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What is your favorite thing about spring?

Winning essays

Posted: April 26, 2011 1:55 a.m.
Updated: April 26, 2011 1:55 a.m.

First place
Luna Morales
Grade 5
Live Oak Elementary

The reddest strawberries grow in the spring. The flowers bloom and animals come out from hibernation. The air turns warm instead of cold. There is baseball and Easter.

My favorite thing about spring has to be how sweet and juicy the strawberries get. They are the perfect shade of red. The strawberries are good in spring.

My second favorite thing would have to be how warm it turns in the spring. It’s not like winter because it’s warm. The flowers bloom and animals come out from hibernation.

My third favorite thing about spring would have to be Easter. I get to smash eggs on people’s heads.

Well, that’s it. Hope you like something about spring, too.

Second place
Devin Sims
Grade 5
Live Oak Elementary

What I like in spring is the crack of plastic eggs opening. In spring, I love Easter, because my family, including my cousins, aunts and uncles, all have an Easter egg hunt. The day before Easter, we get real eggs and decorate them with stickers and dip them in some kind of dye that makes them turn a different color.

On Easter, I get a basket with toys and candy in it from my dad. After church, we have a feast and then we have an Easter egg hunt, with money in plastic eggs and the real eggs that were decorated. Then we say our goodbyes and go home. That’s what I love about the spring.

Third place
Ryan Fiero
Grade 5
Live Oak Elementary

Do you like spring? I do.

My favorite thing about spring is playing outside, just to feel the wind on my face while gliding down the street on my bike. Then I go inside, sit down at the computer and play computer games. Then I go in my room and take a nap.

It’s basketball season, but right now it’s tryouts. Uuggghhh! But at least I get to wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts. After that, I will probably go in the pool for an hour. And best of all, no school!

Then I have an Easter egg hunt with all the family and the eggs will be red, blue, green, pink, gold, etc. Then we will look for them (and most of them have money), then I’ll open them with my whole family around me as I do.

Nari Maloo
Grade 5
Live Oak Elementary

The things I like about spring break are hiking, fishing, going to a friend’s house and the warm weather. They are my favorite things.

Hiking is a fun and beautiful thing. Sometimes we go hiking up a waterfall. That’s the most fun of all.

Fishing is nice. I like when you pull in the line and you catch a big one. I get so excited. I like deep-sea fishing, too.

When my friend comes over or I go over to his house, we make sure we have an awesome day. Bike riding, digging and sometimes making things is all we do the entire day.

When it’s warm, you just hear “Cannonball!” and a big splash. We go swimming. We wear shorts and short sleeves. That’s what I like about spring.

Taylor Allmann
Grade 5
Live Oak Elementary

“I found an egg!”

“Me, too! There’s one over here!”

My favorite thing about spring is Easter. It’s so colorful and bright; it makes me think of flowers, rain and baby animals. Spring is the best season for me. The grass smells nice and the wind dies down. It’s so nice outside. Spring is a season that is fun. It rains, it’s sunny and it’s fun. It’s also when you get a week off of school for spring break, nine days of no school.

Yes, spring is wonderful. That’s why I love spring. I hope you do, too.

Cato Abraham
Grade 5
Live Oak Elementary

One thing that I like to do in the spring is hiking. I like to go hiking, because sometimes you can see animals like coyotes, mountain lions and snakes. Also, you get exercise and it’s fun in the sun. Another thing I like about spring is that it’s a little warmer, and I like it when it’s hot. I hope it’s like this in the summer.

Vanessa Lara
Grade 5
Live Oak Elementary

My favorite things of spring are that the flowers bloom and the aroma fills the air. I’m on vacation, so I can get clothes and go shopping, and I get to go to theme parks like Magic Mountain and Knott’s Berry Farm. It gets warmer and strawberries grow. My most favorite thing in spring is I get to go camping at a lake with my family and friends. What are your favorite things about spring?

Adam Goossen
Grade 5
Live Oak Elementary

What I love about spring is the warmth, hunting, camping and hiking.

I like the hunting because all the animals are out and it’s easier to find game. I like camping and hiking in spring because of the nice weather. The trails aren’t all muddy, and it’s easier to set up our camp site in the spring. I prefer camping in the spring because it’s not as cold in the day or night. I also look forward to spring vacation.

Kylie Eichman
Grade 5
Live Oak Elementary

Lay back and relax, because it’s time for the very pretty and colorful spring!

I like spring because it’s the time for colorful trees and flowers, and also spring break. I love having school off for spring break, because that’s when I get to see my friends that live in Arkansas.

I also like spring because my dad heats the pool and all of my friends on the neighborhood street come to swim at my house, and sometimes we have barbecues. Thanks, and I hope you have a great spring, too.

Jacob Manly
Grade 5
Live Oak Elementary

The thing I like about spring is that you get out of school for two weeks. It is not too cold and not too hot.

One of my favorite things is that Dodger baseball starts its regular season. Another thing I like is Easter. I like to decorate the eggs and, on Easter, find them.

Another thing I really like to do is go motorcycle riding. My motorcycle is small now, but we might sell it to get a bigger one.

That’s what I like about spring.


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