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What’s your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

Posted: November 22, 2011 1:55 a.m.
Updated: November 22, 2011 1:55 a.m.

First place

Vince Jude Buyco

Grade 5

Stevenson Ranch Elementary School

Hello, my name is Vince. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that I get to visit my grandmother. She makes the best Thanksgiving food I ever tasted. I couldn’t wait when my grandma is still cooking the food.

The aroma of it would fill her house. When the food was ready, I would rush to the table and eat everything. There was plenty to eat: ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, ribs and, my favorite, green beans.

This year, I’m so excited to go to her house and do what I would usually do: eat. To my surprise, she got sick, and I was worried about it.

The horrible disease wasn’t going away; it was deteriorating.

Unfortunately, on Oct. 8, she passed away. I was very sad, and I cried that day. To this day, I might not see or hear her again, but I will always remember her because of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it will remind me of all the things that I did with her.



Second place

Emma Seegmiller

Grade 3

Peachland Elementary School

What I love most about Thanksgiving is the annual Thanksgiving bingo. My grandmother gets lots of prizes.

My cousins come all the way from San Francisco.

I also love the food.

My grandmother makes the best cranberry sauce. My little cousins are so cute.

I can’t wait until Thanksgiving.


Third place

Sarah Caruthers

Grade 5

Peachland Elementary School

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is when I get to see the rest of my family and we get to sit down together and eat dinner.

I’ve had dinner with people in my family before, but it’s much more fun when we have dinner together as one big group.

The best part about the meal is the turkey. But that’s just my opinion.

Some people like yams best.

When my aunt makes yams, she puts marshmallows on top of them. It’s really good.

We don’t have Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Though, we always go to either my grandpa’s or my aunt’s.

Now, we don’t have the same thing every year, though. We have a variety of things. The only thing that is the same is the turkey.


Ethan Saaty

Grade 5

Stevenson Ranch Elementary School

Thanksgiving! It is a wonderful time to appreciate and give. My favorite part of this wonderful holiday is the glorious food, from the delicious turkey to the delicious delicate pumpkin pie.

I go to my Aunt Elaine’s house for a party for Thanksgiving. We have bowls of warm, creamy gravy, a delectable cranberry sauce, with out-of-this-world sliced ham.

The turkey: It was roasted on the outside and a light pink on the inside. The juices flow through your mouth like a river.

The pumpkin pie is homemade, warm, rich and sweet with a crunchy pale crust and a dark orange around it. The texture is just right, soft but a little bit rough.

The tastes flow through you, making your taste buds sing.

We also had an amazing salad with thick, sweet sauce drizzled over it with onions, sliced carrots and crunchy croutons. The food at Thanksgiving is delectable, so make sure to enjoy it.


Skylar Higgins

Grade 3

Stevenson Ranch Elementary School

My favorite parts of Thanksgiving are the delicious feast and being with friends and family. I love the feast because I have mine with friends (sometimes) and family (always). I also love the turkey and vegetable stuffing.

The dessert is my favorite because it’s pie and ice cream. After dinner and dessert, my family and I play games. Then, everyone goes home knowing they had a wonderful night.


Malaya Heflin

Grade 3

Stevenson Ranch Elementary School

I love Thanksgiving because I get to go to my cousins’ house. Each year when I go there, my cousins and I put on a little Thanksgiving play or something that has to do with Thanksgiving, and we can present to the other guests.

Their house is in Arizona. On Thanksgiving, sometimes we go somewhere special with my cousins, like maybe a mini golf course. We have a feast full of mashed potatoes, turkey and much more.

My youngest cousin is 4. My oldest cousin is 9.

I love Thanksgiving so much.


Aaryn Brink

Grade 4

Stevenson Ranch Elementary School

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is having all of my family members come over to my house. It’s my favorite part because some of my family members I don’t get to see very much, but I can see most of them on Thanksgiving. That is why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.


Caden Owen

Grade 4

Stevenson Ranch Elementary School

The things I like about Thanksgiving is that you could eat fresh turkey and I could celebrate with my fantastic family and friends.

My dog goes crazy, and I and my family can’t wait to get together again.

My family loves the grilled turkey and I love the legs.


Tyler Ferster

Grade 4

Stevenson Ranch Elementary School

The thing that I like about Thanksgiving is that you get to eat and celebrate, and there’s no school during Thanksgiving.

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is to eat and sit and talk with my family and cousins. Me and my family like to spend time together by ourselves.

I like to play and talk every Thanksgiving, and I get to play games with my family and friends.


Mitchell Sell

Grade 4

Stevenson Ranch Elementary School

I like Thanksgiving because I like eating a lot of food. I like to celebrate with my family. I like to relax with friends on Thanksgiving.

My favorite foods when Thanksgiving comes around are chicken, gravy, meat, turkey and bread.

 I like to play on Thanksgiving with my family and my friends, and that’s why I like Thanksgiving.


Megan Young

Grade 4

Stevenson Ranch Elementary School

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year. I usually have Thanksgiving at my cousin’s house, but this year we are having the best Thanksgiving ever at my house.

The best part about Thanksgiving is the feast. At the feast, I make the best pie ever and my grandma makes her famous cheesy rice.

My brother sits next to me at the table near the turkey.

I don’t like to eat stuffing, but I really like the corn. My mom’s favorite thing to eat is mashed potatoes with her good, homemade gravy.

But the best thing of all is spending time with my family.



Nonnie Howard

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the football and the food. My favorite food on Thanksgiving is the tamales my aunt and mom make. They are the best tamales I’ve ever had.

It’s tradition that we watch football and eat tamales, but the rest of the food is pretty good too. We make tamales, salad, turkey and a whole bunch of stuff.

We also sometimes play football in a park behind my house.


Sonia Flores

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is getting together with my family. I am really excited because this is going to be my niece’s first Thanksgiving.

My niece Layla is only 6 months old and cute as a button. It is kind of awesome to have mostly all of our family at my house on this holiday.

I have 16 cousins on my mom’s side and 17 cousins on my dad’s side. That is a total of 33 cousins. Most likely only cousins on my mother’s side will come because they live closer, except my aunt, who lives in Minnesota.

I hope they will come for Thanksgiving. I love and care for my family very much, especially my nephew Andrew, who is only a few weeks old, and I hope all my family gets together and we share and have many happy memories.


Alissandra Penaranda

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

My favorite part about Thanksgiving is dinner. Ooh, all the stuffing, turkey and mashed potatoes. Ooh, how I love the mashed potatoes and all the scrumptious diced cranberries.

The gravy and bread rolls smell so yummy.

This year, we are going to have Thanksgiving at San Clemente in a condo with my whole family. San Clemente is a beach down on the west coast of California at the Pacific Ocean.

My family and I love going there. We try to go there whenever we can. My grandparents have a timeshare condo there. That’s where I am having my Thanksgiving, and that’s my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Yum.


Dylan Santa Cruz

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

My favorite part about Thanksgiving is the feast and the games. My grandma brings marshmallow yams.

I love the stuffed turkey and the cranberry ham.

One of the games I play is called Catch Phrase. It’s a game kind of like charades, except instead of acting out, you tell them the clues. I like Catch Phrase because it is fun seeing one of my family members trying to figure out what the other one is saying.

Another part I like about Thanksgiving is how I get to see all my cousins, my aunt, my uncle, my grandpa, my grandma and all my other family members.

One of my family traditions is that we watch NFL football on TV. And those are some of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving.


Alan Montoya

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is when I see my family that I barely see, and I love mashed potatoes and gravy. I love turkey, too. I also like Thanksgiving because we get to celebrate my uncle’s birthday and have a barbecue. That is why I love Thanksgiving.


Vince Quintana

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the dinner. We always have something good to eat. I don’t know what to expect for Thanksgiving. I hope I have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you do, too.

I hope I get to hang out with my other friends. I always have fun with them. I will help my mom and dad make Thanksgiving dinner. I love to cook.

 My family doesn’t usually have a big feast. I hope we have a great dinner. We might go somewhere for Thanksgiving.


Parker Brenes

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is when you eat because Thanksgivng is a day where you give thanks to other people.

The best part is eating dinner during Thanksgiving because of all the food you get, like juicy turkey, soft, mashed potatoes with creamy gravy and the best part of all is the pumpkin pie.

And other kids like to jump in big piles of leaves. That’s why I like Thanksgiving.


Sandra Vega

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is just being with my family. I come from a big family, but I hardly see any of my aunts and uncles. I just celebrate Thanksgiving with my family that live close by.

My mom is always cooking a turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing and lots more. The one thing you should be thankful for is just being with your family.


Eusebio Morales

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the festivals because they have games, food and music.

The leaves of the trees turn orange or brown, but you can hide in the leaves that you rake into a pile.

I like to eat the turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy.


Crystal Orozco

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

What is my favorite part of Thanksgiving? My favorite part is when my whole family comes over and we all help make a juicy ham. The ham is so juicy that it can melt on your tongue like butter on a hot summer day.

I also like the turkey, but not the stuffing. I do not like the stuffing because it is just mainly vegetables, which is something I just don’t like. That is what I like most about Thanksgiving.


Matthew Ruiz

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I love Thanksgiving because I get to spend time with my family. We usually go to my grandparents’ house.

My favorite part is sitting around the table with everyone. We say grace.

Sometimes my grandpa says a funny thing. It goes like this: “Good food, good meat, good gosh, let’s eat.”

My grandma lets us eat on her wedding china. The stuff is pretty old; maybe from the 1960s. I wish I could help with the dishes, but for some reason, she never lets me.


Alexa Ruelas

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the feast. My No. 1 favorite foods to eat are pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes with gravy.

I love pumpkin pie because it tastes pumpkiny, brownish and orangish with some crunchy crust. My favorite part of the pumpkin pie is the crust. It’s so crunchy, and sometimes I put whipped cream on. Yummy.

I also like mashed potatoes with gravy, white and fluffy but the gravy is brown and jiggly. Mashed potatoes are my favorite food in the world.

I also love turkey. Now, this is the main course of Thanksgiving. I help my mom stuff it. I also help her with the rest of the food.

When we’re ready to sit down and eat, the first one to always pray is me. I pray about the food. I also say thank you to God for this wonderful family.


Cruz Angel

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is when my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents come over, and we play games and eat turkey, tamales and tacos. When all of my family members come, we all have a great time.

Then we hang outside on the porch and just talk. We don’t usually go to sleep until noon. Then everyone leaves and then we go to sleep.


Joshua Richard

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is watching football and camping. I always watch at least one football game on Thanksgiving.

My favorite sport is football, too. Camping is fun too on Thanksgiving.

You ride your bike, play games, eat food and much more.

But my most favorite part of Thanksgiving is hanging out with my family and eating turkey. I love Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving rock.


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