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Unadulterated Drivel

Posted: February 26, 2008 2:22 p.m.
Updated: April 26, 2008 5:02 a.m.
To The Editor:

Unadulterated drivel. How else does one describe the commentary "Huckabee Remarks Deserve Attention" by John Crisp (Feb. 21, 2008)? I am not sure what Mr. Crisp does in the English department at Del Mar College, but I certainly hope he is there as a student.

To begin with, his thesis is not even addressed, never mind supported, by any of the comments presented in the column. In the first 10 column inches or so he intimates how a lady may think God saved her "Huckabee for President" sign. So what? Did Huckabee say God saved her sign? He then rambles on about the baby that was spared. What on earth does this have to do with anything Huckabee said?

Mr. Crisp's "Difficult Question" is another 16 column inches of supposition and transference. Nowhere does he quote anything Mike Huckabee actually had to say that might infer he feels anointed by God. Rather, he raises a straw man in the criticism of Al Gore and provides an analogy that is so weak I wouldn't expect it from an eighth-grader.

There are two parts I love the most in this meandering liberal commentary. The first is this: "In the case of taxes, everyone wants to believe that we already pay too much, in spite of our budget-wrecking deficits." Apart from the fact that this obviously, again, does not address any comment by Mr. Huckabee that might indicate he feels Divinely anointed, it also makes the common socialist error in logic that budget-wrecking deficits are caused by inadequate taxes when, in fact, budget-wrecking deficits are caused by over-spending.

The second: "Individuals will never solve our environmental problems by their private actions" is just too funny for words. So Mr. Crisp is suggesting that I, as an individual, do not need to concern myself with how much CO2 I pump into the atmosphere with my gas-guzzling V8, my motorboat, my motorhome or my small plane.

I can stop bothering to put materials into my recycling bin and just go back to throwing them in the trash. I no longer need to worry about returning bottles and cans for recycling and I can turn my heating up and my cooling down a few more degrees without feeling guilty.

Thanks, Mr. Crisp, for writing this commentary. It gives those of us who try earnestly to make sense of our world, including the pain and suffering we see around us, more reason to laugh at the ideologically dogmatic left fringe.

I don't mean to hurt your feelings, Mr. Crisp, please keep trying.


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