal. This is why I love to read many books with different genres. The next reason why I like Language Arts is because I get to write marvelous stories that I can enrich with intelligent adjectives. I also think writing is fantastic because I get to imagine many exciting adventures that take place in many areas of the world. This is why my passion for Language Arts is very powerful and in school, it's my most favorite subject.
Maribelle A. Boutros

There are many subjects that I love to do at Canyon Springs School, but the one subject that I love the most is Health. I love it because it permits me to be a greater student. During P.E., I have learned to be a faster runner and this helps my lungs and heart. After running, I can focus more on my schoolwork and try to be the smartest student I can be. While trying to be a good and healthy student, I am also able to teach my little brother how to focus and learn more English so he also can be a smart little student. Because of the things I have learned in health, my mind is clever and I am able to do challenging homework and be my personal best. Having Health as my favorite subject, I am trying to make a personal and healthy goal for myself this year. I want to achieve the Presidential award in P.E. To be fit, I have to use the skills in Health and practice a lot. I will win this goal because Health is my favorite subject in school.
Mario De La Cruz


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