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Zone For Kids: What are you going to do for summer vacation?

Posted: June 14, 2011 1:55 a.m.
Updated: June 14, 2011 1:55 a.m.

Ariana Martinez
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

What are your summer plans? Maybe surfing waves in Hawaii or somewhere not in the U.S., like Mexico or Europe? I don’t know what I’m going to do, so I’ll tell you where I want to go. Here are four places:

I want to go to a state that someone rarely talks about, like Arkansas, but I don’t know what it’s like, so I’ll have to keep searching on the Internet.

Or maybe I’ll just stay home and be a couch potato. But that won’t be fun because you don’t do anything because your head is stuck to the TV.

Maybe Spain — it sounds really cool.

One of the places I want to go to is maybe France and see the Statue of Liberty. Just kidding! But I want to see the Eiffel Tower.

But overall, I hope I have one of my best summers ever.

Abby Walters
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

Has your uncle ever returned from two years in Russia? Mine hasn’t either, but he will this summer.

After not seeing Uncle Ben for two long years, except for Mother’s Day and Christmas, everyone is delighted to see him in person again. My whole family and I are going to Oklahoma to see my mom’s youngest brother come home. My mom’s whole side of the family is coming. My three uncles on that side, their wives, their children (if any) and one pet. But the person who will be the most happy is Granny. Her lost little bird will be home in the nest, safe and happy.

We’re going to ride horses, swim, play games and just talk. We’ll all try to get as much time with him as possible. But the biggest surprise will be Delaney. She was born while he was gone. I’m sure they’re going to spend time together. I don’t care; I’m just glad to see Uncle Ben.

Erica Appelbaum
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

Have you wondered what my plans for the summer are? Well, I’m going to tell you!

I think I might go to Disneyland with Mady Hestera. I hope my dad brings my dog Blue so I can play with him.

My favorite part will be my birthday week after July 4, which is the week of July 17. We’ll go to Scooter’s Jungle, laser tag, Hurricane Harbor and a lot more, all in one week. I’m inviting Jamie, Mady, Brenden, Sam and maybe Mrs. Keller and Mr. Keller.

I’m not too sure what else I might do, but I know it’ll be fun. I’ll get wet, have slumber parties, pajama days, movie nights and a lot of other fun things.

Danny Kaplan
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

I have some fun plans for summer vacation. My family and I are going to the Big Apple.

We are going to see the Spider-man musical and “Anything Goes” while we are in New York.

We are going on a cruise to Boston, Mass. Rhode Island, Bayford Bay and Canada.

After the cruise, we’re staying for another week and a half, and we’re going to Ellis Island. We’re also going up to the Statue of Liberty.

Three days after I get home, I go off to my Jewish camp for 12 days. It’s packed with fun and activities. We celebrate Shabat with lots of dancing and singing. We make braided candles on Havdalah. After that, I go to day camp, and I have sleepovers.

Alyssa Jones
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

There are lots of exciting activities on my summer vacation, but I have a specific one. One activity I do almost every summer is go to Lake Tahoe.

I go to Lake Tahoe with some of my friends I have known for a pretty long time, and we usually stay for a week. We go hiking because our cabin or house is usually on or near a hill. We always go river rafting, and it’s so much fun! We play in the lake and go swimming really deep, so we have to change into wet suits. We go kayaking and mostly everyone falls in the lake. My friends and I go Boogieboarding, and it’s so much fun. We also jump off a pier and it’s one of my favorites.
But my favorite is going in a speed boat. We usually attach a tube in the back of the boat, and I always want to go the fastest, though, my friends refuse to. But I still always fall in, and that’s my favorite part.

Madaline Hallak
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

On my summer vacation, I will be camping in many places. My first camping trip is going to be two weeks long.

First, I’m going to Big Sur. Big Sur has a river with sequoia trees surrounding it.

Next, I will be going to Humboldt. Humbodlt has many campsites, but I’m going to a campsite named the Emerald Forest.
This campsite is surrounded with 32 acres of redwood trees.

The last place I’m going on this trip is Monterey. Monterey is a huge beach with dozens of campsites. It also has a beautiful bay.

That’s just the first trip. My second trip is also two weeks. First, I’m driving to my friend’s house to meet her so that we can go to our first campsite. We’ll go to South Dakota and see Mount Rushmore. There is gold mining, horseback riding and so much more there. Then, I’m going to Utah while my friend leaves for home. In Utah, I will be camping on my dad’s friend’s ranch. At his ranch, there’s ancient Indian dwellings in the mountains. Then, I’ll be heading home with my summer memories.

Jordan Nichols
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

I will be going to Hawaii, Canada, maybe Australia, and Mexico. I really want to go to Hawaii though. I’ve been there before, but this time we are going to a different island than before. We might not be going to Canada, but there is a big chance we will. I really want to see the beautiful scenery. We might go to Australia to visit our aunt, but since it is far, we might not. We are going to Mexico because my mom went there before and wants us to have the experience. This is going to be a great summer!

Wyatt Nelson
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

Over summer break, I am flying to Maui, Hawaii. We are planning to stay at the Westin Hotel.
After that, we will play in the pool and go on the slide that will end in the 5-foot-deep end. The Jacuzzi will make is feel better after the cold, blue pool.

Then, we will snorkel in the ocean. Maybe we will see more sea turtles and fish than the last time we went snorkeling. We hope to go to a beach that has black sand.

The myth is if you bring the black sand home as a souvenir, it will bring you bad luck. That’s why we don’t bring home black sand. We might consider reading books about Maui and the black-sand beaches to learn more about them and possibly visit them.

We will go to some barbecue restaurants to eat. Sometimes, we even eat at McDonald’s or Denny’s. I love going to those places to eat. That’s why we love going to fun places like Maui because it is such a beautiful place to visit.

Noelle Song
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

I have many fun plans for the summer. One of the places we’re going to go to is white water rafting. If we get lucky, our cousins might come, too, if they’re free!

My next summer activity is rock climbing. I’m going rock climbing with my cousins Eric, Ryan and Matthew. It’s going to be awesome because all the rock-climbing walls are super high and advanced.

My final activity I’m doing over the summer is going to Six Flags. Maybe Mountasia, too. My mom and dad are the best! I love them, they always plan a fun summer just like last year, when I got to go to this awesome hotel and play with dolphins!

Brighton Schroeder
Grade 4
Pico Canyon Elementary School

This summer I am spending a week in glorious Lake Tahoe. My grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and immediate family all rent condos on the shores of the lake each summer. When I get to Lake Tahoe, the first thing I do is throw on my suit and go into the lake with my cousins. We don’t even mind that the water is a bit chilly; we have fun anyway.

The next morning, I wake up to the beautiful scenery of the meadow across the channel. When everyone is awake and ready, we all drive to an amazing buffet at Harrah’s hotel. The buffet is at the highest floor, so I can look through the windows and see beautiful pine trees all along the mountain. During our week, we enjoy barbecues, fishing and boating.
One of my favorite parts is rafting on the Truckee River.

Sometimes we get out of the boat and swim for a while, or pull over to the shore for a picnic. Then we hit the white water. It can get pretty crazy, but we just laugh and have fun. I can’t wait to go to Lake Tahoe!


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