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What is your favorite thing about the holidays?

Posted: December 13, 2011 1:30 a.m.
Updated: December 13, 2011 1:30 a.m.

First place

Ashley Stillson

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

My favorite holiday is Hanukkah. My favorite part of Hanukkah is when my mommy and daddy come to my classroom every year and make amazing latkes. My mommy also teaches my classmates how to play dreidel.

When it is nighttime, we eat dinner and then we light the menorah. Then we unwrap our presents. We get one present every night for eight days. I always make something special in class for my mommy and daddy.

I love Hanukkah and can’t wait until my daddy’s latkes!

Second place

Justice Buckly

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

I celebrate Eid with my dad and my sister. My favorite part of Eid is receiving presents from others and giving gifts.

I bet some of you are wondering what and when Eid is. Eid is a holiday that people celebrate when Ramadan is over. Eid comes days earlier every year. It usually takes place in parts.

Now you’ve got some information on my favorite part of Eid.

Third place


Ella Wiebe

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

My favorite holiday is Christmas. On Christmas Eve, I like listening and dancing to Christmas music with my sisters Ava and Calista.

I love baking cookies for Santa and leaving them out for him to enjoy. I also love when my family and I put up our Christmas stocking.

Christmas is the most exciting time of year!


Robby Leggat

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. It is a holiday when we have a Christmas tree and commemorate Jesus.

Every Christmas Eve, we open presents, and on Christmas Day. we drive to Utah to visit my family. My family is very important to me. That is just the beginning to what makes the holiday special.

My favorite parts of Christmas are very important. The first thing I like about Christmas is learning about how Jesus was born. It is a Christmas tradition.

I also get very excited to open presents on Christmas. The first thing on my wish list is a football game called “Madden 12.”

Every year, I look forward to these great things when Christmas comes around.


Aviva Brynjegard-Bialik

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

I’m Jewish. Every year in April, my family and I celebrate the Jewish holiday Passover. It is a celebration of the Jews escaping Egypt. It is called Passover because the Jews were slaves for Pharaoh and when he didn’t let them go when Moses told him to, God sent 10 plagues: frogs, lice, pestilence, blood, locusts, hail, boils, flies or wild animals, darkness and deaths of the first-born.

The Jews put red paint on their houses so the bad angels would pass over their houses so their babies wouldn’t be killed. The bad angels passed over the Jews’ houses. After the plagues, Pharaoh let the Jews go, but then he changed his mind.

The Jews didn’t have time to finish baking their bread. The dough didn’t rise, so the bread was crunchy and flat. The Jews called it matzo.

The Jews stopped because the Red Sea was in the way. Moses held up his staff, and the water parted! When Pharaoh ran into the sea after them, the water joined back together.

My favorite part of Passover is when my friends and family come over and we look for the afikoman, a cloth with half a piece of matzo in it. The afikoman is hidden and whoever finds it gets a prize. The kids who didn’t find it get prizes, too.

I also love my mom’s soup she makes. The soup doesn’t have noodles because you can’t have bread on Passover. I also love my mom’s meatballs that she makes.

I love Passover and I can’t wait until next year to celebrate it again. I am proud to be Jewish!


Bence Endresz

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

My favorite thing about Christmas is that I get presents! What I hope to get for Christmas is all of the Transformers action figures that are in the movies. I already have half, but there are about 24 more.

They each cost about $5, so that is like $150 my mom would need to spend for Christmas and my birthday. I hope I get my toys!


Justin Vigil

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

Every year I celebrate one favorite holiday. That holiday is Christmas! One thing I like about Christmas is waking up my family to open presents. I usually bother them until they get up.

Another thing I like doing is opening presents. It’s the most exciting thing I get to do all day.

There is one thing I like doing most: giving! I like giving because I know for a fact that it makes other kids feel happy.

I just can’t wait until Christmas!



Kevin Duong

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

My favorite holiday is Christmas! Christmas is my favorite holiday because I have the opportunity to make a family member or friend a present. I also love to put up Christmas decorations.

My favorite thing that I would like to get for Christmas is the biggest Space Police LEGO set that I know costs more than $100 (plus tax).

I also wish that all our servicemen and women could be with their families for the holidays.

Everybody should share the holidays with relatives. Merry Christmas!


Aleena Clifton

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

I love the holiday Christmas! My mom always makes hot chocolate. We open presents afterward and then eat a special dinner at a fancy restaurant. The waitress comes and puts a cake on our table and lights the candles. We all make a wish and blow.

In the morning, we open more presents. We all watch funny videos from the past, when I wasn’t born yet. At night, we play with toys until my (and my brother’s) bedtime.

I love Christmas, Jesus’ birthday! Sometimes I make a picture for him and put it on my window. When I go to sleep, I think of Jesus. I love Christmas!


Jackie Hanson

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

It’s December, the month of Christmas! I like everything about Christmas, but there are three things I enjoy most.

The first thing I like to do is get together with the family. I hardly ever see them, so it’s a great get-together to celebrate Christmas.

Another thing I love to do is play games after we’ve eaten. Sometimes we play Pictionary for hours!

The last thing I like to do is open presents, and to give presents on Christmas Day. I just love to see everyone’s faces when I give out each presents. Well, I cannot wait until Christmas and ... Merry Christmas to everyone!


Kaitlyn Mercado

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

Christmas is the funnest holiday of the year! My favorite part is when my family goes to church. I like when a play goes on. The play is about when Jesus was born. The church is filled with Christmas decorations.

After church, we go to my aunt’s house. When everybody is together, we start eating. We eat tamales. I always sit with my 9-year-old cousin, Erica. After dinner, Erica and I play with our other cousins.

We open presents at midnight. We each have a Secret Santa. Secret Santa is when you pull a name out of a hat and give that relative a present. It is such a surprise when I see who got me. I can’t wait until Christmas this year!


Kate McGrory

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

I love many holidays, but my favorite holiday is Christmas. I love when my family goes to my grandma’s house. Eva and I see all of my family.

After that, I head home and go to bed. I wake up early in the morning and run downstairs to open my presents.

Later in the day, I get dressed and go to my other grandma’s house and see my other family members.

Guess what. I get to open more presents. I eat dinner and then I go home.

I love Christmas because I love visiting both sides of my family!


Angel Padlan

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

When I celebrate Christmas, my favorite holiday, there are things that I most like. One thing I enjoy is my family visiting. Sometimes my aunts, uncles and cousins sleep over and I have lots of fun with them.

I also enjoy getting presents. One time I was so eager, I slept downstairs. I also like getting presents because some of them are ones I don’t like, so I give them to my brother. It makes him happy.


Brandy Lopez

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

I love Christmas! Every Christmas, my family and I eat Mexican food called “tamales.” I love tamales, although I only eat chicken tamales.

My family and I celebrate Christmas because it’s the day Jesus was born. Jesus is a big part of my life!

My family celebrates Christmas by staying at our house. We enjoy staying together. Every Christmas I have to dress up really pretty. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Merry Christmas!


Camila Pena

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

I get super excited in October, my favorite time, because it’s the best holiday ever... Halloween!

My favorite part of this spectacular holiday is getting dressed up and getting lots of candy at 5 p.m. on the dot.

I think the best of all is eating the sweet candy. I hope everyone has fun getting candy to eat.


Sasha Ibarra

Grade 3

Castaic Elementary School

I love Christmas! I love the delicious food. I also love getting together with my family. I love giving presents, too!

Christmas is my favorite! Mmmmmmm!


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