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What is your favorite subject?

Winning essays

Posted: October 6, 2008 8:56 p.m.
Updated: December 8, 2008 5:00 a.m.

First place

My absolute favorite subject in school is art. The reason why art is my favorite subject is because it can bring out your feelings.
For example, if I were happy, I would draw a happy, colorful picture. I usually am happy and random so I do draw warm pictures.
The kind of art that I enjoy the most and I am best at is pastel. I just love rubbing my fingers on that dusty crayon and making beautiful blends with a rainbow of colors.
As a matter of fact, I drew some lovely pastels last weekend. In college, I would very much love to study some kind of art or box making class.
Someday I am going to be a famous artist and also going to sell my creations on popular Web sites.
Kate Zeile
Charles Helmers Elementary
Grade 4

Second place

Well, I love every subject in school, they're all fun and hard to pick. But my favorite is math.
Math is a good thing to do because maybe when you go to the store you may buy one gallon of milk and two cereal boxes and the milk says $4 and the cereal says 2 for $1 so if you don't know math you can lose more money because for example you go to the cashier and he says the total is $6. He is taking more money away from you and if you knew math you could tell him he added one dollar extra to the total and that's not fair.
So if you didn't know how to add, you could walk away and leave the person one extra dollar more. So you need to be smart in math.
Okay, now let me tell you why I like math. Math is a very simple thing to do. Well, not very simple, but yes. Math you just add and multiply, divide and subtract. They even show you how to turn a decimal into a percent.
Language arts I don't really like because you have to bubble in too many problems and math is a very simple thing to do. So that's why I like math.
Also, you need to know math because if you work in construction you need to measure a lot of things. You need to measure the perimeter and the area, also length and width. Also, you need to add base and height, too.
See, there are a lot of things we need to learn about math. So that's all.
Lizette Aguero
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

Third place

You might like a different subject, but I am going to tell you why I like writing.
I like writing because I am great at topics, because it comes to my mind really fast. Also, I am great at ideas.
Once in third grade, my teacher told me to write a story. I thought for one moment then the coolest idea came to my mind. Sharks! The next day, I gave it to my teacher. She gave me a look that I never saw. In the afternoon, she gave it back to me. I saw a big 100%. I was so happy and proud of myself. This is why writing is my favorite subject.
Melissa Garcia
Charles Helmers Elementary
Grade 4

My favorite subject in school is art because you get to learn about famous artists through the years.
Also, you get to do different art pieces that they did. Sometimes you can see a slideshow about their lives. That's why my favorite subject in school is art.
Mimi Mason
Charles Helmers Elementary
Grade 4

My favorite subject in school is art. Art is fun because you can do it in all different ways. Like when you do painting you can express all your feelings. It is also fun because you get to take it home and keep it for many years. That is why art is my favorite subject in school.
Cali Nocella
Charles Helmers Elementary
Grade 4

My favorite subject in school is math because I like addition, multiplication and dividing. I like them because I can challenge myself by trying to figure out problems. I like solving the problems because they are fun.
Carson Knell
Charles Helmers Elementary
Grade 4

I enjoy math and literature, but art is my No. 1 subject. The reason why I like art is because it's a wonderful experience for me to learn different kinds of drawings.
I like oil painting best. I enjoy the brush swishing side to side. One of the paintings I enjoy are the haystacks. The texture looks so amazing. Instead of yellow, they add pink, light blue, orange, brown and dark blue.
I also enjoy pointillism. Pointillism is art made by dots. I did it in second grade.
If I was an artist, I would paint a landscape of my classroom. Then I would sell it for $2,000 and I would buy an interesting home.
I also take art classes. One of the best drawings I did was pumpkins. My art teacher really loved it, so much that she wanted to keep it! In my opinion, art is the best subject!
Jolie Ren
Charles Helmers Elementary
Grade 4

Math is my favorite subject in school because it is fun to add, subtract, multiply and divide.
It is fun to challenge yourself in math by keep on raising the numbers you are adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing.
I also like mental math, but I'm not too good at it. Algebra is fun because it is a way to challenge yourself by finding the missing number or letter.
That's why I like math. I better go and do some multiplication. 12 x 12 = 144.
Jackson Bright
Charles Helmers Elementary
Grade 4

My favorite subject in school is math. I like math because it is very challenging and fun. Also, I love to learn new things and to add and subtract. Math is so much fun and I encourage anybody to try it. It's not so hard when you think about it. That's why math is my favorite subject.
Angelina Maldonado
Charles Helmers Elementary
Grade 4

My favorite subject is math. It is my favorite subject because I like doing addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
Math is also my best subject. The easiest part is rounding because the math is really easy when you add or subtract. In conclusion, math is the best subject.
Jeremy Yukara
Charles Helmers Elementary
Grade 4

My favorite subject is P.E. Why? Because it's fun, and you get to exercise.
You get to do a lot of activities like softball, soccer, prisoner and basketball. It is sometimes tiring, but not for me.
I love to run a lot for exercise. P.E. is my favorite thing ever. Maybe some people don't like it, but I do. It makes me so happy when I win a race or a contest. Exercise is very healthy.
Stephen Manzo
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

My favorite subject in school is math because it can teach you to do division and it can give you a job and help you to not be poor, and it will help you make friends and keep your friends from bullying you, and you will be a good person and you will be happy that you know math.
Juan Vargas
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

My favorite subjects are math, science and language arts and the reason I like them is because they're fun and they help you a lot.
I've been liking them since I was two years old and I've never had this much fun in my life!
Since I was five and entered kindergarten, I've been doing math and science. I started getting better and better at it since first grade. They didn't let me do that much math, they only let me read, but I am an expert at reading.
Now it's harder. I had learned a lot of it. Now I'm tired of doing math. But I still like it.
I have to do an hour of math, but I'm going to continue it because if I don't I'm not going to have a good job when I grow up.
Tristen Sardella
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

I like school because we do all things like science and social studies. I also like art because we get to learn and you also learn how to color pretty.
I like science because you get to do a lot of projects with magnets and batteries.
I also like school. I love school a lot. How about you? What's your favorite subject and why? Oh, and I also like writing, like right now.
Stephanie Mendez
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

My favorite subject is art because you get to make a lot of interesting things like tear art, cutting art and painting art.
I also like math because I think it is good for me and I know I could do it very well. But in math I like division and multiplication the best. And I like both very well, and so does my brain!
Tiana Reed
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

My favorite subject is art. Art is my favorite because it's fun and because you could draw your family. So I like drawing my family in art. I like math because you learn and you have to count. Also math is a good way to learn to count. So I really like both math and art. It's great.
Yesenia Joven
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4

My favorite subject is art. Art can tell lots of interesting stories, including lots of different painters.
Everyone has an artist of their own. Art has been around for almost 8 years and has told many stories. Stories of sadness, happiness and even some with a mystery.
Including different shades of color, you can use magenta, black, green, every color and angle possible. So remember art is an amazing subject in every single kind of way in the world. I love art a lot. So should you. Fun, fun, fun around every corner.
Christina Contreras
McGrath Elementary
Grade 4


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