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Steve Lunetta: Let’s Occupy Berkeley, not Wall Street

Right About Now

Posted: October 24, 2011 1:55 a.m.
Updated: October 24, 2011 1:55 a.m.

Much ink has been wasted on the Occupy Wall Street movement. So, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has decided to waste a little bit more.

Frankly, I have tried very hard to understand the point of the movement, but I still don’t get it. Every participant seems to have a different angle or complaint. It seems to be a venting of everyone’s pet peeves. We could call it the “Postulating Peeves in the Park” movement.

Many in the media have tried to parallel this event to the rise of the tea party. Sorry, it’s not. The tea party has a focus and a purpose. Occupy Wall Street is a big dish of anarchy with a side-helping of narcissism.

My son has a friend who is participating in the demonstrations. Asked why he is protesting, the kid said, “There are no jobs for young people like me!” My son then offered him a full-time job at $15 per hour. The kid deferred and said he was too busy.

Too busy to work. For the job he is protesting that he doesn’t have. Does this make any sense?

Ann McFeatters, White House correspondent, recently decried “corporate greed” and cited the termination of the Hewlett-Packard CEO as an example. HP paid the CEO several million dollars for only 12 months of work.

But wait, isn’t that its prerogative? If HP is a private company, can’t it do what it wants with its own money? Ultimately, the board of directors will be responsible to the shareholders and no one else.

I don’t hold HP stock, so what do I care? I’m not sure, but I’ll bet McFeatters does not hold any HP stock either. A private company can do what it wants. If you don’t like it, own its stock and fight the board. Or don’t buy its products.
I’m tired of listening to the Occupy Wall Street movement’s demands. I’m going to create a new movement called Occupy Berkeley. This will be a wide-ranging group of conservatives that will protest against the liberal establishment.
My list of demands will include the following:

- Stop saying that global climate change is man-made. My friend Bob Stauffer is correct. Bob has mentioned a couple times in these Opinion pages that there is no way for anyone to prove that global climate change is caused by man. Solar activity is far more likely to be the root cause. And stop saying that all scientists agree with the man-made drivel. We don’t. So there. n Quit whining about your student loans. Hey, kid. Did anyone put a gun to your head and force you to sign the promissory note for those loans? Why didn’t you just work for a couple of years, save your money, and then go back to school. But that was not the choice you made. Now, you are angry because of the choice you made. Not my problem.

- Stop saying East Coast baseball is the best in the land. The San Francisco Giants were the World Champions last year (as much as it pains me to say that). They came from the West Division of the National League. The teams in the Series this year come from the AL West and the NL Central. No eastern teams. All that money and all that chutzpah didn’t pay off, did it?

- Stop overanalyzing the deaths of nut-job enemies of the United States. Television commentators spend hours determining the last minutes of these terrorists: what they ate and what was on their minds. Who cares how bin Laden or Gadhafi died? They both died of lead poisoning. Plain and simple.

- Stop voting for crazy statewide initiatives and bond measures that are bankrupting our state.

- Stop being influenced by well-funded public union campaigns that manipulate through deception and outright fraud.

- Stop buying tickets to Dodgers home games until Frank McCourt has been run out of town on a rail. This drama has persisted far too long. It’s time to return the Dodgers to respectability with an honorable owner who will develop a contending team for Los Angeles.

- Finally, stop spouting talking points and start reading about issues. Gather enough factual information about a topic before making a decision. Don’t vote a certain way just because so-and-so said to. Make up your own mind after becoming informed.

Who is with me? Let’s Occupy Berkeley and show liberals who they are messing with!

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita. The buses for Berkeley leave next Thursday. He can be reached at


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