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What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

Posted: November 15, 2011 1:30 a.m.
Updated: November 15, 2011 1:30 a.m.


First place

Alexia Torres

Grade 4

Stevenson Ranch

Elementary School

Most people think Thanksgiving is about the turkey, pumpkin pie and the rest of the yummy food. But no, it’s about giving thanks, sharing, having gratitude, loving and spending time with family.

In my Thanksgiving, my sister and I go to a shelter and serve the less-fortunate kids their delicious, well-deserved Thanksgiving dinners. I love doing that. I feel very thankful to have everything.

I have a mom, dad, sister, brother and nephew. Because some of the kids don’t even have a mom and dad, when I leave the shelter, I feel so, so happy that I have helped many nice kids have an awesome Thanksgiving meal.

Then after that, I have my Thanksgiving meal with my family. We all have a blast. And those two things are definitely my favorite things about Thanksgiving.


Second place

Davey Woodland

Grade 6

Stevenson Ranch

Elementary School

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the feast. Here, everyone is not stressed or rushed. It feels like everyone is one and gets along in harmony.

This is family time, when everyone is happy and chatty. You can talk freely and always get smiles in return.

Also, there is the food. My whole family are great cooks, especially my mom. She always cooks rich, delicious foods that taste great. Everyone contributes something great, so when it’s Thanksgiving time, it’s always a very, very memorable time.


Third place

Marcus A. Young

Grade 4

Stevenson Ranch

Elementary School

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving isn’t what most kids’ is. Mine isn’t eating, dessert or even pie. But it is meeting my family and all sitting down for the same reason. I know that everyone in the U.S.A. is doing the same.

My family goes to my aunt’s house for all celebrations, like Christmas, Easter and even birthdays. But Thanksgiving is what I love the most. We laugh, swim and play a board game called “Who Knew,” but we never play video games. My sister and my mom are always the first ones to come and the last ones to go.

My mom suggested we go to Hawaii. Most kids would say “yes” in excitement, but we said no because it wouldn’t be the same.

In conclusion, I didn’t type what I thought you wanted to hear. I typed the truth. I didn’t write this paper to win first place, second place or even third place. I just wrote it to see how high I can get in writing.


The following essays were submitted by sixth-grade students at Stevenson Ranch Elementary School.


Braden Ure

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the dinner itself.

Before we eat, we say a  prayer, giving thanks that all who attended could arrive safely there, to bless the food and many more things.

Then we eat as much as our stomachs can hold, wash that down with water, then me, my cousins, my siblings, parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents, watch a movie together.

To wrap it up, we usually have a snowball fight (I go to Utah to celebrate). Each family is a team, and we go till the last one standing.


Yuna Kim

There’s a time when people are thankful for one another: Thanksgiving. But what is the real meaning of being thankful?

In the dictionary, it states that, to be thankful, you have to be grateful.

In my opinion, the best part of Thanksgiving is being with your family and being able to feel thankful for them. This is an opportunity to catch up with your family and be grateful for them. So, be thankful.


Anabelle Zdawezyk

Hi, I’m Anabelle Zdawezyk, and I want to tell you the most important thing about Thanksgiving.

The first thing is that you spend time with your family from your mom and your dad’s sides. I think that having quality time with your family is the most important. When we sit down as a family, we enjoy ourselves and have a good time.

On the week of Thanksgiving, it is also important to have a traditional meal to eat, like my family always has turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and of course, gravy to go with the mashed potatoes. It is delicious, especially when we have it as a family.

I love Thanksgiving and can’t wait for it to come.


The following essays were submitted by fourth-grade students at Stevenson Ranch Elementary School.


Sydney Jones

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because you get to hang out with your family and some you have never even seen before.

When you hear the word “Thanksgiving,” you probably think of pie, turkey, stuffing or even presents.

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of family, friends, time to relax and the pilgrims.

I spend my Thanksgiving going to friends and family, relaxing, playing, eating and praying.

I would like to tell you the real reason for Thanksgiving, and it’s not about eating, it’s about being with everyone you love and celebrating the holiday.

Still, eating is a very important part of Thanksgiving. It’s all about the turkey, pie and mashed potatoes. Yum! Thanksgiving is just a big time to celebrate and have fun. I just love Thanksgiving! I also think of Thanksgiving as one of the most important holidays.

This year, my birthday is on Thanksgiving, so it is going to be extra special. I can’t wait. That is why I love Thanksgiving.


Ashley Jones

When some people hear or think of the word “Thanksgiving,” they probably think of turkey, pie, treats or maybe even presents.

But when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving meal, or families and friends spending time together.

I also think of my whole family coming home and sitting by the fire to relax, or sitting with each other and watching a movie.

That is what Thanksgiving is about, being home with your family or doing anything you desire. Maybe even think of the pilgrims, who had their first Thanksgiving and how it all started.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is when I wake up to the tiny ringing of my little brother’s call and the smell of fresh-cooked eggs and the special bread my mom makes each year. Also, sitting down to a full table with all the seats filled.

I love the feeling of when I eat the food — it feels like you just took a relaxing, warm bath. Then, we play together for the rest of the day.

This year my birthday is on Thanksgiving, so it is extra special. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.


Reagan Nibarger

My favorite part is family. Seeing my family is important to me, for what I know from my heart, family is what my heart is made out of. Family is more important to me than anything.

Thanksgiving is what brings my family together for the holidays.

 Pilgrims and Indians should be proud of who they were then and who they are now. I hope they understand this.

I want my family to know what I want to do on Thanksgiving and that is harvest with my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Family, I hope, is important to everyone with their hearts, like me, Reagan.

I may be a kid, but even if I don’t make it to the newspaper, I will be proud that I have the pride to do the contest. I hope people feel the same way as me, and the family of mine can never give up on me and can count on me to do my best at everything I do with my trusting heart.

While I was thinking about writing this, my heart wouldn’t want me to stop writing, and I thought it was cheering me on at this moment.

Thanksgiving, I don’t care about the pie, the food, the goodies or anything, except for my family.

If I don’t win, that’s fine, but I know that I tried my best to do this and some people are better at stuff than other people and I don’t care. Because it’s better, in my opinion, than being with my family on Thanksgiving is better.

I put all my heart and soul into this, so I hope you like it, and happy Thanksgiving.


Andrea Manola

Every Thanksgiving is fun because it is near my dad’s birthday. At my dad’s family’s house, we go to his sister Tina’s.

When we are in the car, we sing a lot. After we get there, we have fun activities. And of course, we bring delicious, yummy food. When everyone is there, we eat turkey, rice soup and other yummy things, and afterward we have dessert.

But before I eat dessert, I always have mashed potatoes, and our dessert is ice cream. So now you know what my favorite stuff is on Thanksgiving.


Hannah Geelan

Thanksgiving is heaven with the feast with the homemade food.

I love Thanksgiving and spending time with family and friends at the table, and saying what you are thankful for.

We eat at the feast until we burst. After the kids eat, we go and play on the slide. Happy Thanksgiving!


Anthony Lambrinidis

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food. My caring family takes me to my aunt’s house to eat her extraordinary chicken.

When my tongue touched the mouth-watering chicken, I shouted with joy. These chickens are very special to my family because we buy them every year. But it still never gets old because we have a party, too, so that all of us can have fun. This is my family‘s tradition.


Daniel Painter

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the delicious food.

In my family, we put the food, plates, forks, etc. on the outside part of the table and decorations in the middle. Then, we walk around the table and grab anything we like.

What I usually get is mashed potatoes, turkey, green beans and some gravy.

Another reason why I like Thanksgiving is you get to see your family. Usually the people there are my, my brother, mom, dad, aunts, uncle, grandma, grandpa and my cousins.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and this year it is at our house.


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