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Zone For Kids: What are you going to do for summer vacation?

Posted: June 7, 2011 1:55 a.m.
Updated: June 7, 2011 1:55 a.m.

First place
Annika Stevenson
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

Over summer vacation I am going to camp with my dad all over the country, including places like Denver and Las Vegas.

Then, we will meet up with my mom, brother and sister in Colorado. After that, we will drive to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore.

My dad and I are going to be driving wherever we go. It’ll be tiring to drive everywhere, but fun (hopefully). I just hope it’s worth all of the time.

I wish all of the responders to The Signal a great summer vacation.

Happy Summer!

Second place
Gace O’Keefe
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

On June 11, the day summer vacation starts, you won’t find me watching TV all day! I’ll be in the car taking a trip to Santa Barbara. But it’s not any trip to the beach. That’s where the Sun Devils soccer team has it’s last soccer tournament. We’re staying in a hotel along with several of my teammates.

The couch won’t be my only home this summer; the trip to the pool will be on our daily schedule I’ll be a fish that can hold it’s breath for a few minutes in the deep end, or a diver that goes all the way to the other side.

But, most of all, I’m going to miss school until August. I’m going to be bored!

Third place
Richard Nitsche
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

Summer isn’t necessarily my favorite season, but I always anticipate it. Despite the scorching, hot weather, we have here in the SCV, it is still a lot of fun.

This year, me and my little sister are going to have swimming lessions in the YMCA. I feel excited because I have been wanting to learn how to swim for a long time. I attended a swimming party once, and I couldn’t go near the pool because I didn’t know how to swim. That made me feel sad.

I told myself one of these day’s I will be ready to learn and not be afraid anymore.

When my mom asked me if I wanted to learn how to swim I said to myself, “Wow, this is it, I’m finally going to learn how to swim!” Goodbye Karate (see you in the winter), and hello, swimming! Summer is finally here.

I asked Mom what else is in store for us this summer. She said as long as budget and time allows, we can go to the beach and amusement parks.

Summer is also the time for birthdays. My sister and dad’s birthdays are in June, and mine is in September. I can try and ask my parents if I can have a swimming party with a few friends. Hopefully I’m a good swimmer by then. I have two other younger sisters that I can teach when they grow up so my mom doesn’t have to spend money having somebody else teach them how to swim.

If I get invited again to a swimming party, I will not stay far from the pool anymore. I can jump in and enjoy the day with my friends. I will be sure to be safe all the time and careful so I won’t get hurt.

Ashley Kim
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

Yes, it’s the time of the year when I tell you my summer plans. Let me start off with the best one. It’s cruise-ship time! I’m going on a four-day and three-night trip on a cruise ship. Next, I might go to Catalina Island. My parents are planning for me to go snorkeling, scubba diving and shopping. Then we will go to Disneyland for a two-day trip. That would be my main summer plans.

Now for the minors. I might learn the acoustic guitar. I may start on the violin. Maybe learn to boogy board. That’s probably it for now.

Amber Rastian
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

During our school days, every year, when the school reopened, our English teacher made us write an essay on “How I spent my summer vacation.”

There are a few more days of school left until summer vacation starts! Yappy! One of my favorite family traditions is summer vacation. It’s going to be even more fun because since my brother is at university, he is coming home for summer vacation. I’m so excited that I am hyperventilating!

Now here comes the big problem. There are so many choices of what to do; it might be hard to decide. So I will let my very smart brain think about summer vacation!

There is one place that I really want to visit this summer. I have chosen New York City because I like the tall buildings, and there is far more architecture to see. There is no other city like it. We would spend a few days there going to museums and the various attractions.

I haven’t been there before ... I want to go to a show, a live show with some of the best actors in the world, performing in a musical or play. Broadway is very special, unlike any other theater experience in the world! I would like to see how challenging Broadway is so maybe one day I can achieve to be a ballerina on stage!

The cultural opportunities of a visit to New York City are incredible. The city offers the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Central Park Zoo and Times Square. There is Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, The United Nations Headquarters and of course, ground zero.

It would be so exciting if my dream would come true! Yes, New York!

Jake meyers
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

This summer I have a wonderful variety of things planned. Some of my plans are for my whole family, and some are just for me.

This first week off, I am going to golf camp at our club. There I will learn how to play golf, and I also get to go swimming and eat lunch each day. I think they will also have some other activities planned for us but I don’t know what they are.

My mom plays tennis and she will be there most days playing with her friends, and my sister will be going to golf camp, too. My dad plays golf, and I hope to get good enough to play with him soon.

Then I am going on a big RV trip with my family and the Hallak family for two whole weeks. We will start the trip to a place we’ve been before, Big Sur, where we park on a really cool river and we play in it, and my friend Maddy’s dad helps us fish.

Then we will try a new place further north in California called Humboldt, where Maddy’s dad grew up. Then we finish in Monterey and we will spend the F`ourth of July there. We both bring our dogs, too. Mine’s name is Mickey, and they have two, Snowbell, and I forget the other one’s name.

When we get home, we have a few weeks with no plans, and I am really looking forward to that, actually. I can’t wait to read, watch TV and play video games and hang out with my family. I hope that my cousin Aubree will get to spend some time with us this summer, but we don’t know about that yet.

 I am also going to try volleyball camp this summer. My dad really likes to play volleyball, and I promised him I would try it out. I asked my parents what else we had planned for the summer, and they reminded me that we go to the beach a lot in our RV. They also said we might get to go on a short cruise to Mexico.

No matter what, I plan to have a blast on my summer vacation. I am looking forward to fifth grade; I hope it’s as fun as fourth grade was!

Rachel Dryer
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

For summer vacation, I am going to a place called Moose Head Ranch in Wyoming. I’m going with my two cousins, Kevin and Kyle, my mom and dad, my aunt and uncle and my grandparents.

At Moose Head Ranch you can do many things. For one thing, you can visit Yellowstone National Park and Old Faithful, which is only a half-hour ride from the ranch. From the pictures in my book, it looks beautiful. I can’t wait to see it!

Also, I have been taking horse riding lessons with my friend Mariah, which paid off! There is horseback riding at the ranch. Every day you can go on trail rides with just your own family, and you get the same horse the whole time you’re there.

It will be a little funny watching my cousins, because my grandma told me that they have only been horseback riding once, and I have been riding way more! It will be so much fun spending a lot of time outdoors, since I love the outdoors.

One thing that I know everyone will be doing is whitewater rafting. There are different courses. One is the easy route, where you can take photos of the scenery and wildlife, and one that is harder and bumpier, which is what I am going to do!

You can fly-fish and play horseshoes and croquet at the cabin. We are all going to go on a hike, as well. We will be there on the Fourth of July so we will be going to the party where there might be some fireworks. My dad told me that there will also be a rodeo in the nearby town!

This is going to be an awesome trip! I can’t wait for it to come!

Mariah Tecson
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

I have a lot of fun summer plans. First, my cousins are coming to California. They are from Canada, which is a very exciting place. I am very happy, and can’t wait to see my cousins. I haven’t seen them in a while, and they haven’t been here in a long time.

I am also going to Las Vegas with my grandma and grandpa and my cousins. My aunt is coming, too. Most of my family members are coming. We’re going to stay at Mandalay Bay, which has a beach and lots of other exciting things to do. I am really going to enjoy it, and so is my family.

Next is one of my favorite and best amusement parks: Disneyland! I am so anxious to go to Disneyland! I am as happy as a newborn baby! I just love Disneyland. There are so many things to do there, like ride roller coasters, eat churros, have ice cream and most of all ... have fun!

Have you ever ridden a horse? Well, riding horses is very fun, which is why I may go to horse camp with my friends. It’s fun to learn about your horse.

Last year, I went to horse camp, and I got a horse named Coach. Coach was a slow horse. So, the thoughtful people who worked there changed my horse. My new horse’s name was Play Boy, Play Boy was a very fat horse and really big. When we went on a trail, I fell off Play Boy because he was so fat and my saddle was too small.

At horse camp you first get your horse, then pick a saddle and clean the horses hoofs. Make sure you spray some fly spray or else you will be annoyed by flys. Jump on your horse and start riding!

Well, those are my summer plans, and I really enjoyed sharing them with you. I will make sure I have fun, and make sure you have the most  fun, happiest, most enjoyable summer you can have.

Carter Williams
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

I like when my friends come over to hang out. I like when my dad fires up the grill and starts flipping burgers. My friends and I usually start to play a short game of basketball; first one to score 22 points wins. Then, we watch a bit of TV.

I personally don’t like playing video games, but my friends do, so I play. My friends like to play games that are Mature, but my mom doesn’t allow us to play those games.

We usually play Backyard Sports Sandlot Sluggers. It is a very hard, but fun game. The object of the game is to hit the baseball hard, and play good defense to win. Most coaches say a good defense wins games. We are planing to have this day every Thursday in the summer.

This is how I plan to spend my summer.

Justin U.
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

In summer I hope to do lots of things. The first thing I’m going to do a lot is my sister’s school. I am also going to this very amazing camp called Lake Casitas. It is so much fun.

But that is not all I’m doing this summer. This summer will be the best because I can invite people over to play. So there is one more thing I’m doing in the summer, and that is spending time with my family. Also, I hope Mrs. Kell has a great summer.

Danny Wlodychak
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

During my vacation, I am going to go to Florida. We are going there because it is my nana’s 80th birthday. A lot of my cousins and uncles are going to be there. It is going to be a lot of fun. During that time, our nana will be very happy that we came. Afterward, we will go to other places in Florida. I hope that we go to an amusement park or go see a movie. I am going to have so much fun on summer break.

Sam Bishee
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

A few things I am going to do over summer are get a puppy, go to camp and start football.

Once we get our puppy, we are going to name it Stella. Once we come home, we are going to set up the pen where she is going to spend time while we are gone or asleep.

I also am going to go to summer camp with my sister, Ali. Some things to do on a typical day at camp are go-karts, zipline, archery and arts and crafts.

The last thing I am going to do over break is to start football. At football practice, we are located at Valencia High School and practice runs from around 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. On offensive practice, we throw passes and tackle. On defensive practice, we do the “V” drill. We put cones in a “V” shape and tackle.

I think my summer plans are simple, so I’m looking forward to break.

Justin Morreale
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

Have you ever wondered what my summer plans will be? First, we are going to San Diego where we are planning to go on a trolley to a bunch of awesome places in San Diego. At our hotel, we can go fishing in a big pond with a lot of fishes. We are also going to Legoland and Sea World, we are planning to see the dolphin show, Shamu show and the sea lions show.

After San Diego, we are planing to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In Cabo San Lucas we are planning to go swimming with the dolphins, go on a boat that will take us to a place to go snorkling, go and play in a pool with a fountain in the middle, and last of all, play in the ocean and in the sand.

 After Cabo San Lucas, my parents are planning to send me to Phoenix, Ari., where my cousins live, for a whole week.

When I am visiting my cousins, we first go to their cousins’ house, and we are going swimming. Then me and my cousins are going to Jump Street. Jump Street is a place where there are a bunch of jumpers. Next, we are planning to stay home and play there for the rest of my vacation in Phoenix. After I come back I am planning to have a bunch of sleepovers, playdates and go to the movie theaters to see a bunch of movies. I am also planning to go to a bunch of fun places like the bowling alley.

So these are my plans for the summer. I am looking forward to having a blast this summer.

Jenna Nichols
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

This summer, my family is planning to take a trip to Australia. We are going to stay at my Aunt Soozie’s house.

I want to go to Australia because I’ve heard that it has beautiful sights, like their amazing beaches and animals.

 I look forward to snorkeling and splashing in the water with my brothers. I also look forward to collecting shells and going to many zoos. In Australia, they have many exotic animals, like cockatiels and many different kinds of tropical fish and lizards.

When I go to Australia, I’m sure that I’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

Jordan Sickafoose
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

For summer, I’m going to hang out with my family. But what I’m really excited to do is go to Hawaii and fish there.

I’m also excited to take my uncle’s boat out. It’s so fun in the summer. And for a week, I’m going to New Jersey to visit my cousins. I never get to see them. I might even go to Yosemite again. I can’t wait till fun in the summertime.

Hailey Slate
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

What am I doing over summer? This summer, I will be going to Las Vegas for a dance competition. Usually we fly there, but this year we decided to do the four-hour drive.

This will be my fifth year in a row going to Vegas. This year, we are going to go to the M&M Factory on the Strip. It is a 3-story building with different kinds of M&M stuff.

This year, I am going to buy a green or red M&M shirt.

I am driving downtown with my mom, my sister, my friends Lauren and Natalie, and their mom Robyn. As soon as we get there, we stop at Walmart and get  lots of snacks.

The dance competitions are very long, so we go swimming after them. We always stay at the same hotel, the Sun Coast Station. My friends and I always get lucky and get to stay on the party floor. We are leaving on June 21.


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